Don’t Give a Sugar Daddy More Than He Gives You

Have you ever found yourself falling for a Sugar Daddy you wanted get to know better…

Only to find yourself sleeping with him before an arrangement has been made?

It’s an unfortunate but common occurrence within the world of Sugar Daddy dating…

But if you want to become a successful Sugar Baby, you MUST avoid falling into this trap.

Focusing on what a Sugar Daddy wants and ingratiating yourself in this way may feel like the natural thing to do, but it’s the worst way to try to make a Sugar Daddy fall for you.

Being “nice” and “understanding” and “a good sport” won’t get you where you want to go.

If you want to get to where you need to be, embrace this tip: don’t give a Sugar Daddy more than he gives you.

Most of us only know how to give. We give for lots of reasons – because we’re taught that’s the way to get to attract a man (it isn’t), and because deep down, it feels uncomfortable asking for what you want and you allow your potential Sugar Daddy to put the value on the relationship.

But Sugar Daddies can’t read your mind.

Reread that: Sugar Daddies can’t read your mind.

Just because they are on a Sugar Daddy site doesn’t mean they automatically know what it is that you want.

You want to inspire his emotional desire for you. Allow your potential Sugar Daddy to prove himself to YOU.

Don’t feel compelled to have sex with a Sugar Daddy in hopes of receiving things, only to end up waiting by the phone or checking your email to see if he reached out to you.

To advance your Sugar Daddy relationship, he needs to woo you.

And believe me: you’re worth wooing.

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  1. Debra

    Hi, I thank you for giving me some more confidence. I would like to be the best and end up what I want and deserve.

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  2. Dovey

    I have a problem with not knowing the best way to say no. I am a giver, and often don’t notice when I’m being manipulated as I bend over backwards to make someone comfortable. I am learning how to say no, but it’s recognizing when and how that is a problem for me.

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      Taylor Jones

      Hey Sugar, Perhaps slightly changing your mindset on being okay with saying no will help. How about you start by asking yourself a to help you get through it. For example: Does the request being asked is it beneficial for me? If no, then just rephrase what is being asked of you and say, “By doing (insert what is being asked) does not align with what I have in mind in terms of a beneficial relationship to be. Then you can counter offer what you have in mind to make it worth it for you. However, if it does not benefit you in anyway than ask yourself how much time you cannot get back do you want to keep giving of yourself. Be okay with saying “no!” Why? Because the world will keep on moving and you will be a lot happier.

  3. Star

    Hi Taylor!

    I have never Sugar Daddy Dated before and reading this, I can’t tell you how silly and embarrassed I feel! This happened to me, I fell for the compliments and the, “I’m just here to help you” comments. But, he continue to call. So, I was wondering is there’s a way of recovering from this?

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      Taylor Jones

      Hey Star, There is ALWAYS a way to recover. You just have to understand the Sugar Daddy Game and become a better player. I know, I know…we all hate playing games. But since you are playing one anyway. I want you to WIN. Learn about this lifestyle. Learn why would a man want to provide a woman with anything. Learn about yourself in the process and understand that you are selling yourself. We ALL are. You have to understand what will drive a person to want to provide you with what you want. And ALWAYS believe their ACTIONS. It’s all about their ACTIONS. Their compliments will glamour you like a vampire does to seduce their victims and will have you caught up in the moment not realizing what is happening. So, now that you found me. What are you going to do with the information I have to help you?

  4. Charlie0

    Taylor the dates always start out really good and then it goes downhill real quick. My question: is if you go out of town and you have a hotel room and you haven’t talked about the financial aspects of the relationship. At this point he’s not into the financial discussion is it okay to decline and go home. Or should I get him to talk about the financial aspect during our action of seduction? I get stuck here every time.

    Help Charlie0

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      Taylor Jones

      Hey CharlieO,

      Now let’s break everything down that you referenced. You are out of town and have not discussed the financial aspect of the relationship. Why are you even going out of town to begin with. What it shows is that you are now doing things in hopes of getting something and that “something” is nothing because you haven’t discussed it. Now, if you put yourself in a hotel room. What do you think will happen? I’ll tell you: SEX. If you haven’t discussed the arrangement than why are you going to the hotel room? I hope you see my point. Why would you start doing things without discussing it?

      If you aren’t discussing it than you have an “asking problem.” Meaning not knowing how to ask for what you want and you leave it unsaid. That’s the real issue. It’s not that you are stuck. It’s the fact that you don’t know what you are doing to get what you want and it’s leaving you empty handed by not discussing it and setting the foundation to the relationship you want. And because of it you are allowing your dates to guide you and that is causing you to get stuck.

  5. Chrissy

    Hi Taylor,

    I tried to make your podcast last night, but I unfortunately missed it.

    I have been with one person for around two years. I met him on After weeding out a bunch of losers who were not who they said they were. After talking to the ones that want something for nothing. I met my SD. He is a very kind man. But, I work for him and his wife. I can see how he came looking for me. She is just retched! They seem to have a working marriage. A working relationship. She is a drill Sargent control freak!

    I have started looking to replace. Not because I don’t care for him, but more so because he has not been honest with me. However, I am in a rare position. My salary is quite high. I get perks!! I get some travel!! Even international travel. But, if I leave my job, I lose my salary and my apartment!

    Where do I go from here?

    My current SD works because we see each other every day and we can plan for sneak get away times even with the evil wife. We also have a mutual attraction.

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      Taylor Jones

      Hey Chrissy,

      I’ll be doing more podcasts (no worries). So, you landed your SD and he works because of the convenience and the perks that comes along with it. However, it’s not working for you anymore because he hasn’t been honest. And as a result you started looking for a replacement. Don’t allow yourself to stay in a situation just because of the benefits. Has your business not generated enough money so that you can live like you want without the leash your SD Boss has on you. Meaning if you ended the relationship will you still have you job and the benefits? Look at it like this: You enjoyed the relationship for what it was and you experienced a lot. Now, it’s time to create new experiences for yourself if it’s no working for you anymore. What’s happening is you are manipulating yourself in which your SD doesn’t have to do. Usually a form of manipulation happens when a SD wants his SB to say put by saying “you’ll never find another SD like me.” And so she stays put. But you are doing it to yourself if the benefits of that job is keeping you there.

      Where should you go? Focus on your business to generate the money to live like you want. And seeking out someone who would be more ideal for what you are looking for based on where you are going with you life and wanting. You say you want a replacement but yet your current SD works b/c you can see each other everyday and can plan for getaways. So, be honest with yourself. What do you want to happen?

  6. Ciara A

    Hi Taylor, okay so I have this SD that I met on and his main priority is sex. I’m new to this and I really need the money. But we haven’t met yet so I can still opt out, but we haven’t discussed any terms or agreements. We’ve been texting this whole time nothingmore and he’s already told me that he mainly wants sex and that my physicl features are attractive, which I get but I want to know how we plans to woo me andwhatnot and reel him into givingme allowance and figuring out the business aspect of things. Please help and give me a way to bring this into conversation.

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      Taylor Jones

      If you are wanting to opt out than why are you still wanting to purse? If he is asking you for SEX and you are okay with that. Just be direct about what you want. But let’s call it what it is. There is nothing wrong with that. Just be upfront with what you are doing and don’t sell yourself short. My methods are more on the cultivating the relationship and not using yourself as a commodity (sexually) to get what you want. However don’t be scared to ask for what you if you are going to be having sex with him.

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