Your Relationships Should Be Making You Rich

Ascend to the top of the dating pool (even if you feel closer to the bottom) with a private society of women who refuse to settle for less.

If you’ve ever been told that your standards are too high, or that you can’t talk to your bestie about the way you want to date…you’re in the right place.


I just love being a part of a diverse group of women with similar goals. There’s such a range of ages and you feel as though you belong no matter how old and at what stage you are. I’ve often felt out of place with using Instagram trying to connect with others, and trying to use Facebook was out of the question as I wanted to keep this part of my life private. I’m so grateful for the SUBE Society.


Whoever said it's lonely at the top didn't have SUBE Sisters.

Welcome to…

The SUBE Society

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Supportive Women United through Beneficial Experiences (SUBE, pronounced SUE + BAY ) is a forum – based private community of women who receive top – level support and mentorship for their relationship pursuits at every level.

Our members learn how to attract very successful and very generous partners. The type that has the means to provide…and loves to do so.

Whether you want to be spoiled for a month or supported for a lifetime, SUBE is the resource you need.

The forum in SUBE doesn’t just teach hypergamy, it teaches financial and emotional freedom. I was telling someone about this group and all the subjects we discuss; business, investing, psychology,negotiations, etc. and how the skills we learn here are applicable in so many other segment of our lives.It takes a special community to be able to rein in all these women and create such a supportive and united front


All are welcome.


Our members and alumni include women who make over 6 figures, celebrities, ex – playboys, and Sugar Babies receiving over 10k in allowance.

But we also have ladies who are just getting started in the lifestyle and need support in order to really reap the benefits of finding and dating generous men.

Discover our unique co-mentoring dynamic as we apply the multimillion-dollar mindset to your dating and relationships. The power of our connections will take you from zero to 100, real quick.

Sidestep the Relationship Status Quo in Your Stilettos

Upleveling your lifestyle is…a lifestyle! SUBE members swap dead end relationships for ones that make their lives look like an episode of Selling Sunset.

Our powerhouse of collaboration is THE lifestyle accelerator for you IF you want to attract enriching partnership.

Ready to see how fast we can make things happen for you?

Say no more!


Whenever I have a question, I take it to my sisters. I am continually blown away by their generosity! I always come away with great feedback and resources to dig deeper. I’ve made lasting connections here,too.



The SUBE Society is a space overflowing with constant support. When I’m feeling like I have no options or get stuck in my own way, I always find helpful advice to get me pointed in the right direction



Joining the SUBE Society has been one of the best things I’ve done. The sisterhood is much more than a community of women supporting each other. I have met women in person from it and have formed friendships that I know will last for years to come (we even freestyle together). The encouragement all wrapped together with the guidance of experienced members, is worth it!


Meet The Founder

Hi, I’m Taylor — lover of fancy pens, cheesecake, and asking for what I want. I know from personal experience that a woman’s life truly starts once she stops settling for less.

As the OG of beneficial dating, founder of The Sugar Daddy Formula, and trusted matchmaker for the one - percenters, I help women like you date bigger and better prospects.

SUBE community members ditch draining relationships for ones that improve every avenue of their lives. We work through the anxiety and the common compulsion to lower standards through confidence building and community support.

Why I Started SUBE

We all have an origin story, and I can say with full confidence that girl, I’ve been there.

I was stuck in relationships where I gave everything and received next to nothing. I was constantly frustrated, tired, and wanted more. I craved the type of man who put in effort and gave generously.

Eventually I made up my mind to do things differently. But it wasn’t easy figuring everything alone. I made a lot of mistakes, wasted hours of time, was way too aggressive when requesting what I wanted, had poor boundaries, and frankly, I got taken advantage of.

What’s worse? It was super isolating! My friends didn’t understand. They were content with men who walked all over them (I’m not judging, that was me before I gave myself permission to expect better). And I was terrified my family would think less of me, rejecting my lifestyle choices.

Women come here for support and stay for the connection. Truly a sisterhood, we share successful strategies, provide accountability, and give comfort when needed.

If this is resonating and you’re looking for a community where you don’t have to dim your light or apologize for what you want, I hope that you’ll join us.


I love the SUBE Society because Taylor is actually a part of it. This isn’t just some group where we’ve been left to fend for ourselves. When you have an issue, Taylor is like Superwoman. It’s like she always finds a way to make a situation work. This group makes me feel safe to ask for help when I need it and I’m not judged for dating the type of men that I want. I feel less lonely and I followed Taylor’s advice on getting what I want and it worked!


Hold up. Wait a minute.

Let me put some merlot in it.


Here’s what I want you to sip on...

Alignment with your absolute best life. Financial abundance. OPTIONS. And opportunities that expand your horizons exponentially.

Here’s What You GET with The SUBE Society Membership:


Downloadable App

(help right from your phone & accessible on desktop).


24/7 Access to post your questions + woes and get helpful answers & support

to eliminate the guesswork receiving immediate, easy-to-implement advice to ensure your success.


Monthly LIVE Q&A Sessions

to talk out any issues you might have and get answers in real-time.


A behind-the-scenes look with ME and other members

who have reached their lifestyle goals successfully.


SUBE’s monthly “How She Did it” Member Spotlight

to learn from the best.


Unlimited Accountability Partner(s).

Want a Bestie for support, travel, freestyling & networking? This is the perfect place to connect.


The SUBE Book Club

facilitated quarterly by me so you can upkeep your expertise on wealth, dating, and relationships up to date. SUBE Sister accountability included.


