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Feeling Completely Frustrated with Sugar Daddy Dating? You’re Not Alone.


Feeling stuck about your Sugar Baby lifestyle?

Overwhelmed with all the misinformation out there?

Not sure if you have what it takes to be successful?

Maybe you’re signed up to a Sugar Daddy dating website, but contrary to what you expected, Sugar Daddies aren’t responding. Or you are attracting the wrong type of men …

Maybe you already have a Sugar Daddy and are expressing your demands only to be ignored, rejected and left unsatisfied.

Or you’ve been in the lifestyle for a while but couldn’t build a solid foundation to attract a Sugar Daddy.

I bet YOU THINK the reasons for this are:

  • You’re not there yet or you’re not good enough
  • The dating website you’re on doesn’t have credible Sugar Daddies
  • You’re not of the perfect size, the right shade or the right race
  • This lifestyle is not meant for you

I too felt the same way. And blamed my circumstances,
my looks and lack of skills…

I am Taylor B. Jones, creator of the Sugar Daddy Formula, Amazon’s best-selling author and host of Sugar Insider Sweet Talk Podcast. I help women who are tired of their search of finding their ideal Sugar Daddy, sick of staying stuck and lack of confidence about demanding their worth because they fear coming across as needy or worse, a gold-digger.

I can take you from being frustrated and close to giving up … to creating an exciting, Instagram-worthy Sugar Baby lifestyle you desire.

If no one teaches this lifestyle to you then how are you supposed to know?

I’m here to tell you after having a Sugar Daddy provide me with over $100,000.00, coaching Sugar Babies 1-on-1, helping Sugar Babies get the results they want that there is always a SMART way and a HARD way to achieve Sugar Baby success.

Finding a Sugar Daddy is tough but finding the right one who’s truly generous and wealthy is tougher. And what’s even tougher is talking about the financials of your arrangement with him, to negotiating the arrangement.

The Truth is: This is not just your story; it was mine too.

I too had started to believe that I did not have what it takes, and couldn’t find the right words when it came to negotiating the relationship I wanted. I am now here to help you and tell you that it doesn’t have to be so hard!

I will help you discover what it takes to be a Sugar Baby that a Sugar Daddy cannot resist setting up an awesome first date with and moving on to a more sustainable relationship.

If you think you are old or not that pretty to be a Sugar Baby. Imagine how you’ll feel a few years from now.

Attract a Generous Sugar Daddy, Create your Sugar Baby Wealth So that
You Never Again Have to Struggle with Your Finances

Even if: You are just starting out.

Even if: You have tried, failed and returned only to find no luck again.

Even if: You feel you’re not beautiful enough or young enough to succeed.

Stop feeling frustrated with Sugar Daddy Dating and wondering
if there really are any REAL ‘Generous Sugar Daddies online.

Get access to the 7 most dangerous mistakes that Sugar Babies make, that you may be making too. Find out why you may be getting rejected or why you cannot move beyond one-off dates and into a sustainable relationship.

By leaving this knowledge on the table, you are leaving thousands of dollars in unclaimed Sugar Daddy Money for another Sugar Baby to scoop up.

My only one regret, I should have contacted her sooner

“If you want to know howtoget a Sugar Daddy. Taylor is the person you need. She opened my eyes and showed me a new way to approach this lifestyle and how to talk tomy Sugar Daddies toget what I want andit works. My only one regret, I should have contacted her sooner.” Julie

Listen to Sugar Babies Openly Share Their Secrets & Strategies

Here is a question I bet you want to know the answer to: “How can you Find a Sugar Daddy And Ask for What you Want and Get it?” The TRUTH is, as soon as you stop hopping from site to site, and make the commitment to mastering the Sugar Daddy game. Things get a lot easier. If no one teaches you this lifestyle. How are you supposed to know? I will show you how. And that’s what I will be sharing with you on the SugaInsider Sweet Talk Podcast. [click here to listen to the podcast]


Meet Discerning Women Who Seeks Discriminating Men

Women ready to meet you on your terms.

Yes! I’d like to meet my ideal Sugar Baby today!

Online Dating Does Not Have To Be A Time-Consuming Struggle.

I reduce the process of meeting quality women to the path of least resistance.

Time is money. Don’t waste countless hours trying to meet the one who interests you most.

The Ultimate Sugar Baby Guide To
ATTRACTING A Wealthy Sugar Daddy

It’s your personal GPS through complicated Sugar Daddy Dating Obstacles to creating relationships that benefit your bank account, and your lifestyle without making you look desperate or coming across as a gold-digger (or worse an escort because you’re not).



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