Where to Find a Rich Sugar Daddy

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Let me ask you this question: if you were looking to lose weight, would you surround yourself with fatty, high-calorie junk food? Would you shop at Burger King? And would you stock your cupboards with doughnuts and soda pop?

Nope. I doubt it.

If you were a smart woman who genuinely wanted to get a little trimmer, you’d shop at the grocery store. You’d stock up on vegetables, fruit, and whole-grains. You’d stay away from fast food, and you’d empty your kitchen of sugary, fatty foods.

This is common sense, right? When you’re looking for something, you make sure you’re looking in the right place. You surround yourself with environments that make that success more likely for you.

If you’re looking for the “type of man” (as you say you are), why – oh WHY –aren’t you positioning yourself to attract him?

I want to help you get out of the Sugar Baby Rat Race and LIVE the lifestyle you WANT.

I know that it might be hard to find that Sugar Daddy and you feel as though your only option is a dating site.

It’s NOT the only game in town. You are going to have to step out of your comfort zone and create more opportunities for yourself.

Don’t put your entire Sugar Baby Life at the hands of a dating site to determine your success. If you know how to market yourself you can position yourself to attract the right Sugar Daddy that can make a difference in your life.

But first we need to place ourselves in the right location.

To help you set foot on the road towards the relationship you are seeking with a man that you are looking for, here are a few suggestions on where to look.

My first tip for you: THINK ABOUT WHAT INTERESTS YOU, and ‘shop’ accordingly.

Think about this question: What are YOU into?  Who are you targeting? What type of man would be ideal based on what you are looking for?

You can decide what kind of hobbies you’re really into, and make a decision to pursue one or two. This is the best way I’ve ever heard of to meet somebody who’s GUARANTEED to be into the same things that you are which makes for an easier connection.

But do you see where I am going with this?

It’s focusing on targeting to attract our ideal.

But you just don’t want any man. You want to find a Wealthy Sugar Daddy, right?

Follow the money. Some wealthy people don’t spend lavishly nor do they wear their wallet on their sleeve.

For example, my Sugar Daddy Rich doesn’t do fancy restaurants but he goes to Taco Bell, Hardees, and even McDonalds and Cookout. He however belongs to a Country Club. And he plays golf just about every day but you can find him at a Golf Pro Shop every once in a while.

When YOU choose the venue, YOU get to exert some choice over the kind of man you’re likely to meet.

It’s like an automatic ‘screening’ function … weeding out the men you’re NOT interested in, and guaranteeing you access to the kinds of men who are into the same things that YOU are! (If there’s a better basis for forming a connection, I don’t know what it is …)

As highlighted from How to Meet and Marry a Billionaire below you’ll find snippets that stuck out the most on targeting the wealthy:

“You will first need to identify the billionaires in your area (or their relatives) and learn their marital status. Then you’ll have to study their businesses, hangouts, pets, favorite philanthropies, artists, music and vacation spots.”

Although the article pointed out that “Google is a gold digger’s best friend” for a Sugar Baby it is part of our target market research. And although seeking out a billionaire would be lovely. We are seeking out a Sugar Daddy which has more disposable income than the average based on what you are looking for.

Are you in the right job? Land the right job – one that allows you to circulate among the wealthy. Among the careers that will put you in contact with them at this vulnerable moment: real estate (with a specialty in mansions); luxury-car, private-jet or yacht sales; work at museums, galleries or high-end antique shops; interior design or architecture (again, specialize in mansions); and race-horse training.

Move close to where they live. You need to move into a rich environment. If you want to be rich, you must live where the rich live, even if it’s in an attic. By hanging out in a ritzy neighborhood, you’ll get comfortable with wealthy people and attuned to what they like. And you’ll greatly increase your chances of running into a billionaire at, say, the local Starbucks.

Get thee to a gallery. Billionaires’ expansive estates, urban pieds-à-terre and quaint 30,000-square-foot country homes confront them with the task of covering vast stretches of empty walls and filling echoing foyers with something. That means they are constantly on the prowl for paintings, sculptures and other objects. So prowl where they prowl.

Change the world

Now thanks to the Internet, you can ferret out those shindigs. Just type “charity events” and your city’s name into a search engine and press “Go.”

Not all charities are created equal in the hearts and wallets of the superrich. To figure out which nonprofits are most likely to put you in touch with people of ultrahigh net worth, peruse the Chronicle of Philanthropy to see what causes top givers favor.

