Lies Sugar Daddies Tell You

“I can’t afford you.”

“Our company just ‘reorganized’… blah blah… uncertainty… blah blah… possible instability… blah blah…”

“I don’t want to feel like I’m buying you.”

“What about me? What do I get if I spoil you?”

“I just want to make sure I’m getting my money’s worth out of the times I see you.”

“Why does it have to be so transactional?”

“I’ve been thinking about it and I’m not sure this whole sugar thing is for me.”

“I will put that in your account this week” Later this week…. “My account has been hacked and bank is looking into it.”

If you’re a Sugar Baby, you’ve heard this or a version of it in response to asking for what you hope to receive out of the relationship.

You start with a feeling of excitement. You are engaging with a Sugar Daddy and equate that to the possibility of having additional money and a better lifestyle!

They ask you about what you want, and that’s when things hit rock bottom…. fast.

Their mouth opens.

They gasp.

And they say, “I can’t afford you.” Or better yet “poof” and they are gone.

I’m here to tell you that they’re lying.

Are there Sugar Daddies in the world that really truly cannot afford you? Yes, and some men are actually hiding behind the role of a Sugar Daddy to get what they want from you and aren’t really Sugar Daddies. But for that one who can afford you and still doesn’t want to give you what you want when he can.

The Sugar Daddies who are truly wealthy that you attract can actually afford you.

They have some disposable income that they can choose to spend on whatever they wish. They make choices on what to spend their money on and indulge in.

So if that’s true, why are they lying to you?

Why don’t they want to provide it to you?

Simply stated, it’s because what you want and desire is not equating to the value you’ve allowed them to perceive of you on their own.

You see, without your focused attention on creating the worth you feel like you deserve, the Sugar Daddy has no choice but to create that worth on your behalf. More often than not, they’ll get it wrong. Grossly wrong.

What’s your value? Nordstrom or Walmart

Some people say that Walmart is where you get the most value for your money. If you’ve ever shopped at Walmart you can go inside and pick up items at a fraction of the cost vs going to another store.

Why would anyone want to pay more when they can save money?

People aren’t picketing outside Nordstrom with signs that say “I can’t afford it.” No, actually, quite the opposite. Nordstrom is known for being quite expensive, but they’re known for their great service. That’s why they can charge the prices they do.

Nordstrom designed its worth very carefully. The company stated it to the world, so that the world couldn’t state it for them.

Sugar Daddies will happily provide you more for his perceived value of you. In fact, you can use the power of your value to increase his generosity.

Each and Every one of you is in the business of selling. Do you know what you are selling?

10 mistakes you may have unintentionally made when not designing your worth:

1. You didn’t figure out your ideal Sugar Daddy (the ones that will value you).

2. You didn’t create a Sugar Daddy Experience to speak to those Sugar Daddies mostly or only.

3. You let the Sugar Daddies define your worth for you. Whenever someone said they couldn’t afford you, you believed them and scrutinized your wants accordingly.

4. You base your worth and what you hope to receive out of the relationship on other Sugar Babies around you, rather than on your own value.

5. You haven’t focused on creating an amazing Sugar Daddy experience, because you spent your time seeking what you can get out of a Sugar Daddy versus positioning yourself to be the one for him.

6. You believe there is something magical about the Sugar Babies who get what they want, and a piece of that magic is something that you’re hard-pressed to obtain.

7. You feel as though what you are seeking isn’t justifiable to why a Sugar Daddy would provide what you are seeking, rather than focusing on exactly what you will actually do if someone provided you with his financial generosity (because part of you feels there aren’t enough Sugar Daddies out there to want to provide you with what you want if you didn’t label yourself a Sugar Baby).

8. Your have a list of expectations to be with you, and you can’t justify it to your potential Sugar Daddy.

9. You have Sugar Daddies who have gave you too little and they are requesting so much, and now you are getting a stampede of Sugar Daddies who are only wanting to give you little to nothing for what they are wanting in return.

10. And lastly, if a Sugar Daddy asked you for what you want, you answered them right away, losing an opportunity to discuss what they wanted (i.e. building more worth through a conversation with them).

As a result of this burning cycle of low worth, there is a sense of overwhelm and lack, rather than a sense of growth and confidence. Want a clear path toward higher worth and getting what you want?