Exclusive Invites to virtual and IRL events

so you can hang with your fave sisters!

(the pampering begins now)

SUBEx Talks (like TEDx Talks only sexier)

A fun, relaxed space to connect and showcase our expertise.

Join our small virtual parties to learn from your SUBE Sisters while presenting your own areas of aptitude. Each participant will grab the spotlight and share something – Lifestyle focused – that will help us improve. Followed by Q&A.

The “M” Lounge: Financial Literacy Series

You’ve attracted the perfect partner. Now what do you do with his generosity?

Becoming financially literate is the single best thing you can do. It makes the difference between temporary windfalls and downright wealth. Master the secrets of money and the methods to upward mobility as we reach that next bracket. Join us in the “M” Lounge within SUBE and an impressive list of professionals for our Financial Literacy Series.

Exclusive In-Person Events

SUBE is an online private support group, but we’re not just limited to the virtual world.

Hang with us the next time we:

  • Host Spa Day Strategy Sessions.
  • Throw penthouse pajama parties to practice the art of asking.
  • Lead retreats in exotic locations to de-stress & connect with our inner guides.
  • Curate private events in luxury environments with potential matches.
  • Identify top conferences with big provider potential!

You’ll also gain access to impromptu makeovers and pop-up photoshoots as well as special invites to dinner discussions. And let’s not forget our signature Stiletto Meet & Greet Mixer; THE place to connect with like-minded women in a safe (and very glam) space.

The SUBE Society membership is $47/month. Cancel anytime, stay as long as you’re getting VALUE.

The SUBE Society is like hanging out with your BFF’s where you can be yourself with no judging. The conversations we have gets to the heart of things and you can say what you want to say without censoring it… this can be so lonely, and it feels good to be around other women who are invested in themselves like I am.


We believe the only way to date is UP

As women who have been there, members of The SUBE Society want you to understand that you are not alone.

Even if it sometimes feels like it. Even if no one has (or would) support your lifestyle decisions up to this point. Even if you feel like giving up and settling. The SUBE Society works because I built my community based on knowledge, connection, celebration, and positivity. The connections you make are authentic and long-lasting. The information you receive is powerful, and it works.

The confidence you’ll gain will feel revolutionary and will change your life.


The SUBE Society isn’t for everyone, but it might be exactly what you’re looking for.

You are a perfect fit for our community – and will get the most by joining us – if you’ve already taken some steps towards your dream lifestyle (you’re actively looking for supportive relationships and/or scaling up your success).

But this isn’t a place to just complain about what’s not working for you. It’s a safe space to get all those frustrations out of your system without having to edit or censor yourself. You get to DO something about it! Make changes with the help of others on the same path! It’s like having your own pep squad.

However, if you are still on the fence about benefiting from your relationships in the first place…we’re not a good fit. But we’ll welcome you when you’re ready!

The SUBE Society is about leveling up, simplifying processes, navigating challenges, and getting RESULTS with where you are.

I’m all about being discrete. A girl’s got to keep her secrets safe. Do I have to use my real name? How will the charges appear on my credit card?

Discretion is a priority! You will be identified by a username inside the community, and the community will only have access to the information you choose to share. Purchase details on your credit card will be noted as R&D Global, Inc. Your information will never be shared with a third party, as stated in the privacy notice.

Excluding special deals and trials, membership begins at $47. Membership will automatically be renewed on a monthly basis.

There are definitely opportunities to connect with Taylor inside the community. If you are interested in additional support by working 1-on-1 with Taylor, you may also invest in one of Taylor’s private coaching.

We believe in no regrets (and no settling)! You’ll have seven days to decide. This means you can take advantage of a full subscription refund within this seven-day window.

But this is conditional (because you have to put in the effort).

Here’s how it works: Fill out your profile (and join us inside SUBE), introduce yourself in the “new member welcome” thread, and tell us about how we can help you solve your #1 issue right now.

We know The SUBE Society is full of helpful ideas, top-notch support, and fellow women who want to see you succeed (because we’ve curated the best group of ladies around) — and if you aren’t convinced of the value after completing these three steps and implementing the advice offered, then we will refund you 100% with no hassle and no hard feelings.

This is exactly why SUBE exists. I am so tired of women stressing over cashflow!

Inside SUBE, you’ll find real women who have secured real bags.

Take note and never stress about $47/month again.

If the only thing you got from The SUBE Society was clarity on the next step to take in navigating online dating and relationships, it would be worth the investment.

If the only thing you got from accessing the network was a clear picture of how to attract men & how to ask for what you want, it would be worth the investment.

And if the only thing you got from The SUBE Society was the belief that you can (and will) communicate your wants and desires, it would be worth the investment.

More than anything, what we really want for you is to find belonging within a community of women who get you, who’ve traveled the road you’re on, and who are ready to support you with feedback, accountability, and encouragement.

No matter who you are, what your situation is, or what your goals are...We have your back.

You’ll be surprised at how much our members enjoy helping newbies! And don’t sell yourself short. SUBE facilitates discussions where everyone can partake and contribute. Regardless of where you’re at on your journey to better relationships, you most certainly have valuable perspective to offer.

SUBE helps more experienced members scale up their success and build their empire. We celebrate your wins rather than expect you to shrink to society’s expectation. Because it shouldn’t be lonely at the top! Our society connects you to like-minded women who become lifelong friends and confidants.

Start attracting relationships that make your life better…way better.

The SUBE Society membership is $47/month. Cancel anytime, stay as long as you’re getting VALUE.