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The first time I tried Sugar Daddy dating I thought there was something wrong with me


If you’re signed up to Sugar Daddy dating sites, but Sugar Daddies aren’t responding…or you are getting all the wrong type of men and…

If you’re asking for what you want, but nobody’s providing…

And heck, even if you’re just new to the lifestyle or have been out the lifestyle for a while,
but can’t seem to build a solid foundation to attract the right Sugar Daddy…

I bet YOU THINK it’s because you don’t feel as though your profile is working for you, that you’re not young enough, that you’re not the perfect size, that you’re not the right shade…or even worse… that you aren’t good enough…

I felt the same way too.

My name is Taylor B. Jones and I am the founder of The Sugar Daddy Formula and host of the SugaInsider Sweet Talk Podcast.

When I first started out in this lifestyle I joined a Sugar Daddy site. I was glamoured by a Sugar Daddy. With all the hopes of him being a legitimate Sugar Daddy I realized he was just looking for a one nightstand. When it came he slipped me some cash as a “thank you” and I never heard from him again. I knew it had to be more to this lifestyle than just that. I felt so used and undervalued.

If no one teaches this lifestyle to you
then how are you supposed to know?

I’m here to tell you after having a Sugar Daddy provide me with over $100,000.00, coaching Sugar Babies 1-on-1, helping thousands of Sugar Babies get the results they want that there is always a SMART way and a HARD way to achieve Sugar Baby success.

I’ll show you the exact steps and specific directions to help you take control of your Sugar Baby Lifestyle and be more successful with Sugar Daddies – and you don’t have to be a supermodel, a specific age and race to do it…

Imagine having someone to assist you when life throws you curve-balls. Those unpaid bills, the cost of tuition no longer have to be a burden.

Imagine having someone invest in you to start the business you always dreamed, and guiding you on the path to success from their experience.

Imagine being surrounded by influential, dynamic men who can help guide you in your career and provide you access to their network to help you succeed.

Imagine being pampered and treated like the woman YOU ARE. Where shopping sprees feel like Christmas every day. And you enjoy luxurious, elegant dining excursions that will appease to your sophisticated palate. And traveling to exotic locations become a part of your everyday lifestyle.

It’s NOT wrong to want a better lifestyle. Or wanting to enhance your life through your relationships to ease you on your journey in life. It’s not even a bad thing to want what you want out of the relationship.


How are you going to attract a Sugar Daddy
to provide you with what you want?

This is the place where you find your cure to asking for what you want and actually getting it.

If something’s not working for you, maybe it’s because you haven’t figured out how to do it right.

Discover how to effectively navigate this lifestyle based on your wants to propel your lifestyle forward with less effort and time with my Sugar Daddy Blueprint.

Listen to Sugar Babies Openly Share Their Secrets & Strategies

Here is a question I bet you want to know the answer to: “How can you Find a Sugar Daddy And Ask for What you Want and Get it?” The TRUTH is, as soon as you stop hopping from site to site, and make the commitment to mastering the Sugar Daddy game. Things get a lot easier. If no one teaches you this lifestyle. How are you supposed to know? I will show you how. And that’s what I will be sharing with you on the SugaInsider Sweet Talk Podcast. [click here to listen to the podcast]


Want to see what others are doing?

We breakdown and reverse engineer what Sugar Babies are doing and show you exactly how to
implement those strategies.

Business Seeking Sugar

Sugar Daddy Persuasion

Location Penetration

Out of the Box

The Butterfly Effect

Note: We give the formulas funky names so they are easy to remember.
Remember word association in 2nd grade? [continue reading…]

The Ultimate Sugar Baby Guide To
Finding A Wealthy Sugar Daddy

New to Sugar Daddy dating, starting over, OR wanting more information? Need a Sugar Baby Action Plan?
Can't find the right site? Not sure how to ask? Grab a copy of The Sugar Daddy Formula book, and fill your
brain with answers to all those questions.



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