Find the Relationship you WANT —
just by writing your profile the right way.

Words are your most powerful tool


Choose from 4 tried-and-true profile improvement options!

Before having my new profile, I was in a rush to be found and I didn’t take the time to write my profile, I had just enough to get on the sites. I wasted close to 4 years on and off dating sites. I thought that using the same profile would help my reach in finding someone, and I kept constantly looking for different types of sites to find rich men (you name it, I was probably on it). My new profile has been up for one day and I received more views, favorites, messages, AND responses in a few hours than I received on my own for a month. I FOUND TWO potentials. One came from an initial message that I sent using Taylor’s conversation starter template and the other came from someone who found me using her method of getting noticed and I’m dating them both. My writer from Taylor’s team crafted a profile that is so ME, while still being engaging! Better yet, she walked me through every step of her strategy, so I knew exactly why she’d chosen the words for my profile.

Let me know if any of this sounds
  • Your dating profiles are currently collecting digital dust
  • You feel like you're wasting your time swiping through the latest dating apps
  • You've tried'em all: SeekingArrangement, SugarDaddie, POF, Luxy, Tinder, MillionaireMatch, EstablishedMen — even Craigslist (R.I.P)

And all you’ve got to show for your time is a few cute photos of yourself, handful of dates that felt like a total mismatch... and zero progress toward the upgraded lifestyle and opportunities that a relationship with the right person could provide you.

You've scoured the internet for tips and followed them to the letter. But you’re still not attracting high-quality matches.

(And even if you do start messaging with someone, he's NOTHING like the kind of person your profile says you're looking for.)

Maybe you start creeping the

You click around to look at other women’s social media or dating profiles, envious of their success.

You wonder what they're doing differently. You might even try imitating one who looks successful (or *gasp* you just copy her profile! Hey, if it worked for her...)

I have been there, and I FEEL you!

I struggled to find my footing when I started out. I was overwhelmed, confused, and frustrated AF.

I wanted to find a man who would introduce me to new experiences, mentor me in business, and open doors to new opportunities for me.

Of course, I didn’t want to come across as a gold digger — it was about way more than that.

I was at a loss for how to write about myself in a way that would speak the truth about what I was looking for.

I was tempted to steal from other women's profiles, but I didn't want to present myself as someone I wasn't. (OK, I'll admit I tried once or twice, but the results were no bueno.)

Yep, writing about yourself is HARD. Especially when we outnumber men on any given dating site, and your only chance of success depends on standing out from the other ladies.

Your picture can’t do all the talking
— YOU have to show up for yourself!

Let me take a wild guess. You got into this lifestyle because you want to change your current situation.

You want the mentoring, the experience, the opportunities... and the REAL perks that come with a beneficial relationship. Right?

That's why it's not enough to put the bare minimum on your profile (AKA those "trigger words" you see on every profile: "mutually beneficial", "generous", "spoil", "shopping", "love traveling"...)

The words you use to describe who you are and what you want are your key to GETTING what you want.

I hired a writer from Taylor’s team to go over my profile because any views I got from my profile were usually followed by: just being favorited, a few winks, but mostly no messages. My writer saw the holes in my approach and effortlessly took a scalpel to my profile and my messages during the Profile Teardown. I used her feedback, updated my profile and changed how I was using the dating site. I am truly still in shock over how quickly my dating life turned around from implementing her suggestions. I went from having no luck online to finally going out on dates.


We’ve worked with more than 1000 people to help them improve their profiles.


Take a quick look at your profile right now

Let's pretend you're a man on the prowl. You're browsing profiles and deciding who to message.

Which profile headline sounds more intriguing to you?

"Seeking a Sugar Daddy"

"I get the most satisfaction doing you?”


Chances are you picked B — because it made you a little curious. It caught your attention.

And it'd do the same for your soon-to-be suitor.

“Seeking a Sugar Daddy” makes you sound the same as everyone else.

And when everyone sounds the same, your "value" is reduced.

