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How to Make Your Sugar Baby Profile Work for You Not Against

By Taylor Jones|Follow Her On Twitter HERE

You may think you have the best profile on your Sugar Daddy dating website.

You may think you’re the most attractive would-be Sugar Baby on the Internet.

But if a potential Sugar Daddy doesn’t immediately scream, “She’s the one for me!” when he lands on your profile, then you’re really missing out on a crucial point of Sugar Daddy dating online.

Some of the best Sugar Babies around still have trouble with the observation I’m about to make. They think that getting a dream Sugar Daddy is all about getting as much traffic to their profile as possible. After all, Sugar Daddy dating is a numbers game…and the more visitors to your profile, the more likely it is that you’ll get your dream Sugar Daddy…


Not necessarily. The point of online Sugar Daddy dating isn’t just to get as much traffic to your profile as possible. It’s to get those Sugar Daddies to take action when they read your profile! Reread this.

If Sugar Daddies aren’t “responding” to your personal ad – It failed.

Today, I want to share tips with you to get you noticed: that will make those Sugar Daddies practically give themselves whiplash as they rush to respond to your online profile.

*Targeted profiles: If you want a specific type of Sugar Daddy then you want to write specifically for him. Not all Sugar Daddies will be a good fit for you as they may not be on the same page as to what you are looking for. Quality is far better than Quantity. It’s harder and it takes more work for you to choose the right words, but it’s an entirely worthwhile investment in time.

*Say more with less: Let’s get to the point. Your potential Sugar Daddy isn’t going to want to read a novel. You want to capture his attention and get him to respond. That is the goal of your profile. Just by taking a few things about you that are interesting and describing it in away to stimulate him will get him to respond.

*Headlines: Your headline is just as important as your picture. Start with your profile and then come back to your headline and use that as the Intro to your profile. Your headline is a preview.

*Split Test: Those who follow my advice know that I am a huge advocate of split testing your personal ads. Change one sentence, double your response rate.

*Track conversions: I can’t tell you how many sugar babies find a pattern and lose it – and NEVER EVEN KNOW IT. Track your progress.

What do you do to make your profile more effective? Have you ever put one of these techniques into action?


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  1. Jezebel LeFleur says:

    I have used a few of these tips and didn’t even know it! I used to have a lengthy profile and changed it up to say less. I also track my conversations and go over them. It’s a great way to see where I have “lost” him and a great way to see what I say that intrigues him to find out more about me.

    1. Taylor Jones says:

      A lot of Sugar Babies miss out on what is working and what isn’t working for them and they wonder why their profile isn’t getting the responses they are wanting. Sometimes just by changing a few words around can make all the difference in the world.

      1. Jezebel LeFleur says:

        Very true! My profile essentially says the same thing as before except this time I made sure that it uses less words to convey the same message. No one wants to read a book! And just like you said if your profile tells him everything about you already what’s going to keep him intrigued and wanting to come back?

        1. Taylor Jones says:

          The key is evoking an emotion from him. That will keep him coming back! Plus, you want to develop your Sugar Baby Story and your Allure to keep him intrigued.

  2. Candi Harris says:

    Thanks Taylor for this particular article. I know this is where I need the most help on. I know what type of SD I want but just can’t seem to write to catch their attention.

    1. Taylor Jones says:

      In order to write to the type of Sugar Daddy you want. You have to know what specifically what you are looking for from him. What kind of work does he do?, What hobbies does he like? For example I like men who smoke cigars and I will write specifically for this man to capture his attention.

  3. Sandra says:

    So by split testing, do you mean having 2 different profiles on one site (which surprisingly not many would notice) or by trying different things between 2 different sites altogether?

    1. Taylor Jones says:

      By doing both. Split testing two different ads on the same site and also on different sites. But if using the same site you have to decide what you want to split test on the ad to make it an effective split-test. For example split testing your headlines, pictures, and the body of content.

  4. Dee says:

    This is very helpful . I use to send “winks” but now that’s just getting lazy . Going to go the send a message approach , just not sure what to say.

    1. Taylor Jones says:

      Think of it as an ice-breaker for your target to take notice. What would you say to get him to respond? Look at his profile and pick something to say and relate it to you and keep it short but make your content an enticing one to make him want to respond.