Sugar Babies Beware of Sugar Daddies with Ulterior Motives

This is a message being sent to men from

“Hello, My name is Stephen and I am a real member of the online sugar daddy dating community. I’m not very good looking, but not ugly, slightly overweight, going a little bald, but not totally bald yet. Oh yeah, I’m not even rich. Now, the reason why the Sugar Daddy Community wanted me to send you this message is because in the past 7 months since I became a member I have had sex with 59 different women….not ugly women, these women are all smoking hot. In fact, most of them are still in college, and 17 of them were super hot strippers. And not one of them was older than 28!This sugar daddy community has changed my life. I struggled for years trying to have sex with hot women…I could never get it done, not for lack of trying, but just couldn’t find where all the hot women where. This sugar daddy site is the best place in the world. All of the women that you’ll meet want are the best looking women in the world. They are also very willing to make you happy. These women want to meet real men, and not creepy dudes…and they are HOT!!!! If you want to sleep with the best looking women in the world, then you have to join this Sugar Daddy dating community.”

To All Sugar Babies don’t be naive about the ulterior motives of these men. They will come across as being wealthy when they are not and they want you to prove yourself to them by having sex with them before anything is established. These sites set them up with a straight-shot to have sex with you and when they do they are gone and on to the next one. What’s the need to invest in you when your easy. That’s why most Sugar Daddy sites are FREE for women. With so many women on these sites they can have their cake and sleep with you too. Don’t sleep with men in hopes of getting something out of it before a relationship has been established. Just to be taken advantage of. Be careful! A proper Sugar Daddy isn’t going to pressure you for sex. So Sugar Babies don’t put out on the first date and always verify your potential Sugar Daddy to make sure he is what he say he is and also proving himself to you too. It’s great to read all the interesting Sugar Baby Stories but how can you apply them to your specific situation as all situations are different? If you are stuck, at a road block, and don’t know what to do. All you have to do is ask. You don’t have to go through this journey alone and do yourself a big favor and from my FREE Advice that will help you at every stage of the Sugar Baby lifestyle.

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  1. Jenny

    The man who was supposed to be my sugar daddy secretly took videos us having sex and is threatening to put them on the internet if i dont give him a second date. Is there anything i can do? any legal action i can take ? please I am so scared this will ruin my life

    1. Post
      Taylor Jones

      He has invaded your privacy. And you can take it to the authorities. You have legal rights. Just call your local police department and have them direct you to the appropriate department.

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