You know what I mean here, men start trying to bargain with you:

"You're asking for $3,000 a month for financial assistance?
Psh, I can take someone to dinner for $100!"

Of course, you know that what you have to offer is different... and maybe even a one-of-a kind. But does he know that based on what you've written? Nope.

It’s time to attract attention,

If you want to spend less time online — and more time sipping Dom Perignon, wiggling your toes into the beaches of Malta, and ditching your debts once and for all — you need a dating profile that makes you stand out like a diamond in the rough.

Your profile should:

  • Set your standard for the relationship you WANT.
  • Make it irresistible for your ideal match to message you.
  • Serve up multiple dates for you to pick and choose from.
  • Move you quickly from chatting to in-person dating (with way fewer back-and-forth emails that don't go anywhere).
  • Give a man a taste of what life could be like with you.

I’ll show you how to do it

  • Even if you've been on and off websites for years with no luck.
  • Even if you’re worrying you might be too old for this.
  • Even if you’ve changed your profile over and over and still haven't found success.
  • Even if no one is initiating contact with you.
  • Even if you feel you're terrible at describing yourself.
  • Even if you don't know how to write your profile or communicate what you want.

Before Taylor and her team, the thought of writing another word on my profile and applying the bits of knowledge I had managed to gather from other people’s profiles felt like I was just putting something together that didn’t feel like me and it didn’t paint the picture of what I was looking for and I wasted so much time. Working with my profile writer, I felt like a weight had been lifted and I was able to focus on who I was wanting to attract that centered around why I was seeking him to begin with. The clarity that I received was worth the price of the Profile Audit, but with Taylor’s team editing my profile was priceless. I left with my profile completed, updated pictures, new username, a different site from what I was using, and gained confidence in the process. If you want to finally end your profile woes, you’ve found it. Taylor and her team are your secret weapon.


Turn your profile into your own personal
Match Magnet

I’ve created 4 different ways for you to create a meaningful profile that sounds and feels like you — so you attract the RIGHT attention.

The Profile Teardown & Message Review

You don't match with the men you want — or messaging never turns to meeting.
Let one of my writers pull back the curtain and see what's going wrong. You need a detailed look that will reveal the problems in your profile & messages and outline the solutions. OOH, INTRIGUED

See How Profile Teardowns Work

Could your profile work harder to attract men? My guess is yes. Your fresh set of eyes is right here. Here's how I'll help you get more responses, more replies, and more first dates.

Give yourself the upper hand:

To start with, I'll get to know you better with my "Attract Your Perfect Match" questionnaire to learn about your goals, dating frustrations, and what you are wanting to achieve.
You'll send me screenshots of your profile on several dating sites and other words, provide all screenshots of the profiles that you currently have as well as 3 of your recent message exchanges.
I'll review your profile(s) with two priorities in mind: 1) the perception you want someone to have of you, and 2) who you are wanting to attract. I'll create a new outline for your dating profile. This will be a detailed recommendation for what to include, based on what I've learned about your goals, and the man you're looking for.
I'll give you personalized tips on how to improve your messaging by reviewing your messages (and the men's profiles, too, if you include those screenshots!). I'll zero in on the problem areas. I'll explain what didn't work, and what would have worked better.
Wanna Get More Dates? Here’s What To Do Next:

Click the “teardown” button to get started and submit your investment. Because every profile needs the right suitors responding.

Within minutes you’ll be sent over the “Attract Your Perfect Match” questionnaire and also the screenshots you want reviewed to get started.

After you send over everything I need, within 72hrs your profile teardown will be in your inbox... READY?


Need a payment plan? Pay $75 now, followed by 1 additional payment of $75 (We’ll complete your Attract Your Perfect Match questionnaire, followed by your Profile Teardown after second payment)

The Profile Audit

You get views but no replies to your messages.
Your profile isn’t doing you justice. My team will make your profile much better. And that much better means more responses. OK, NEED THIS

See How Profile Audits Work

You don’t want your profile to sound like everyone else’s. My “Successful Seduction” questionnaire will get you there. This line-by-line profile audit includes a detailed review and rewrite of your existing profile. My profile audits are like great plastic surgery: they enhance the best features of your profile, correct the flaws, and make it look and feel natural.

