Getting Your Sugar Daddy to follow your Lead by Mirroring YOU

Sugar Daddy Reflection:

Mirrors (or mirroring) may be the simplest of all the skills. And it is so smoooooooth that it’ s better than any satin luxurious sheets.

I am going to serve it up in two ways to you. But we will focus on just one of them here. The other mirror is mirroring him by evoking invisible emotions that you display, and get him to feel as though you must be reading his mind. And he feels as though he may have found someone that truly understands him and ‘ gets him’ .

Here’ s the first one…

Repeat the last three words your Sugar Daddy has spoken.

OR repeat a word or selected words that you want to amplify/clarify.

Sounds ridiculous, right?

Please do not underestimate the power of this skill.

Mirrors pull responses out of people even when they know you’ re using them. They trigger an almost unconscious reaction.

BE AWARE: When you first start mirroring your Sugar Daddy’ s it’ s going to feel awkward. Really awkward. Discomfort with a new skill is the biggest barrier to learning it. AND Implementing it. Please don’ t let that get in your way. Don’t worry, mirrors are truly invisible, and compelling.

A skeptical Sugar Baby was once on the fence at whether or not mirrors worked.

She said, “I just don’t see how mirrors would work. I just don’t see how it would be useful to repeat the last three words.”

My response? – “The last three words?” And she said “Yeah, I just don’t see how it would work…

Hey wait a minute! You got me!” *BOOM* It works!

Mirroring is great when you are at a loss for words. No matter how blank your mind may feel, somewhere in the recesses of your memory you can pull out the last three words of what someone just said. It’s great for helping you get on track.

When getting to know someone you can use mirrors to help strengthen your connection with them to help with your labels.

When someone says something you don’t understand, mirror it with an upward Marilyn Monroe voice (questioning tone). He will automatically reword what he just said instead of repeating the exact same words in a louder tone of voice.

You can use mirrors effectively with assertive types. Let’ s look at an actual conversation between a SB/SD over a misunderstanding regarding the arrangement. The SD is wanting to have a special relationship and the SB is wanting to understand what that would look like.

SD: “I can assist financially to help you out.”

SB: “What do you mean assisting financially to help you out?”

SD: “Assist Financially.” (Exasperated.)

SB: “What do you mean by financially?”

SD: “Financially!”

SB: “Financially?”

SD: “Yeah, to assist you with bills, helping with tuition, and if something comes up that you need help with from time to time.” (Bingo! Clarity!)

Here are a series of mirrors with a Sugar Daddy who has been reluctant to move forward with a Sugar Baby because of prior encounters with women from the dating site:

Sugar Baby: “It seems like you have had some bad experiences with using the dating site and has you a bit skeptical with finding someone who is genuine.” (Note the Labeling)

Sugar Daddy responded about how he was taken advantage of and how women pretended to be an escort and mislead him. And they were only focused what they could get out him.

Sugar Baby: “Focused on what they could get out of you?”

Sugar Daddy explained that a lot of the women would ask for things before having even met. It has made me a bit cautious.”

Sugar Baby: “It seems like it’ s been an unpleasant experience.” (Label.)

Sugar Daddy opened up about a lot of “different types of scams the women would try that he would come across.” He said a lot of women are only out for what they could get out of you and not interested in getting to know the other person.

Sugar Baby: “Getting to know the other person?”

Sugar Daddy answered that although I’ m in a position to afford to assist someone that I have my own needs and wants too.”

Sugar Baby:“Your needs and wants?”

Sugar Daddy went on to explain what he’ s looking for. How he’ s looking for someone to perhaps evolve into a relationship if the connection is there and to have companionship that he hasn’ t had in a very long time. He finally gets around to asking, “So, what about you?”

Sugar Baby: “Look, it seems like you’ ve been pursuing your search to find that special person and it hasn’ t resulted with the best of intentions. I was also burned by a sugar daddy who just wanted to get me to bed as quickly as possible without getting to know me. I have been hesitant on whether or not I would find someone on here. It seems like we both are wanting to find someone genuine. And finding someone in which we can be open about our needs and wants without being judged for it is what I’ m looking for. If there’ s a possibility that you would like to explore where this will lead us. The only question remains, when are you taking me out?”

At this point Sugar Daddy took what she said in and said, “How about Friday at 7p for dinner?”Sugar Baby kept silent, and responded “It’ s a date, and I’ m looking forward to it.” She wrapped up the conversation and got off the phone (Boom!)

PLEASE begin using mirrors immediately and become comfortable with them.

Have fun with them. You’ ll find they’re effective and powerful. They will serve you well. Make it rain some sugar!