Become a status faker

You’ll never be able to close the deal, however, unless you look and act the part of a suitable spouse to serious money.

Be a class act. To attract the attention of the wealthy guys and gals who pique your interest, you have to dress appropriately.

Dress sexy but with some sophistication.

Be into what he’s into. Once you zero in on a prospect, you’ll have to look as if you’re interested in what he or she likes. So spend some time boning up on thoroughbred horses, JAR jewelry, Modigliani and your billionaire’s business.

Be aware of what your problem is.

It’s not scarcity.

A Sugar Daddy is still a man. Men are everywhere. Your problem is simply that you’re looking in the wrong place and you don’t know how to go about marketing yourself to attract the one you are seeking.

The tricky part is how to transition from meet and greet to a discussion about being a Sugar Baby but I’ll save that for a future article.

What places have you thought about or have attended to seek out a wealthy Sugar Daddy?

Post your question below

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  1. India

    I been on sugardaddyforme for a little while I haven’t had no luck yet I’m a little on the thick side and I’m having a problem finding the perfect sugar daddy plus someone of the sugar daddy’s is not in my area as well what should I do? I really don’t know what they seeking who serious and I was wondering cause of my age which I’m 30. Please help lol..

    1. Post
      Taylor Jones

      If you aren’t having any luck than what are you going to do to change it? It’s not your age. Because the woman who is in her 30’s and in her 40’s and older and in a relationship with a Sugar Daddy isn’t saying it’s her age. Let’s be honest: Have you ever Sugar Daddy dated before? Now, keep in mind that you are on a Sugar Daddy dating site. If that is the ONLY place you are looking than you are putting your entire Sugar Baby Lifestyle in the hands of a Sugar Daddy dating site to control whether you will meet someone or not. How do you like those odds? Especially when we outnumber men on these dating sites.

      So, now it comes back to what have you been REALLY doing on the dating site? Are you responding to other people? Are you revamping your profile if it isn’t getting any views? We all come in different sizes and age but don’t make that the excuse because you aren’t having any luck. It’s how well you can sell yourself to attract the Sugar Daddy you are seeking. You have a marketing issue.

      1. India

        No I haven’t dated a sugar daddy before I’m trying something new. And what do you mean by marketing myself?

        1. Post
          Taylor Jones

          When I reference “marketing yourself” I am simply referring to how you are going to seek out finding a Sugar Daddy. When you are wanting to find a Sugar Daddy you are targeting someone specifically to become your Sugar Daddy. And in order for him to become your Sugar Daddy you are going to have to reel him in. Marketing is that process of finding and attracting a Sugar Daddy (it’s what you do to get them interested and to take notice). Do you have my book? Think of how a business gets you to purchase a product. Now consider you are you own business and you are seeking out a buyer (Sugar Daddy) to buy what you are selling to in turn get you what you want.

  2. johanna

    I’ve done the research but still no rich men in Indiana. Am I suppose to approach them or should I place myself to where they will approach me? I don’t want to seem to aggressive.

    1. Post
      Taylor Jones

      Hmm, what kind of research did you do to come to the assumption that there are “no rich men in Indiana”? I would beg to differ.

      Are you ONLY seeking them online? Do you live amongst the wealthy? Do you socialize amongst the rich?

      If ONLY seeking them online using a Sugar Daddy dating site it is flawed because it allows everyone in and because of that it allows the average Joe to play the role of a Sugar Daddy in hopes of what you will do to get what you want by dangling the carrot in front of you. It is you JOB to decipher the real from the fake.

      If you are only basing your information based on how you have been approaching this than you are limiting yourself and you’ll keep getting what you currently receiving. You have to create opportunities for yourself. If you are only just using a dating site than you are limiting your options on actually finding someone. You should be contacting them too. Why wouldn’t you? It’s not about being aggressive. It’s about you standing out. How else are you going to get seen?

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  4. krista

    I am not in a position to have a sexual relationship with a SD. Is there any possibility of hooking one that can be good with pics, videos and spending time? Or am I crazy to think one exists?

    1. Post
      Taylor Jones

      That depends on how well you can market yourself to attract someone who would in turn want to provide you with what you are seeking. And you won’t know unless you try to determine if you are successful at achieving it. I have a platonic SD. You might say that is rare to find. But I was strategic with how I approached “hooking him” and how I went about attracting him and how I position myself to have him want to provide. Better methods = Better results. If you would like to learn mine to determine if they can work for you and explore if we would would be get fit to work together at hooking one. Perhaps you should connect with me.

        1. Post

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