Here's how it works:

Using information, you provided in the questionnaire, I’ll review your full written profile, headline, username, and your pictures. I do this with two priorities in mind: 1) who you are wanting to attract and 2) what you are wanting to convey.
Next, I’ll focus in on any mistakes, red flags, and weak areas in your profile that don’t do you justice.
I’ll create an outline with the best strategies to revise your profile – covering mistakes made in your current profile, and how to fix them - you get the fish dinner & learn how to fish!
We’ll work together in 2 rounds of interactive revisions, if you’re not sure how to word something, I’ll help you express it. And as your Editor-At-Large (I’ll be editing your profile), I’ll strengthen your profile headline, the about and the one you are seeking copy along with username suggestions.
By the end, you’ll have a revised profile that will help you standout.

BONUS: Want a second chance with the one that got away? Let me know. I’ll suggest a way to message him again.

Want more responses that leads to more dates? Here’s What To Do Next:

Click the “audit” button below to get started and submit your investment. Because every profile needs the right men responding.

Within minutes you’ll be sent over the “Successful Seduction” questionnaire to get things started.

After you send over everything I need, within 72hrs your profile review will be in your inbox.

We’ll begin our interactive profile revision session until we get the profile just right (this is where I’ll edit & revise your profile)...READY?


Need a payment plan? Pay $99 now, followed by 1 additional payment of $99 (We’ll complete your Successful Seduction questionnaire, followed by your Profile Audit after second payment)

Profile Creation + Skype with Taylor

Your profile is blahhh & needs to be magnetic... But you have no clue what to write.
Knock knock. Who’s there? Prince Charming. You’re looking for a profile writing genius (that’s me!) who can craft your profile that’ll attract the right men & get them responding. TRANSFORM MY PROFILE

See How Profile Creation with Taylor Works

Let's make this as little work for you as possible. I developed a custom process to create profiles for my clients -- painlessly, in their own words, with very little writing involved on your part! Using my “Rapid Fire Response” survey on our 45-minute call, we'll create a profile together that will make you feel confident, and make you stand out.

Here's how it works:

To start with, I’ll get to know you better with my “Attract Your Perfect Match” questionnaire to learn about your goals, dating frustrations, and what you are wanting to achieve.
Then, in our 45-minute call, I'll dig a little deeper and uncover your unique allure using my “Rapid Fire Response” survey. I will find out what makes you different from other women.
After our session, I’ll create an outline for your whole profile. This will be a detailed list based on what I’ve learned about you and who you’re looking for. You’ll connect the dots with your own words.
After you’ve completed your profile, I’ll review it and edit your profile to make it stronger. And we will revise it until it’s just right (within 5 days of delivery).
You’ll gain access to my “Make Him Look” Profile Photo Cheat Sheet. And when you’re ready to choose profile pictures or take them, I’ll help with that, too .

BONUS: Get a Message Review, FREE! Check back in with me after you’ve had time to send some messages. We’ll go over how things are going, and I’ll review some of your best messages. Then, we’ll work together from there to make sure you’re writing great messages...and on your way to finding the right man.

Wanna Get More Dates? Here’s What To Do Next:

Click the “transform” button to get started and submit your investment. Because every profile needs the right men responding.

Within minutes you’ll be sent the “Attract Your Perfect Match” questionnaire to get things started.

After you complete what’s needed, we’ll get you scheduled for our call.

After our call I’ll outline your entire profile from the headline, the about & the one you are seeking section for you to review with username suggestions and I’ll complete the writing of your profile... READY?


Need a payment plan? Pay $160 now, followed by 1 additional payment of $160 (We’ll complete Steps 1-2, followed by Steps 3-5 after second payment)

“I can’t afford you or your team yet but want an amazing profile!”

