Don’t just leave your first date, follow it up with a message

You just left your first date and not sure if he is into you.

However, you aren’t going to wait for him to respond.

You are going to make your move by showing him you are interested with this message.

Subject: Ohhhhh {insert SD name}….

I’m not sure who is the lucky one here. You coming across me, or me finding you.

If I haven’t said it already. Let me take a moment to tell you now. I had such an enjoyable time with you and I’m already looking forward to the next. Tell me I’m not alone in feeling this way.

Where it’s our world, and the outside world doesn’t exist. Even if it’s for a moment. I’m getting excited and anxious all in one. It feels good to have someone to look forward to.

The only thing that remains is where do we go from here?

Your sweet friend…

{insert your name}