Your profile alone on Seeking Arrangement
doesn’t work.

If you want to attract a Sugar Daddy, you need to know how to be a Sugar Baby.
Discover the hidden keys to Sugar Baby Success.

Enter the Sugar Baby Assessment Clarity Kit

(the foundation to your SB Lifestyle)

It’s time to get clear, crystal clear,
sugar crystal clear on what you’ve
gotta do before you score results.

Take a moment to reflect on these 5 questions…
Do you have a clear understanding of your Sugar Goals?
What are your mediums of attraction (Sugar Daddy or traditional dating sites, social media, freestyle, or networking)?
What is your ideal scenario/ experience?
Do you have a solid perception (your Sugar Brand) you seamlessly portray?
What’s you hook, your value?

If you find yourself saying hmmmm… to any of the five, you probably don’t have a solid handle on your Sugar Foundation. Think hierarchy of needs.

Connecting the dots to your success


With the Sugar Baby Assessment, we tackle the essentials needed to jumpstart your Sugar Lifestyle (or to get it back on track).

Together we’ll evaluate your approach and create a new plan, step by step, to map your personalized pathway to success.

Your Clarity Kit


Delve into an intensive with me to get crystal clear on what you want, who you are attracting, and the value you bring to the table.

No more…

  • Wondering how you will attract a Sugar Daddy because you have no idea where to find him.

  • Looking around worried that all the REAL SD’s are taken, while you’re missing out.

  • Doubting yourself, thinking why in the world they would choose you (over her).

During this deep dive session, you will:

  • Get clear on what you need to make this lifestyle a reality.

  • Learn how to convey your terms with confidence (and for who).

  • Define your unique appeal, out-shining those vying for the same
    Sugar Daddy.

  • Discover exactly who best complements your needs and walk
    away with strategies to find him.

  • Learn how to position yourself and communicate with prospective


Working with Taylor on my game plan pointed me in the exact direction I needed to go!

Before Taylor, I was lost, overwhelmed, and spent the majority of my time researching. I knew what I wanted but didn’t know how to translate that. I felt that my profile, how I was coming across to others, the dates I went on, and everything about how I was going about this was all over the place.

Working with Taylor on my game plan pointed me in the exact direction I needed to go! I was surprised how well Taylor focused on my goals because I was clueless to how I was going to make this work. The plan itself encouraged me to think bigger about what I can actually achieve and cast a wider net that I wouldn’t have considered on my own. It would have taken me so much more time to piece it all together and wasted energy focusing on the wrong things. The opportunity to talk it through with Taylor was priceless.


When you’ve got the right framework,
everything becomes easier.


Many women think that they can just sign up to a Sugar Daddy dating
site, post a profile, and will magically get what they want.

But it doesn’t work like that.

Most sugars take a well-meaning stab at trying to guess their value — “I’ll
ask for…*consults Magic Eight Ball*… $5,000?!”

But the clammy, icky, nobody-loves-this-part truth is this: If you’re
guessing on how much to ASK for, you’re already losing.

Would you ask someone who works at McDonalds to give you an
allowance of $3,000K/mth?

Don’t throw what you feel you are worth against the wall to see if he goes
for it because you want it.

Instead, we’ll use my “Pre-Qualifying” (PQ) Him Trifecta to gauge the
conversation like a Sugar-in-control.

Moving forward, powerfully as a
Sugar in control.


We hit the ground running as soon as you say YES.

This Clarity Kit is designed to clear your vision, create the lifestyle you want, and align it with relationships you can leverage.

Your Clarity Kit comes with:

  • A 1-hour Strategy Session with yours truly: Me, Taylor. ($200 Value)

  • Your personalized Sugar Blueprint with an easy to implement,
    step-by-step action plan. ($147 Value)

  • Resources to navigate challenge and build opportunity. ($97 Value)

  • A 15 minute follow-up call (after 30 days) to check your progress
    and discuss future steps. ($50 Value)

  • $100 credit toward any additional coaching packages.

  • BONUS: 30 Day access to the support group to get (any and all) of
    your questions answered. ($47 Value)



Have questions?

Click here and let’s have a chat to make sure it’s the right fit for laying the groundwork for your success.

Getting out of your own way


If the only thing you got from this customized assessment was clarity about the next right step to take to get you out of the situation you are in, it would be worth the investment.

If the only thing you got from this assessment was a crystal-clear picture of how to better position yourself with what to do and how to do it (without second guessing yourself), it would be worth the investment.

And if the only thing you got from this assessment was the belief that you CAN get to the next level and BE in a better place, knowing how to replicate it in the future, it would be worth the investment.

It’s go time! Let’s analyze your Sugar Baby Strategy together and discover what is blocking your success.

Let’s co-create something powerful…

Have questions?

Click here and let’s have a chat to make sure it’s the right fit for laying the groundwork for your success.

My Sugar Baby Game Plan is worth every cent.

My Sugar Baby Game Plan is worth every cent. I'm just still so amazed at everything Taylor came up with and how quickly she did it. Taylor obviously know what she’s doing, has a ton of experience, and has a great mind for this kind of work. It feels inspiring, exciting, relieving, and grounding to have a customized Game Plan that I can implement. I feel confident in asking, better at qualifying men who are a better fit for me and contacting men directly doesn’t feel desperate to me anymore. I also feel that knowing what I know now will save me more time and help me get to the place I want fairly quickly. I wish I would have done it sooner!


If there was a compass to Sugar Daddy dating…Taylor is it!

If you're on the fence about working with Taylor, get off. Taylor’s insight, intuition and expertise will take the blinders we all have about Sugar Daddy dating right off and allow you to see all the paths available to you that you didn’t even know existed. When I first got my customized Game Plan, her ideas were in sync with my goals. And out of the box from what I was attempting to do, it blew me away. If there was a compass to Sugar Daddy dating…Taylor is it. This has literally saved me time. I’m not getting any younger. I've been trying to figure this out for years and, with one call, Taylor broke it down.


I FINALLY got him to provide a continuous monetary support with Taylor’s help.

Taylor’s Sugar Baby Game Plan was beyond priceless for me and it paid off! My current sugar daddy (boyfriend) that I have been with for almost a year has been good to me. But he never gave me anything consistently. With a few adjustments and coming up with different approaches from her suggestions, I realized that I never asked him for anything and I just took. I didn’t know how to ask without feeling like he would leave, and so I didn’t. In just one week with Taylor (after one year of my relationship), I finally got him to provide a continuous monetary support with Taylor’s help!


I've read tons of books, and never got as far as I did with Taylor.

I was stuck in information overload! Too many books, and a whole lot of fear. And, I found myself just stuck in frustration. I've refined my focus and I’m back in control. It feels so good to have a direction and a Sugar Baby Game Plan mapped out. And someone there along with you. It felt right for me from the moment I spoke with Taylor. I highly recommend her to anyone needing that push to start or get going again in a direction!


I asked for more & he gave.

Before Taylor, I was a silent SB and always allowing my SDs to just provide me with what they wanted to give. Taylor gave me the encouragement and clear, easy-to-implement advice that made me feel worthy of having someone want to provide what I want. With just one approach from the Sugar Baby Game Plan, I realized that I wasn’t owning why I was here to begin with and that my way of thinking was totally backwards – AND I felt an instant burst of inspiration to ASK FOR MORE. I followed what she laid out in the plan. One text message, one email, and one phone call in less than 4 hours I was getting more from my SD!