Create a Profile that Actually Gets You Dates!

Get the Sugar Baby Profile Toolkit

See What's Inside the Toolkit

For women who want to write their own profile but need a push in the right direction. This is the only Sugar Baby Profile Toolkit you'll ever need.

Get over 200+ EASY Tips to Make Him Want to Meet You!

This comprehensive Sugar Baby Profile Toolkit includes:

How to Get Inside Your Ideal Sugar Daddy’s Head
DO’s & DON’Ts (with examples)
100+ Questions to Help Your Creativity
The Proven Profile Formula Guide for Structuring your Profile
10 Tips for Editing & Revising your Dating Profile
How to Write Headlines that Capture Attention with Examples
How to artfully CRAFT your "About Section" that gives your prospects a taste of the real you
How to sculpt your "Seeking Section" that makes your potential feel as though he is the ONE

Plus, you get 4 special bonuses

BONUS #1: The Best Sugar Baby Usernames for Sugar Daddy Dating (Value $17)

BONUS #2: How to Hook your Sugar Daddy with an initial message (mini-guide) with Templates (Value $49)

BONUS #3: “Make Him Look” Profile Photo Cheat Sheet (Value $27)

BONUS #4: Sugar Baby Profile Template - Fill-In-The Blanks and take the guesswork out of it (Value $47)

Here’s What To Do Next:

Click the “toolkit” button below to submit your investment. Because every profile needs the right men responding.

Within minutes you’ll be sent over your Sugar Baby Profile Toolkit for instant access along with your bonuses.

And if it couldn’t get any better, you’ll get a FREE 6-Point Profile Review from yours truly (ME, Taylor!) when you’re ready to have me look over your newly written profile. I’ll take a peek... READY?



Want just my Sugar Baby Profile Template for only $47 to get you going?
A "fill in the blanks" profile template that works? (Yes, yes it does.) This template will help you Fill-In-The Blanks and take the guesswork out of it! Comes with the "About" and the "One You Are Seeking" section. Includes my Sugar Daddy Formula Profile Formula Guide to structuring your profile, a must listen audio of what you need to do before you even write your profile, and an editable document to edit my template to make it your own.


Your profile will be built on
Tried & Tested Strategies

When you have me and my team by your side to help you write your profile, you’ll be able to:
  • Avoid Traps that make you look less desirable
  • Hook the right men from the headline of your profile to the very last word
  • Infuse your profile with the best “bait” to make him feel like you’re reading his mind
  • Structure your profile into easy-to-read, flowing sections
  • Create a conversational, one-on-one experience that makes your potential feel like he’s the ONE
  • Give him a taste of what you are like that makes him eager to know more
  • Leverage powerful emotional and psychological triggers that get your potentials to take the action you want

This is perfect for you…

  • If you don't want to waste your time on a dating site
  • If you want to avoid guesswork, trial and error, and figuring out what works on the fly when it comes to your profile
  • If you’ve never written a profile before
  • If you got stuck writing your profile
  • If you’re not getting responses
  • If you’re not confident in your ability to describe yourself & share what you’re looking for

Psst — if you HAVE been successful with getting messages, choose the Profile Audit to attract even better prospects who you might otherwise miss!

Who's Behind Your Successful Profile?

Hey there! I’m Taylor B. Jones.

I’m a Relationship Success Coach, dating profile genius, entrepreneur, author, hula-hoop enthusiast, founder of The Sugar Daddy Formula... and your fairy godmother behind your profile.

I help women who are lost, frustrated, confused, or disillusioned with the sometimes-complicated dating world.

My passion is helping you find the right words to resonate with your ideal man — so you can have more control over the lifestyle you dream of living.

Using my proven profile formula to make you stand out from the competition, my team and I will help you get more dates, get BETTER dates, and get on the path to finally enjoying the relationship you want.

