Making Your Sugar Dreams Come True


You’re the full package; smart, attractive and charming…And you’ve got big plans for the future. Developing relationships with successful men fits perfectly with your life path.

But that hasn’t exactly been as easy as it sounds.

Too often, women find themselves giving waaaay more than they’re getting.


If you’re investing a ton of time into relationships while not meeting your goals, take it as signal to try something NEW.

It’s time to unlock The Sugar Daddy Formula.

I benefited from over $100,000
from my platonic Sugar Daddy,
and then 5x’d it


Now I’m sharing ALL of my secrets.

I’m Taylor B. Jones, Founder of The Sugar Daddy Formula (SDF), and I help women like you leverage their relationships, until you’re building wealth and expanding opportunity.

Because I’ve been there. I made countless newbie mistakes when I joined my first Sugar dating site and I was certainly not the classic image of a "sugar baby." When I didn’t get positive responses, I actually thought there was something wrong with me.

It took me plenty of trial and error, inspiration, and a truckload of dedication to master the art of Sugar dating, but eventually I got everything I wanted and MORE!

Soon, I felt called to help others...

The Sugar Daddy Formula has all your
Sugar Solutions

Discover how to ask for (and receive) exactly
what you want.
Can’t ask if he’s not there – I’ll help you attract him too!

Collectively, my clients have benefited from over $1.5MM via the generosity of their Sugar Daddy’s. The numbers continue to rise as women realize the power of leveraging their relationships to build wealth in the modern world.

Together, we’ll navigate the challenging parts of this lifestyle until it becomes easy. With The Sugar Daddy Formula, I’ve created massive results for myself and hundreds of other women…and I can help you too.

In two months I made 5 times my investment

Since working with Taylor, I found a relationship and have developed a confidence I’ve never ever had before. Six months before working with her, I didn’t have any of this planned, and before that time I was on and off again, seeking arrangements or relationships for two years. When I started taking it more seriously, I still wasn’t getting anywhere. I have been following Taylor for years and I finally reached out to her for HELP. I needed to make something happen as my way wasn’t working. After the first couple of weeks, Taylor shifted my entire approach of how I was going about this lifestyle. In two months I made back my investment… five times as much! I ended up moving into a new place sooner, too!!! I couldn’t be more THANKFUL for having Taylor by my side. I feel like I'm Cinderella. I am in love with my boyfriend and he loves me (it’s been 9 months, still going strong, & his family welcomed me with open arms). Taylor helped me so much that I ended up extending our consulting because of the massive breakthroughs I was having.


Here’s How I Help Women Like You
Leverage Relationships

Paths to Clarity

Remove obstacles blocking your path to the life you want


Attract all the attention with a profile that loves you back


Swerve into the Sugar success fast lane for timely results


Join a private network of women with top level support


Wearable conversations starters will do the marketing for you


Elite Matchmaking for compatibility & lifestyle goals


Enlist a team of experienced Sugars to ensure your success


Get what you want & score HUGE results with yours truly


Calls to clear your confusion and eliminate guesswork

Not sure what you need most?

Let’s go on a speed date!


It's our first date, so virtual drinks on me!

Schedule a 15 minute call and we’ll determine what support style suits you best. The end result: we both walk away from the call with an answer and zero awkwardness.

If you don’t do it, you’ve missed out on a huge opportunity

The fact is I would have never gotten on the right track navigating this lifestyle the way that I was going to go about it without Taylor’s help. She got me focused on the direction that changed my life. If you are thinking about working with Taylor, this is what I’d say to you: I’d say you’d be in very good, capable hands. She knows her stuff really well. She’s very bright and quick thinking. You’ll feel like you’re on a magic carpet when you’re with Taylor. And on top of just her know-how, she’s got a big and beautiful heart that cares about you, that cares about you living your lifestyle. So I would say jump on the carpet and enjoy the ride! It’s going to change your life. It’s going to make all the difference in your lifestyle. If you don’t do it, you’ve missed out on a huge opportunity. It made all the difference in who I am today.


Besides helping women #OWN IT
and score massive success are 7 totally unrelated, fun facts about me:

You are left with way more than you ever could have imagined

Taylor is your ace in your pocket! Sure, before meeting her I thought I knew the direction of my life. But I didn't have a plan to make it happen. Like one day you have a great idea (you know what I’m talking about, “this sugar life sounds perfect for me”), but it sits there day after day. Next thing you know a day turns into weeks, weeks turn into months, and it’s 2 years later without making any headway. I wanted a change. I was so tired of being tired of not getting anywhere. I was unsure of how to make my thoughts a reality, and I got stuck. With all that time I let pass and knowing what I wanted something had to be off, right? That’s when I contacted Taylor. Her consulting isn’t what you think it will be. You won't get out of it what you think you will. And at the end of it, you are left with WAY MORE than you ever could have imagined and that’s in the first month of working with her. I am walking away a changed woman, and that idea I had for my lifestyle, it’s a reality now.


I asked for more & he gave.

Before Taylor, I was always allowing my SDs to just provide me with what they wanted to give. Taylor gave me clear, easy-to-implement advice that made me feel worthy of having someone want to provide what I want. I followed what she laid out in the plan and now I’m getting more from my SD!


Want to Work with Taylor?


Schedule a 15 min (no-charge) call and we’ll determine what support style suits you best.

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