Creating your own Copy & Paste Messages that Work

Do you invest 15-20 minutes writing one custom message crafted to include specific details from his profile?

Or do you go the “mass appeal” route, and send off the same message to 15-20 Sugar Daddy’s in that same amount of time?

Let’s get some perspective.

You spend 15-20 minutes composing the perfect message hoping that you will reel him in.

You’ve read his profile, and you might have even found yourself googling something he mentioned in his profile in hopes of giving you that edge to standout and to appear you have something in common.

You may get a response, you may not – and there’s a lot of reasons for a lack of responses.

Maybe he’s busy.Maybe he’s seeing where things will go with a girl who got there first. Maybe he’s not interested. But the reason is irrelevant.

The point is, that’s 15-20 minutes of your life you’ll never get back. NEVER get back. And although you might find yourself checking to see if he’s been back online and you keep going back to his profile. Well, you need to STOP wasting time.

Let’s push the odds of meeting a Sugar Daddy back in your favor.

By coping and pasting your messages.

That’s right, copy/paste.

So you may be thinking this is all good, but you still need a message, right!?!

No, you don’t. What you REALLY need in an icebreaker.

Don’t think “message”. Think ICEBREAKER.

You want an intriguing, thought-provoking, fun, playful message that stands out from the all the other Sugars vying for his attention.

Now, you might have done this too, but just think of all those Sugars out there who are responding with “hi” messages. And if you gotten by with just saying “hi” and using your looks to get you in the door. How about we step your game up…

When you come up with a few good ones, test them out and keep the ones that works.

TWO Rules to keep in mind in making this work:

  1. Get his attention with the subject
  2. Be creative, be original, be INTERESTING

You want to make it easy for him to respond by asking a question in your message.

And here’s where the copy/paste strategy comes into play.

  • How it works:
  • What you ask should be broad enough to ask anyone.
  • Yet specific enough that he will think you actually read his profile.
  • Use the “advanced search” function of the dating site to select a particular interest or keyword Or find a common theme among SD’s profiles (try looking at ten – we are more alike than you think)

Sugar Tip: The search results are a goldmine for copy/paste (if the site has features that are specific – when you are seeking him outside of a Sugar Daddy dating site) if not that’s okay. A lot of people put the same type of things in their profile. Like “I’m a world traveler, I like traveling etc). You can come up with generic ones by looking at 10 Sugar Daddy’s profile to see an overall common interest on their profiles as mentioned before.

Time to start messaging some Sugar Daddy’s.

Example: Let’s use the word “travel” (travel is common and you probably have used the word travel on your profile)

Of all the men interested in travel (or has travel on their profile) you would send out a “travel-related” message you can quickly copy, paste, and send to every man in that list.

“It looks like you have a good sense of adventure, so tell me this: If someone were to offer you an all-expenses paid trip to anywhere in the world but you had to leave in the next hour, where would you go?” Before coming to get me.

The topic would engage him, the question is easy to answer, and thinking about it brings him to a happy place in his mind –he’ll feel emotionally connected to you in a positive way while he’s answering it. And the key here is HE’S ANSWERING IT. You’ve got your foot in the door.

Travel is just an example and you can do this with whatever subjects you have in common with your target.

It’s really that easy.

Invest fifteen minutes coming up with a list of questions, then sit back and reap the rewards.

Sure, you might not get a response to every message you send, but in that 20 minutes you spent writing one message, now you’ve sent out 20 (even more).

Here’s a few Dos and Don’ts to keep in mind when writing icebreaker messages:


  • Use humor and creativity.
  • Keep it relatively short.
  • Use good grammar, spelling, etc…you only get one first impression.
  • Ask him a question to which he can easily respond.


  • Compliment his looks. Don’t ask him what he’s looking for (you are on the same site –you should already know that he’s looking for a special relationship that’s beneficial)
  • Overuse exclamation points, abbreviations, and emoticons.
  • Don’t be random, as your message should make sense within the context to his profile.
  • Mention taking things offline in your icebreaker message (to move things faster).

BONUS TIP: He viewed your profile, but didn’t leave a message. Here’s what you should do. Send everyone who has viewed you a message. You can even select a specific day out the week that you will do this. Let’s say every Monday you will go through all the people who viewed you. And send them a message if they have yet to contact you.

Example message to send someone who has viewed you but didn’t leave a message:

Subject: who is the lucky one here?

Message: I’m not sure who is the lucky one here. You coming across my profile or me reaching out to you first. Although I like to take things slow (some things but not all…you can ask me what). But I couldn’t let you pass me by. And here I am reaching out to you. So tell me, am I the lucky one or is it you?