Talk your way to a second date, And have him wanting MORE

‘You had me at hello…’

… chances are, you didn’t.

It’ s far more likely you ‘ had’ your date after about an hour of good conversation. If you can keep them enthralled by your words, and locked in an easy exchange of stories, jokes and questions, THAT is when they start to think:

‘ There could be something here…’

It’ s a universal that first dates can be nerve-wracking experiences. But it doesn’ t have to be that way.

We’ ve all had good and bad conversations: Some subjects will have you chatting away for hours whereas others will get you off to a bad start and could send your date looking at the door to plan his escape.

Follow these simple guidelines to keep yourself on the right track, and create a Sugar Daddy Experience to have in wanting more.

Tips to keep the date flowing with ease…

Conversation Ideas: What you should be saying on your date

Keep your conversation upbeat, interesting and fresh. Always pose open-ended questions to keep things flowing smoothly.

Do you think he wants to spend a lot of time talking about his family?

You’ ve already chatted online so you’ ll have some ideas on what to talk about, but hopefully you won’ t have exhausted your options by leaving nothing to the imagination.

Ask ‘ what if…’ questions to get him thinking outside the box, but still keeping things light-hearted.

Things like ‘ what if you were a fruit what would you be and why? Or ‘ if you were an animal what would you be and why?’ or “Did you belong to a fraternity? (wait for his answer) and if not tell him “You come across as having a wild side and know how to have a good time.”

These questions also get him thinking outside the box of the typical questions he is used to and it’ s fun and easy. And it doesn’ t feel like an interrogation.

Spontaneous adventures, being open-minded with things that you might not be open to say if haven’ t met a different way are great topics.

Get them talking about themselves, and make eye contact and a slight touch to show that you are interested (how else will he know).

People usually feel confident with storytelling situations, as they can control where things are going, and they don’ t feel grilled. Let him feel like he’ s in control.

Ask about his interests and make a connection to them. But THINK about why he is there and make the conversation easy for him to be open with you.

Show that you can be that person he can confide in. Do you feel as though he is missing some spontaneity in his life? Create a first date experience where it shows your spontaneous side and for a moment it takes him away as if nothing else exist besides being in the moment with you (even if it’ s just for the time you are together).

Conversation Killers: What not to say on your date…

On a first date things can go very wrong very quickly, so remember the following:

Are you writing on a napkin the amount you are seeking and trying to close a business deal?

Are you wanting to ask him how much can he afford?

Are you wanting to jumpstart the arrangement on the first date and looking for him to provide you with money?

Look, your meetup is just that. Meeting to see if it’ s a good fit for both and how you are together in person.

Keep it light. Steer clear of making it seem like it’ s a business deal.

Give him a taste of what it’ s like to be with you.What’ s it’ s like to talk to you in person, and what it would be like to be around you.

Let him unfold the fantasy you have developed from your engaging emails, texts, and phone conversations.

We can all agree that on the first date you are not wanting to talk about politics and religion. So, don’t.

Sex can be an okay topic if you come to it naturally, but exposing graphic details of your bedroom preferences at a first meeting will not feel right to you.

Be enigmatic. Don’ t get carried away in the moment and reveal everything there is to know about yourself. Mystery is attractive, and conversations can become uncomfortable if things get too deep, too soon. Your life story and your issues is not all that interesting.

You’ re there to get to know someone, not challenge them or to see how much they will give you for being with them.

Involve your date, and don’t just keep talking because there might be a moment of silence.Always pick a topic you can both speak about. As impressive as your knowledge of a particular topic may be…it can be saved for another time (it’ s not fun to be lectured at on a first date).

Two monologues do not make a dialogue

Always remember that things must flow naturally… and bear in mind that awkwardness is natural too. You are meeting for the first time, so a little silence here and there is normal and doesn’ t mean it’ s all over.

Use these ideas, tactics and guidelines to hone your first date conversational prowess, learn to relax, and watch what started as a couple of winks and playful messages become a three-hour long conversation that leaves your date wanting more…