Never Fumble for The Right Words Ever Again. Just Copy. Tweak. Persuade.

3 Strong Opening Lines for Your Dating Profile

Think about your profile as a commercial – Commercials must command your attention from the very first moment, otherwise you’ll fast
forward them, right? Your dating profile is no different. Here are some examples of opening lines that will make him keep reading, and start focusing on you.

5 Mistakes You Are Making with Your Profile (And How To Fix It)

You’ve been on a Sugar Daddy dating site for weeks now, but still no dates. Can’t figure out what you’re doing wrong? Don’t worry – I’m here to help. Here are 4 mistakes you could be making with your profile, and how to fix it.

Crafting The Initial Perfect Message To Send First

The first step to increasing the number of messages flowing through your inbox is to figure out what prompts him to respond. For this reason, the key to an increased response rate is the crafting of the right initial message that gets him responding.

Creating your own Copy & Paste Messages that Work

Let’s push the odds of meeting a Sugar Daddy back in your favor. By coping and pasting your messages. Don’t think “message”. Think ICEBREAKER. Here’s how to craft them.

Get Him to Indirectly Ask You Out (Or Be Direct)

Whether you’re on a dating site or dating app, you need to keep the message flow going once he’s responding to you. Use this easy formula to keep the conversation progressing towards getting you a date.

How to Start a Text Conversation with You Sugar Daddy

You have his phone number, now what? Here’s everything you need to know to start a text conversation, keep it going, and move it in a direction.

Talk your way to a second date, And have him wanting MORE

Follow these simple guidelines to keep yourself on the right track, and create a Sugar Daddy Experience to have in wanting more. Tips to keep the date flowing with ease, and have him coming back.

Tinder Profile Tips for Attracting a Sugar Daddy (And Weeding Them Out)

Turning a Sugar Daddy would require a different approach. But right now, the focus is on the profile itself to attract him. To get him swiping right, read these tips and start baiting men to turn into Sugar Daddy’s by casting a wider net (outside a Sugar Daddy dating site).

7 Types of Texts to elicit a different response from your Sugar Daddy

Some are flirty, some show certainty and independence, others make you seem fun and intriguing, others create sexual desire.

STOP! Before you exit a site send this message…

Don’t exit a site without leaving a message. This is the message you want to depart with before you leave.

Ending your Relationship

Not feeling your Sugar Daddy anymore and want to part ways but unsure of how to go about it? This script is for you.

Got viewed? But no message.

Someone came across your profile but didn’t send you a message. Don’t let them go easily, send a message to them to reel him back in.

4 Initial emails to swipe to grab his attention plus the subject headlines too…

When you are at a loss for words on what to say to grab his attention. Swipe one of these to get the conversation started and give him an opportunity to view your profile.

The message to send after your first date

You just left your first date and not sure if he is into you. However, you aren’t going to wait for him to respond. You are going to make your move by showing him you are interested with this message.

A Sugar Daddy hasn’t logged in but you are interested

For when someone who hasn’t logged in for a while, and when they log back in. They’ll have a message, and it’ll be yours.

Sugar Daddy Pops Up out the Blue & wants to Reconnect

Your past Sugar Daddy recently contacted you. Here’s what to do when your Sugar Daddy returns to see if there’s an opportunity that lies behind that door.

What to send when your Sugar Daddy reschedules the first date

Your Sugar Daddy rescheduled your first date, and you were looking forward to it. Should you even make plans to meet him again? Do this instead.