How to Start a Text Conversation with You Sugar Daddy

You have his phone number, now what? Here’s everything you need to know to start a text conversation, keep it going, and move it in a direction.

1. Timing is Crucial

If you met him online, you should send a text within 48 hours max of getting his number. You don’t want to look desperate or needy by texting within minutes, but you also need to strike while the iron is hot.

Maintaining momentum is crucial. And if he’s messaging several other promising Sugar prospects, you don’t want him forgetting about you.

2. Introduce Yourself

Sounds basic, right? But many forget this essential step.

Remember – he has no clue who you are when your text pops up on his phone, unless he immediately added you to his contacts when you exchanged numbers.

So you need to identify yourself, but you don’t have to be boring about it.

If you already have a planned date, send him a playful text to confirm it.

Something like this:

“Hey [insert his name, it’s Taylor – that sweet delightful beauty you are meeting. What kind of trouble do you think we will get into?”

If you don’t have a date lined up yet, you can use your first text message to keep the online conversation you had going.

Just keep things flowing.

3.Remember – Congruency Is Your Friend

He’s already formed an impression of you after exchanging online messages. You want to keep your texts consistent with your messaging style, just shorter in length (obviously).

If the two styles aren’t congruent, he’s going to feel like something’s not quite right. Be consistent with the perception you are portraying or the one you formed.

4.Ask Open-Ended Questions

Open-ended questions are usually better than yes-or-no questions, because his answers give you something to work with and it’s easier to keep the conversation moving toward the direction you want.

Even something simple like “Taylor here & I’m stuck in Traffic. It’s ridiculous. Please send a helicopter… asap lol, what kind of trouble are you getting into the weekend?”

You just want to draw him out, if your question requires too much work on his part, he’ll most likely skip it, ignore it, and worse avoid it. So, keep your questions fun and simple.

5. Make Sure it Flows Both Ways

If you’re sprinkling him with questions and offering nothing in return, it might start to feel like an interrogation. YOU DON’T WANT TO MAKE HIM FEEL LIKE THAT. Keep the conversation moving along and that towards the date, but make sure you’re sharing little tidbits about yourselfas you go. Making you even more interesting.

6.Don’t Commit One Of These Sugar Texting Sins

  • Being basic. Anything but basic. Not sure what basic is…. “How’s your day?”“Thinking of you”, “Can’t wait to meet you” isn’t going to help you standout. Get him impressed by being engaging.
  • Getting way tooooo sexual. Very, very few women can pull this off tastefully and successfully. It requires boss level skills very few have, and unless you know you’ve got them, don’t try. Just stick with being flirty.
  • Don’t over use emojis but use them to help with a visual (all those cues you miss out on when you’re not face to face). They’re essential for keeping texts playful and light hearted.

7.Be Persistent in a classy way

If he stops responding, don’t give up. Follow up the next day with a fresh topic or playful text, and see if you can spark things again.

Something like:

A “knock, knock joke” (just start it off & follow it up with something witty): Knock, Knock…

“Uh oh, have you been kidnapped? Let me know if I should put on my Super Girl outfit…”

But if you’ve messaged twice with no response, let him go. If he gets back to you later, great. But you’re not improving your odds by sending six follow-ups. That would be a turn off, and no need to keep pressing when he’s not interested.

8.Moving the conversation to get the date (if he hasn’t asked yet)

Are you going to wait weeks on end if he hasn’t asked you out yet? Or are you going to move it along to get the date to get the arrangement.

He’ll lose interest after a week of texting with someone who is basically still a stranger.

So after two or three exchanges, put it out there. Why wait? Remember, you have Sugar goals!

Here’s a few examples to get you thinking in the right direction:

You seem interesting & I’m intrigued. But I’ve found it’s difficult to predict chemistry until you meet someone in person. How about we meet for coffee or drinks this weekend & see if sparks fly?

Here’s another example that could work for you, which requires that you send three messages in rapid succession:

Message 1: What if we talk more over a cup of coffee or drinks?

Message 2: I don’t know about you, but to me, talking in person (…like real people) just seems like a much better way to get to know someone than message after message.

Message 3: Thoughts, concerns, better ideas?

Once you’ve set the date, don’t go silent for any extended period of time. You want the conversation to continue up to the meeting and build up the excitement of meeting in person.

Of course, it’s not high school and you don’t need to fall asleep texting sweet nothings to each other. But if you’ve set a date for a week from now, a message every two or max three days keeps things relaxed and open and on tip of his mind. Give him something to look forward to.