Ever been told your standards are too high?
Good. Now make them higher.

Attract Generous Men Aligned With Your Lifestyle Goals


Selling your soul not required.


Which one describes you best?

I’m Struggling to Communicate What I Want.

What should I say in my profile to attract my Sugar Daddy?

I’m Sugaring Alone and My Lifestyle Is Lonely.

How can I get support and keep this private?

I’m Certified Stuck, Googling at 2AM for Answers.

I expected better results by now - help?

I’ve Been at This For Too Long. Getting Burned Out.

Tried it my way, would prefer to be matched. How?

You Have Lifestyle & Relationship Goals

Your tuition bills paid. Freedom from a soul crushing job. Weekly trips to the spa to look and feel your best.

You know how to get it—Wealthy generous men.

But somehow you’re stuck in a tedious loop of lousy relationships.

You’ve tried different Sugar Daddy dating sites (Luxy...Tinder, Seeking, MillionaireMatch, SecretBenefits, Freestyling, Networking), and different ways of approaching the men on them.

You’ve tried different approaches to the DMs (cute + coy, direct, flirty, be interested, wait for him to initiate)

But all the guesswork just leads to ghosting, hookups, small allowances, boundaryless arrangements, and inconsistencies.

And as soon as you meet a prospective Sugar Daddy, nothing pans out because the moment you share what you are looking for…*crickets*

I think we can all agree:

...How frustrating it feels to be STUCK in lowball arrangements.

...That accepting less than you’re worth zaps your confidence.

...It’s really lonely when everyone thinks your high standards are delusional.

But it’s time to get support, my friend.

From Sugar Crash To Sugar High

Take the guesswork out of beneficial relationships.

With the Sugar Daddy Formula, you’ll finally have the right strategies to attract (capable) men who WANT to provide for you because they KNOW you’re worth it.

SDF shares both the skills and the self-worth required to navigate first class experiences.

Learn where to start, what to do next, and how to align your relationships to activate your biggest ambitions.


Upleveling your lifestyle is...a lifestyle!

If you can fantasize about it, we can make it happen.

We’re talking about relationships that support the life you want. Impromptu trips to the Bahamas. Louis Vuitton out the wazoo. Having someone invest in you and guiding you on the path to success. Being pampered and treated like the woman you are and helping you be the woman you want to become.

The Sugar Daddy Formula Is Especially For You If You Dream Of:

  • Financial independence and the means to put *serious* money in the bank.
  • An entire vibe that elevates you from the crowd like Beyoncé.
  • Effectively communicating what you want…And actually getting It.
  • A profile that has ‘em like “Shut up and take my money!”
  • Evolving yourself to the NEXT Level.
  • Sustaining a relationship that keeps him coming back for more. (one-time dates: BEGONE!)
  • An EXIT strategy that sets you up for life.
  • Bigger RESULTS than anything you’ve seen thus far.

Attract Relationships That Make Life Better...
(way better)

Hey, I’m Taylor B. Jones, the founder of the Sugar Daddy Formula and I’ll help you ditch draining relationships for ones that overflow your cup…with Dom Pérignon.


Think of me as your Sugar Baby fairy godmother (except much younger and way better looking).

Whether you want a lifelong partnership or discrete arrangements, I can teach you how to…

  • Identify and attract the TTPT (Top Tier Provider Type).
  • Develop the skills required to navigate extraordinary relationships.
  • Effectively ask for what you want – No more settling for less!
  • Maximize your existing relationship towards financial independence.

Because great relationships are regenerating.

Being highly valued is consistently rewarding. I live that. My clients live that.

And I believe every woman should experience how life changing this is.

My clients have collectively received over $1.5M from the financial generosity of their Benefactors.

The Sugar Daddy Formula has helped women like you…

  • Secure full coverage of tuition, along with a new car.
  • Score an introduction with a highly sought NFL player.
  • Recover from chronic first-date syndrome into a very compatible arrangement.
  • Generate over $5K in monthly income - without going the allowance route.
  • Ditch a draining career to pursue passion projects (with over $10K per month).
  • Upgrade a “meh profile” to attract her dream relationship…with the ring in sight.

I’ll show you how to use The Sugar Daddy Formula and together, we’ll navigate the challenging parts of this lifestyle until it becomes easy.

Ready to attract the right men (very successful, very generous) and receive exactly what you want?

Here’s what they’re saying...



Taylor is the ace in your pocket! Sure, before meeting her I thought I knew the direction of my life. But I didn't have a plan to make it happen. I wanted a change. I was so tired of being tired of not getting anywhere. I was unsure of how to make my thoughts a reality, and I got stuck. That’s when I contacted Taylor. Her consulting isn’t what you think it will be. You won't get out of it what you think you will. And in the end, you are left with WAY MORE than you ever could have imagined and that’s in the first month of working with her. I am walking away a changed woman, and that idea I had for my lifestyle, it’s a reality now.



Before Taylor I was struggling with knowing what I should be doing. I got frustrated with trying to make random advice work for me. With working with her, YES, I found my sugar daddy, but most importantly, Taylor called me out when I told her I tried everything. Yep, I knew it all (and yet I was seeking help lol). I was in relationships where I wasn‘t benefiting. She helped me set up the foundation right from the beginning. I received SO much, from individual support than my attempt at finding people to answer my questions to help me.



The fact is I would have never gotten on the right track navigating this lifestyle the way that I was going to go about it without Taylor’s help. She got me focused on the direction that changed my life. If you are thinking about working with Taylor, this is what I’d say to you: I’d say you’d be in very good, capable hands. She knows her stuff really well. She’s very bright and quick thinking. You’ll feel like you’re on a magic carpet when you’re with Taylor. And on top of just her know - how, she’s got a big and beautiful heart that cares about you, that cares about you living your lifestyle. So I would say jump on the carpet and enjoy the ride! It’s going to change your life. It’s going to make all the difference in your lifestyle. If you don’t do it, you’ve missed out on a huge. It made all the difference in who I am today.



Since working with Taylor, I found a relationship and have developed a confidence I’ve never ever had before. Six months before working with her, I didn’t have any of this planned, and before that time I was on and off seeking arrangements for two years. When I started taking it more seriously, I still wasn’t getting anywhere. I have been following Taylor for years and I finally reached out to her for HELP. I needed to make something happen as my way wasn’t working. After the first couple of weeks, Taylor shifted my entire approach of how I was going about this lifestyle. In two months I made back my... five times as much! I ended up moving into a new place sooner, too!!! I couldn’t be more THANKFUL for having Taylor by my side. I feel like I'm Cinderella. I am in love with my boyfriend and he loves me (it’s been 9 months, still going strong, & his family welcomed me with open arms). Taylor helped me so much that I ended up extending our consulting because of the massive breakthroughs I was having.


I’ve coached celebrities, Playboys, Dating Coaches (yes, you read that right), and now it’s your turn!

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