4 Initial emails to swipe to grab his attention plus the subject headlines too…

When you are at a loss for words on what to say to grab his attention.

Swipe one of these to get the conversation started and give him an opportunity to view your profile.

  • Subject: what just happened?
  • Subject: like a virgin
  • Subject: I can’t believe this…
  • Subject: this just happened…

I can’t believe this just happened. I’m breaking my virginity here. Just when I was about to log off without having any luck. I saw your first line of your profile and I had to keep reading. And it led me to send you this message. You had me at [insert one word about their profile that stood out]. How about we see where a conversation can lead us? So tell me, are you adventurous as me? Or would like to be…I’m {insert your name} btw.

Subject: STOP!

You made me stop, and I took notice. You had me at [insert something that stood out from their profile – one word]. Since you also like [insert something about that one word from prior sentence]. Perhaps we might be a match. So tell me, are you more of a [insert something that you can compare]? I’m {insert your name} btw.

Subject: maybe you’ll let me see the other side of you

I must admit; your profile is impressive. It’s nice to finally find someone with a little creativity, depth & knows what he wants. It’s a rarity around here. But I’m dying to know about your sense of adventure, so tell me this: If you played hooky from work and you were to take off in the next hour, where would we go? Btw, I’m [insert your name]

Subject: two words…

Two words caught my eye in your profile, [insert first word from his profile] and [insert second word from his profile]. Love both, but not so good at latter but would like to get better at it if you would like to work with me on that 🙂

Btw, I’m [insert your name]