Wannabe Sugars vs. Real Sugar Babies

Twelve differences between those who dream and those who act:

1. Wannabe Sugars obsess about dilemmas. Sugar Babies obsess about action.

2. Wannabe Sugars want more traffic to their profiles. Sugar Babies focus on Sugar Daddy conversion.

3. Wannabe Sugars focus on hoping things will improve. Sugar Babies plan for multiple contingencies.

4. Wannabe Sugars want to get instant monetary support. Sugar Babies build their empire.

5. Wannabe Sugars seek a perfect profile. Sugar Babies execute and adjust the profile by always improving it.

6. Wannabe Sugars wait for their Sugar Daddy to find them. Sugar Babies engineer four, five, six strategies and execute them in tandem, certain that at least one plan will get traction.

7. Wannabe Sugars fear looking like a Gold-Digger or Escort and don’t ask for what they want. Sugar Babies willingly risk and ask for what they want; knowing that long-term success is a good trade for short-term loss of dignity on how one will perceive them.

8. Wannabe Sugars shield their precious life goals from their Sugar Daddies because they want this lifestyle not to interfere with their personal life. Sugar Babies expose their ideas and goals to their Sugar Daddies to reach their goals faster.

9. Wannabe Sugars spend hours bashing other Sugar Babies with other Sugars about this lifestyle. Sugar Babies practice and improve their Sugar Baby game.

10. Wannabe Sugars believe what they’re told, believe their own assumptions. Sugar Babies do original research and determine what paths have been already trod to success.

11. Wannabe Sugars believe they can attract any wealthy Sugar Daddy they want and get what they desire. Sugar Babies focus on their Sugar Baby Allure to capture the interest of their target Sugar Daddy to increase their success rate to get what they are seeking.

12. Wannabe Sugars think about this lifestyle in terms of COULD and SHOULD. Sugar Babies think in terms of IS and CAN BE.

Which one are you?

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