Your Bathroom
Selfies Can Only
Get You So Far.

Are you so over a mediocre profile that only attracts undesirables, or even worse, no prospects at ALL?

Say hello to the missing ingredient (your Secret Weapon, US) that will transform your profile from being helplessly ignored to the epicenter of Sugar Daddy Attention.

Bathroom Selfies

Here’s the Cost of Not Solving the “Profile Problem”

It’s easier to diagnose a failing profile when we look at how it was built.

Here’s how Sugar Baby’s set shaky foundations:
They Google Sugar Daddy dating sites…and select a FREE one.
Browsing recent selfies, they upload the best image and slap together a profile that outlines their expectations.
*Sits back and waits for messages to roll in…*

Guess what happens next? (You may know from personal experience).

NOTHING, that’s what!

It’s like trying to win the Sugar Daddy lottery without investing in a ticket…And not getting it right can keep you stuck on Seeking Arrangement FOREVER.

Does any of this sounds familiar?

  • You’re overwhelmed and confused about how NOT to come across as a gold digger, or even worse, like someone you’re not.
  • You don’t even know where to begin!? (Let alone how to structure your profile and get Sugar Daddy's responding? Sigh...)
  • "Writing about myself is so hard”, “I just don't know what to say”, “I'm not interesting”, "I'm not sure if I look the part", and other negative self-talk.
  • You wish your picture could just do all the talking, securing the arrangement you want.
  • Your dating profiles are currently collecting digital dust.
  • You feel like you're wasting time swiping through the latest dating apps.
  • You've tried'em all: Seeking Arrangement, SugarDaddie, POF, Luxy, Tinder, MillionaireMatch, EstablishedMen.

And all you’ve got to show for your time is a roster of scammers, dates that felt like a total mismatch...and zero progress toward the up-leveled lifestyle and opportunity you’ve been looking for.

Maybe you start creeping the

start creeping the competition…

You click around other women’s social media and dating profiles, envious of their success.

You wonder what they're doing differently. You might even try imitating one who looks successful (or *gasp* you just copy her profile! Hey, if it worked for her... You realize that if nobody is contacting you, you’ll never make it off the dating site, and into the arrangement you hope for…

Change Your Words, Change Your Lifestyle.

When your profile clearly identifies what makes YOU special, alluring and unique, you’ll attract Sugar Daddy’s “on-demand” who are generous and compatible/ aligned with your Sugar goals.

That’s where we come in…

Change Your Words


Rewriting Your Story To Sugar Baby Success

Our Team Of Experienced Sugars Will Help You...

  • Avoid Traps that make you look less desirable.
  • Hook the right men from the headline of your profile to the very last word.
  • Infuse your profile with the best “bait” to make him feel like you’re reading his mind.
  • Structure your profile into easy-to-read, flowing sections.
  • Create a conversational, one-on-one experience that makes your potential feel like he’s the ONE.
  • Give him a taste of your appeal, making him eager to know more.
  • Leverage powerful emotional and psychological triggers that get your potentials to TAKE ACTION.

We want to weave your words into a new lifestyle.
So that Sugar Daddy's fall in love with you and binge-read your messages like Netflix. We’ll help you take random prospects and turn them into Sugar Daddy’s who love to provide - All thanks to the power of YOUR WORDS.

Why You Need Our Sugar Magic

We are a team of experienced Sugars specialized in elite dating. We’ve gone through trainings, coaching sessions and private consultations with our Founder, the MVP herself, Taylor B. Jones. We’ve all found success implementing her Sugar methodologies.

When you upgrade your profile with one penned by us, you amplify your appeal. As successful Sugar’s, our team of writers have absolutely perfected the process of identifying what makes you special and framing your unique gifts in a way that:

  • Catches his attention (double take).
  • Maintains interest (he can’t get enough).
  • Converts into action (he’s favoriting, messaging, coming back again and again).

You can’t find this specialized powerhouse of skill elsewhere! Why spend another day winging it when you could be effortlessly attracting quality matches perfect for you?

