Sugar Daddy Pops Up out the Blue & wants to Reconnect – Blast from the past your SD Reappears

Suddenly it happens.

You receive a text message or {insert how he reached out to you – called or emailed} out the of the blue from your past Sugar Daddy. It’s been a while, it’s unexpected and you thought that chapter was closed.

But he shows up in your email or text. Saying, “Hey you”, “Hi”, “Hi, how are you?” It’s the pop-up out of the blue.

You might not be certain what it means. Remember a Sugar Daddy is still a man. Guys are simple and guys are selfish. And if all it takes is a phone call, text, or email out of the blue to make you second guess everything, who’s to blame him for trying?

Now at this point, there are two paths to choose between: the path of least resistance, or close that door?

When he became your past Sugar Daddy for whatever reason, comes back into your life, it’s an opportunity, just not for what you think.

Just because they’re back, it doesn’t mean that you’re supposed to get back into the arrangement you once had. Think about what happened before to cause it to end. This could be an opportunity if you are wanting to explore (entertain) the possibility. Or close the door, firmly.

Here is where we explore the possibility of the arrangement.

Consider how he reached out to you. You’ll respond as you normally would but you will also incorporate the below in your arsenal (make changes to it to fit your situation):

Step 1: Pick your communication method (Email or Phone conversation)

Send them an email, or convey it directly over the phone if you are speaking with him.

Why email? It allows for more room to express yourself vs text. And that goes for an actual conversation too.

The phone conversation:

  • It’s been a while. So, tell me why now, after all this time? I can admit you have crossed my mind from time to time. I am still seeking that special person in my life. Are you as well? {pause let him talk}.

Based on what he says, you’ll know whether to stay on the phone. If he is just wanting to catch-up and see how you are doing. Just cut the conversation real short.

And end it with…

“So, I’m well. And now I must run. It was interesting catching up.”

End the call after you say your “byes” AND do not linger the conversation. Just hang up.

==>If he reaches out to you again. Be more direct. “I’m looking for a special type of relationship [insert what that is]. Are you?”

Let’s say he “is STILL Looking” for someone…and you want to explore where this will take you.

You can say…

  • I have a lot of exciting things happening. [insert things happening in your life that he may have known about – or just leave this out]. But there is still something missing. I would like to have someone to look forward to, and the world we create together (what we call our own). Are you wanting to explore where this will take us now that we are here? {pause and see where the conversation will take you}

Here’s a fun email version you can use to see if he is wanting to explore another arrangement with you…

Subject: [insert your name]: knock, knock…

[insert SD name here]: Who’s there?
[insert your name]: Opportunity.
[insert SD name here]: Opportunity who?
[insert your name]: Don’t be silly – opportunity doesn’t knock twice! However, we can see where this conversation takes us.

Hey [insert SD name here], it’s amazing how time flies. It’s been a while. I am wondering where this will take us. If it is to go anywhere at all.

{insert your name}

The goal of the email is to reengage the conversation on his intentions. Spark his curiosity, and make him smile with a “knock, knock joke”. It will make you standout and it will turn a boring day into something exciting.

You’ll let him lead with how he responds. Once he does you’ll take control of the conversation.

Sugar Tip: Send him a text message with: “knock knock… you got mail, check your inbox (yes, your email)”

You might not know how often he checks his email. And this way you are covering all bases.