I cringe to think of how my profile was written before because it was all kinds of awkward. I felt lost for words because trying to figure out what to say in just a few words is highly competitive when everyone is vying for the same type of man, but my writer from Taylor’s team thoughtfully crafted my profile to speak to who I was looking for. She took the time to understand my goals,and the profile was the perfect blend of making someone excited about getting to know me and how I talk in real life. The whole process of the profile creation was a breeze from start to finish, and her unique charisma was just the cherry on top.


If you’re worried about the up-front expense, ask yourself:
How much is having a beneficial relationship worth to you?

Nervous? Skeptical? You’re 100% covered

Here’s the “Profile Creation” Makeover Guarantee:

If my words don't get you better results from your existing profile, we’ll test and tweak till we get it right. That's my commitment and your guarantee.

As your business-savvy mentor might tell you... You’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

PLUS, you are protected by Taylor's 90-Day Profile Insurance

If you don’t have an existing profile (AKA you’ve got no baseline to improve on), we can't guarantee a specific result. BUT you’re still protected by our 90-Day Profile Insurance!

When you work with me and my team on a brand-new Profile Creation or a Profile Audit, you’ll get several different headlines to try to maximize your results. You’ll also get a FREE profile edit within 90 days if your profile isn’t attracting any matches.

If after those 90 days, you haven’t engaged with a high-quality man, you can take advantage of a no-charge, one-on-one Strategy Session with Taylor (Value $297, yours free) to go over your approach and get you back on track.

How’s that for some sugary goodness?

You might be wondering (FAQs)

You’ll get your welcome packet right away that includes your next steps for the Profile Teardown, Audit, or Profile Creation, or the link to download your Toolkit so you can get started right away. From there, you’ll receive your Profile Teardown in 3 business days, the Profile Audit in 3-5 business days, or the Profile Creation in 5-7 business days after receiving your submission, unless we notify you otherwise. If you hold your spot for the Profile Teardown or Audit, you’ll receive them after the second payment is made.

Our goal is to sound just like you! I have honed my ability to adapt over more than a decade of profile writing. In the process, I’ve become a voice chameleon and taught my team everything I know — and we’d love to help your true colors shine through.

If you chose to purchase the Profile Teardown or Audit, you’ll have the pleasure of working with one of the expert writers from my team - all of whom have been personally trained by me! If you’d like to work with work me, Taylor, directly, you must purchase the Profile Creation package. If you chose the Profile Toolkit, you’ll receive everything you need (templates, formulas, etc) to create your profile yourself.

Put simply: We’ll work at it until it’s just right! (Don’t forget, too: this isn’t about me or you. It’s REALLY about your potential match, and what will speak most strongly to him.)

When you book a Profile Creation or Audit, you’re protected by my 90 Day Profile Insurance Guarantee, there are no refunds. Teardowns and Toolkits do not come with refunds or any guarantees. If you hold your spot with your payment, it’s non-refundable.

Of course! You can always send me a confidential email at or just click the chatbox on your screen to send me a direct message.

Just some of the stuff my team and I can help with:

  • Crafting introductions and first messages to potential matches
  • Message follow-ups to keep a suitor engaged
  • Moving from messaging to real-life dates

And much more!

So, how much is having a beneficial relationship worth to you?

Maybe you want to have someone financially assist you.

Maybe it’s not even about financial assistance.

Maybe you want to experience a new kind of relationship, explore mentorship, and have the opportunity to do things you’ve never been able to do before (hello, scuba-diving off the coast of Mexico!).

When your profile captures his attention, you’ll recoup your profile investment many times over.

Even if you don’t enter into a relationship where he’s providing his financial generosity — but you’re going on dates, being mentored, and experiencing a new and more luxurious lifestyle (you might even get the ring) — your investment will still be worth it.

The only way you can lose is by continuing to hop from one dating site to the next, hoping things will change without fixing your profile issues.

Only click this if you’re ready to upgrade your relationships.


We send out Sugar Baby Tips to help you take control of your Sugar Baby Lifestyle and be more successful with Sugar Daddies…weekly…via email.

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