Imagine Your Life After Your
Profile Transformation

  • Your profile becomes your personal Match Magnet for the kind of elite men you’ve been dreaming about.
  • You go on more dates, you’re being mentored, and experiencing a new and more luxurious lifestyle (you might even get the ring).
  • You sidestep scammers and avoid months of wasted time by attracting men of a higher caliber.
  • You instantly multiply the number of views, favorites, messages, AND responses.
  • All of a sudden you need help managing your time to meet all your matches.
  • You’re no longer chasing, you’re attracting...A powerful position to be in.


My new profile has been up for one day and I’ve received more views, favorites, messages, AND responses in a few hours than I’ve received on my own for over a month. I FOUND TWO potentials. One came from an initial message that I sent using Taylor’s conversation Profile template and the other came from someone who found me using her method of getting noticed and I’m dating them both. My writer from Taylor’s team crafted a profile that is so ME, while still being engaging! Better yet, she walked me through every step of her strategy, so I knew exactly why she’d chosen the words for my profile.



Discover Why You + Us
= Profile Love… 

  • Our team is trained by Taylor B. Jones, one of the most prominent and esteemed Sugar Baby Success Coaches in the world.
  • This is specialized knowledge. As Sugars who have been there, our team understand the subtleties of partnership and exchange.
  • We implement strategies to create the lifestyle you want and align it with relationships you can leverage.
  • With keen Sugar-vision, we recognize what is working well for you (or not so well). And we adjust accordingly.
  • You’re protected! Your needs are our priority and our offerings include a Profile Guarantee as well as Taylor's 90-Day Profile Insurance.

We Orchestrate Serious Upgrades

  • Even if you've been on and off websites for years with no luck.
  • Even if you’re worrying you might be too old for this.
  • Even if you’ve changed your profile over and over and still haven't found success.
  • Even if no one is initiating contact with you.
  • Even if you feel you're terrible at describing yourself.
  • Even if you don't know how to write your profile or communicate what you want.

I cringe to think of how my profile was written before because it was all kinds of awkward. I felt lost for words because trying to figure out what to say in just a few words is highly competitive when everyone is vying for the same type of man, but my writer from Taylor’s team thoughtfully crafted my profile to speak to who I was looking for. She took the time to understand my goals, and the profile was the perfect blend of making someone excited about getting to know me and how I talk in real life. The whole process of the profile creation was a breeze from start to finish, and her unique charisma was just the cherry on top.



Taylor’s Rise in the Sugarverse
(Sugar + Universe)

Taylor Rise in the Sugarverse

I benefited from over $100,000 from my platonic Sugar Daddy, and then 5x’d it.

But without online dating, who knows what my life would look like now. When it comes to leveraging relationships, I don’t just talk the talk. I am my own success story! Pulling from personal experience, I help women like you find their footing in an online world. I guide Sugar’s into opportunity while helping them maintain their authenticity and values.

Collectively, my clients have benefited from over $1.5MM via the generosity of their Sugar Daddy’s. They get these results because I understand the areas in which Sugar’s often need help. I’ve helped hundreds of women land harmonious and beneficial Sugar relationships. And I can help you too.

Get a Profile That Moonlights As a
Sugar Daddy Magnet

Whether you need a little or a lot, things are about to get a lot better for you.
Choose the package that fits you best


DIY Profile Toolkit

Testing The Waters $99

Best For: Sugars who want to write their own profile but need a push in the right direction

The Proven Profile Formula Guide to structuring your profile (with examples)

Get over 200+ EASY Tips to Make Him Want to Meet You!


How to Get Inside Your Ideal Sugar Daddy’s Head, DO’s & DON’Ts (with examples), 100+ Questions to Help Your Creativity, 10 Tips for Editing & Revising your Profile, How to Write Headlines that Capture Attention, How to sculpt your "About & Seeking Section" to give your prospects a taste of the real you…and more.

