7 Types of Texts to elicit a different response from your Sugar Daddy

Use these texts to elicit a different response from your Sugar Daddy

Some are flirty, some show certainty and independence, others make you seem fun and intriguing, others create sexual desire.

They aren’t all designed for the same situation. Some work better with men you just met whilst others work best with men you’ve been dating for a little bit.

Whatever emotion, each individual text is designed to trigger a response.

Here are your weapons. Enjoy!

1. Who’s you bad girl text

  • It’s a good thing we met on the site, because we would be so much trouble for each other. But being bad is soooo good with you.
  • We can tell people when we are out that I’m your intern, but they don’t have to know I’m working right under you 😉
  • I suspect there are a lot of things you can teach me. But there are things I can show you too. Want to come inside my world?

Men are excited by the idea of trouble. The emotions associated with the word ‘trouble’ when it comes to attraction and desire are overwhelmingly positive, despite the literal meaning of the word. It implies fun, excitement, danger, and unpredictability, edginess – plus it makes him the one who wants to take a step forward to see what might happen.

2. What you up to text for when he asks “what you’re up to” …

  • Just taking a bath…going to head out later.
  • About to eat my dessert first. Kind of like how you are with me.
  • Trying to decide which dress to get for when meet. Pick one: A. or B. (image of dresses or outfits)
  • Just stepped out the shower…about to lay down

Most people’s response to the “what are you up to” question elicit a particularly uninspired text that follows it. So, when you send this to him – you’re implanting an exciting image in his head without being overtly sexual, which is ideal for sparking his interest. It’s said with a casual air but makes him think about you in a way that creates desire.

3. “Just got/tried this text

  • Just bought this, thoughts?
  • Just tasted something amazing. Want some? (image of you eating whatever it is)
  • Just tried this on, thoughts? (picture of you in outfit or shoes)

You take a picture in the mirror of you in the outfit (nothing sexual, just you looking cute) and send it to him with the above message. It’s a fun flirty message, and men are visual creatures. The advantage of this message is that you’ve also given him a chance to respond with something flirtatious.

4. Statements texts to provoke

  • You should be here right now! (send pic after he ask what of wherever you are at)
  • If only you can taste this right now…(send pic after he ask what, and send a pic of the dish you are eating)
  • If you can only experience this… (take a pic of what you are doing)

This text is great because you aren’t even asking the him to join you. You’ve left the ball in his court. I love the ambiguity mixed with this message along with the inbuilt compliment. You haven’t actually said anything about where you are or what you are doing, which instantly builds intrigue and curiosity, but you’ve told him you want him to be there.

5. If you could try this text…

  • I just had the most life changing dish. Almost sexual. Come next time with me?
  • If you could only try this…

Men like food. If you’ve ever met one you probably know that already. Referencing something you are eating or have eaten is always a fun way to go. There’s also something primal about food, dare I say it even erotic at times. This text shows a him that you don’t take yourself too seriously and makes you seem like someone he can hang out and relax with. Who is also sexy. Which makes you a dream woman.

6. Picture me text…

  • This shirt would look hot on you (send picture of image)
  • This would look so good on you, wrapped with me in it (picture of you wearing the item)
  • This shirt would make you have superpowers. The kind that gets me to come…right over to you. Dinner this week? (picture of you wearing the item)

Take a picture of a jacket or a piece of clothing that you think would look attractive on him. Send it to him with the above message. It’s a cute way to show you are thinking about him, and using the word ‘hot’ instead of ‘nice’ shows him that you are sexually attracted to him, something that is important. Once again, you’re not actually asking anything. He’ll want to respond regardless. Trust me. Also, you are telling him the jacket is hot, rather than him specifically, so it doesn’t seem too forward.

7. Ask him out text…

  • As intriguing as you are, I don’t move that fast 😉 But I’d be happy to see your handsome face if you want to take me on a date sometime this week
  • My voice sounds much sweeter in person. You + Me = this week?
  • [do a “knock, knock” inspired text] Example: You: Knock, Knock… He should respond with: Who’s there? {If he doesn’t you than you should say: You’re supposed to say, “Who’s there?” Let’s give this another shot. Knock, knock…} You: Nuts. Him: Nuts Who? You: Let’s go nuts together. Tomorrow evening, you game?

Some men might be slow in asking you out. But why not move it along in a fun and flirty way. This is an excellent way to ask him out. Some men might move fast sexually but you can pump the brakes and slow it down with getting to know each other too. You’re not rejecting him, you’re telling him “not yet”.

  • You, Me, dessert, adult UNO, tonight. Be there.
  • There’s only one place to be. Here with me.

The point of these messages is its playfulness, its spontaneity, its directness, and its certainty. The worst that can happen? He doesn’t text back and you make other plans. If he likes you, he’ll be texting to re-schedule, so it’s a great way to test how keen he is.

Texting is only a small part in keeping you intriguing.

You also need to make sure you hone your flirting skills without scaring him away or looking desperate, and making sure you get him to take you on a date instead of just texting too.