My recommendation is to spend some time thinking about how you might be able to better establish your worth from the onset and manage Sugar Daddies Experiences. If you can align what you are offering your Sugar Daddy with greater value and your ideal Sugar Daddy, you will get what you want and hear the words “I can’t afford you” less and less.

The Lesson: “Why should a Sugar Daddy want to provide you with anything?” It’s not that they can’t afford you. They don’t want to because of how you are coming across. Your value to them is ZERO. It’s all in your approach. Your current approach isn’t working because the current mindset that you have doesn’t allow you to see what you are selling and we are all in the business of selling something to get what we want.

What things are you doing to create a preconceived value inside the minds of your Sugar Daddy? If you haven’t, what are you struggling with? Comment over on the Sugar Baby Advice and I promise to monitor the comments and reply back with some helpful advice.

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  1. lmh

    So, I was actually approached by a person whom frequents a local place I hang out at, we know the same people and have gone a few places as a group but never a date/just he and I. About a week after the last time we all hung out as a group he approached me and point blank asked me “what do I want” I was confused because I do not consider myself a SB. My past relationship was monogamous, I did travel very very often and he did completely take care of everything, rent car bills, we were exclusive. No arrangement just the way it was, so i thought. Well when the guy asked about my wants, I didn’t even know what to say, he was aware I was about to lease a house so he says, I will pay your rent, what else do you want, well…to be honest I still didn’t know as this was brought up with out warning, so I thought something simple, extra cash for personal maintenance, hair, nails etc. Rent totaled $1600 and I answered my “want” with $2,000, $400 for spending cash or what ever. He immediately said no! No way! That he wanted to see me 1-2 times a week, no strings attached and no communications really…made it clear the deal was sexual and really only to please him. I didn’t like that and we didn’t talk for a few weeks, ran into him again, he asked again and I said exactly the same, he said the rent was all he wanted to contribute and asked me to go to his car to give him a preview!!!! I laughed in his face and said thats not the way this works, you want intimacy you need to make the girl excited to want to love on you, personal connection, kindness and a friendship with a spark. He seemed appalled I suggested that and said his work schedule wouldn’t permit and that he simply wasn’t interested. cool cool neither am I then. He really thought that I would do his sexual favor right then and there on good faith! Wrong. The guy is young, has about 1mm in auto mobiles and a thriving business….I told him if he is looking for a whore he needed to look somewhere else.

    1. Post
      Taylor Jones

      From what I gather you are looking at this differently from how your prospects are. Yes, you want what you want. But why would another person want to provide it? What benefit is it to them? If you are leading with the finacial expectation of what you hope to get out of someone. What are you going to give up to get it? When you are dealing with a man he will bring up sex. You will either leverage sex. I’m not going to sugarcoat it. You know already know what you are if you do. If you are not leveraging sex. Than you need to know what you are selling to have someone want to provide in the way that you want. Really think about that. It would only stand to reason that how you approach this lifestyle or getting anyone to do anything for you…well…you are going to need the cooperation of that person. How are you going to sell the other person on your wants? If you don’t know what you are selling, perhaps we should talk to see how I can help.

      1. Joan

        Well hello there, am currently involved with a married sugar daddy, but he’s not supporting me the way I feel he should, he gives just pocket change and says he’s experiencing a financial crisis, problem is, when he wants to be with me, we go to expensive places and spend lots of money, how do I get him to provide with out me asking and coming out too needy and demanding,

        1. Post
          Taylor Jones

          Why the hesitation in asking? He’s married. You know your place. He gives, you take, and you keep coming back. Why would he feel the need to give more, if you keep taking and coming back? You my SugarSister will have to talk to him. There are no magic words that I give. I help women better communicate what they are wanting to say. It takes on having a better understanding of the hesitation (why you are hesitant to begin with), and understanding of the type of relationship that has been cultivated. In which I would need to have an in-death discussion with you. From what I gather you don’t want to come across as needy, but you are with a married man. What are you there for? Expensive places to visit? You are here for a reason. And perhaps he was able to manipulate you with his situation. Would you be there if he gave nothing? Probably not. After all there would be no benefit. If you don’t place a value on yourself than the other person will set one for you. And he has. It’s only a matter of time before you start resenting him. When you realize what you are giving up is worth more, but he is getting it at a bargain.

  2. Anon

    Okay, I want to make something clear before I start my rant. I don’t have anything against sugardaddies nor the girls that are interested in them.