Plus, you get 4 special bonuses

  • BONUS #1: The Best Sugar Baby Usernames for Sugar Daddy Dating (Value $17)
  • BONUS #2: How to Hook your Sugar Daddy with an initial message (mini-guide) with Templates (Value $49)
  • BONUS #3: “Make Him Look” Profile Photo Cheat Sheet (Value $27)
  • BONUS #4: Sugar Baby Profile Template. Fill-In-The Blanks and take out the guesswork (Value $47)

Instant Access


Profile Makeover


Best For: Sugars who lack the words and want to hit the ground running
ONE Sugar Baby CLARITY QUESTIONNAIRE for unlocking
Sugar Allure so your profile sings with your one-of-a-kind voice

A Custom Profile Makeover
TWO Headlines that will tease your Sugar Daddy’s into reading more
ONE ARTFULLY CRAFTED ABOUT paragraph to make him fall head over heels
ONE SEDUCTIVE SEEKING section that makes your potential feel as though he is the ONE

Unlimited Revisions free of charge Profile Photo Cheat Sheet to make him look A Lifetime Photo Review (never expires) Our Sugar Daddy Profile Guide: To prevent common mistakes and ensure positive reception

  • BONUS #1: 5 Days of Free Coaching Privately with Taylor ($149 Value)
  • BONUS #2: A Free Copy Of The Sugar Daddy Formula Book
  • BONUS #3: Dating site recommendations based on who you want to attract

Timeline: 5 Business Days
100% Money Back Guarantee

Want just our Sugar Baby Profile Template
for only $47 to get you going?

A "fill in the blank" profile template that works? (Yes, yes it does). This template comes with an "About" and the "One You Are Seeking" section. It includes my Sugar Daddy Formula Guide to structuring your profile and a Must-Listen audio file outlining what you need to do first.

Nervous? Skeptical? You’re 100% covered

Here’s the “Profile Creation” Makeover Guarantee:

Your profile is in good hands. If you are not completely satisfied, just email us within 2 business days (of receiving your draft*) and you will get a full refund. We’ll also tweak it till we get it right with unlimited revisions within 7 business days. That's our commitment and your guarantee.

PLUS, you are protected by Taylor's 90-Day Profile Insurance

If your profile isn’t attracting any matches after 90 days, you’ll get a FREE profile edit.
If you still don’t attract high-quality men after these edits, you can take advantage of a no-charge, one-on-one 30min Strategy Session with Taylor (Value $100, yours free) to go over your approach and get you back on track. How’s that for some sugary goodness?



Working with my profile writer, I felt like a weight had been lifted and I was able to focus on who I was wanting to attract that centered around why I was seeking him to begin with. If you want to finally end your profile woes, you’ve found it. Taylor and her team are your secret weapon.



You might be wondering (FAQs)...

You’ll get your welcome packet right away! This includes the next steps for the Profile Makeover, or the link to download your DIY Profile Toolkit so you can get started. From there, you’ll receive your Profile Makeover in 5-business days (could be sooner depending on how many in queue).

Can you really capture my voice?

Our goal is to sound just like you! Taylor has trained her team in the art of adaptation from over a decade of profile writing experience. We’re a bunch of voice chameleons! And we’d love to help your true colors shine.

If you choose to purchase the Profile Makeover package, you’ll have the pleasure of working with an experienced Sugar writer on our team, who has been personally trained by Taylor! If you chose the DIY Profile Toolkit, you’ll receive everything you need (templates, formulas, etc.) to create your profile yourself.

Put simply: We’ll work at it until it’s just right! (Don’t forget, too: this isn’t about us or you. It’s REALLY about your potential match, and what will speak most strongly to him.)

When you book a Profile Makeover, you are entitled to a full refund after 2 business days (of receiving your draft). Additionally, you’re protected by Taylor’s 90 Day Profile Insurance Guarantee. DIY Toolkits do not come with refunds, but you are protected by the same Insurance Guarantee.

Your needs are our priority. If you want help beyond our current offerings (for things like messages, custom scripts for responding, or simply want a demo conversation flow customized to YOU), just send us an email at and we’ll send a custom quote. If you want to upgrade your package with custom add-ons, we can make it work. Let us know what you need!

Of course! You can always send us a confidential email at

beneficial relationship

So, how much is having a beneficial relationship worth to you?

Maybe you want to have someone financially assist you.
Maybe it’s not even about financial assistance.

Maybe you want to experience a new kind of relationship, explore mentorship, and have the opportunity to do things you’ve never been able to do before (hello, scuba-diving off the coast of Mexico!).

When your profile captures his attention, you’ll recoup your profile investment many times over.

The only way you can lose is by continuing to hop from one dating site to the next, hoping things will change without fixing your underlying profile issues. Spend less time online — and more time sipping Dom Perignon, wiggling your toes into the beaches of Malta.

Let us help you attract, entice and level-up…