    Recently a good friend of mine has started talking to a sugardaddy and she has been receiving gifts and money. I knew something was up when she asked for my ZIP code, but I really didn’t think much of it. She had asked it a few times before just to send me a card or b-day gift.
    Sadly, this time, she gave my address/ZIP code without my consent, the goddamn place where I and my family live, to her sugardaddy as a destination for the gifts to be send to. I really don’t know what to do, I feel very frustrated right now. I just don’t feel comfortable with the idea of him knowing where I live.
    My friend and him haven’t met eachother in person and she is kind of the person to steal all of his money and just walk away. He thinks she lives at my place, what if she gets him mad and he just throws a brick through the window.
    I really don’t know what to do, any thoughts on my story?
    Sorry for any grammar/spelling mistakes. English is not my first language.

    1. Post
      Taylor Jones

      This is outside the realm of the lifestyle (not a Sugar Baby dilemma). It’s the violation of the trust that was broken and that would need to be addressed with your friend directly. You should let your family know the situation (after all, they live there too). You can always return to sender (if someone crosses the line and puts your home in danger then there’s he authorities- but you didn’t need me to tell you that). It seems as though there is more to this to come across me and how deep it truly goes and the role that is being played. Why protect a so-called friend who used you? Without addrsssing this with your family unless there is more to the story.

  3. tara

    iam happy i came across this page , so my issue is i have had about 2 sugar daddies but all this time I have never really gotten anything out of it.I am sort off awkward on this situation I usually please them first and wait abit before i get money which i never get anything in return. So my question is how a i suppose to ask and should sleeping come after asking money , cause i dont want to put them off like i guess i need a manual .Thank you

    1. Post
      Taylor Jones

      You don’t want to put them off, but yet you will give yourself without getting anything in return. How does that feel to be used? How many more times will you give yourself before you STOP? Now let me ask you a question: Why are you here? Really think about that. The current method of how you are going about this isn’t yielding the results you were looking to achieve. You need a new game plan. And it’s not a matter of “how are you suppose to ask”, it’s your approach in going about this entirely. Without having the right approach, you won’t know how to position yourself to ask the question to better position yourself. I am sure you know that it’s not what you say but how you say it. If you would like to see how I can help you to change your approach and start getting on the path we should talk.

  4. Urma

    Okay, so I’m just super curious as to my sugar daddies true financial situation. It bothers me bc it’s confusing and it would freak me out if he lied, idk why. On SA he stated hes worth 5 million, and makes 1 million a year. This is what I KNOW: his grandfather owned a trade company that he took it over, then later on sold it. He started his own e-commerce business (where he says he makes most of his money) and I have seen his office. It’s not crazy nice, but it has a small warehouse attached. He had no problem at all with a 3 k allowance right off the bat. I’ve gone shopping with him and he carries a shit ton of cash with him and spends randomly on random shit. He has a Cadillac car. He has a small collection of watches that includes a 20,000 gold Rolex. His apartment is not crazy nice (says he’s going through divorce, seems legit, talks about it alot), but his apartment does look recently moved in, looks like a few months stage. Reason I’m confused: his “space” such as office and apartment isn’t nice, but it has nice shit in it. He spends like no big deal. Reason why I care is because he’s super chill, we really get along, but a part of me is like, is he lying and isn’t as rich as he says he is and is doing something illegal (ALWAYS cash), still married, or am I worrying over something that truly doesn’t matter? I want to increase allowance over the summer, but I don’t wanna push it since he’s SO chill, down to hangout whenever is most convenient. I have anxiety over asking for too much from him (probs dumb i know). So, any advice regarding if he’s lying? if i should even care? and, is asking for 5 k allowance after 2-3 months too soon and too much?

    1. Post
      Taylor Jones

      We only trust actions in this lifestyle. And whether he is lying doesn’t matter as long as he is providing in the way that he agreed. The #1 thing men lie about is their income. Whether asking for $5K is too soon or not, it will be dependent upon “how” you go about asking and the connection you have established AND if he wants to. After all, what benefit would it be for him to provide more to you because you want it? You are already doing what you are doing with him. When you are asking for a raise…does your performance reflect a pay raise that is justified. I help women better position themselves with getting what they want. If you want to see how I an help, maybe we should talk to better prepare yourself for when you are ready to ask.

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