IRL Sugar Alerts

Helping Sugar Baby’s Level Up
and Stay in the Loop

Receive Notifications For Exclusive Events Near You

We’ve been known to host strategy sessions during spa days. Throw penthouse
pajama parties to practice the art of asking. Lead retreats in exotic locations to
de-stress & connect with our inner sugar. Curate private events in luxury
environments with potential matches. Identify top conferences with big Sugar
Daddy potential—You’re coming with us!

IRL Sugar Alerts

When you turn on IRL Sugar Alerts, you’re first in line for dinner discussions, impromptu makeovers and popup Sugarshoots. And let’s not forget our signature Stiletto Meet & Greet Mixer; THE place to connect with like-minded women in a safe (and very glam) space.

FOMO is the worst. Don’t miss out!


If there is one word to describe what I most got out of my time with Taylor, it would be clarity. She has definitely helped me take ownership of what I want, and the next steps to get it. I not only left with a checklist of what to do, but I gained friendships and made connections in the process.



Thank you Taylor for providing a space, an opportunity, to feel 'un-alone’. It feels so good to see and interact with others through this process. You're so sincere, open, and approachable!




Who's behind this sugary goodness?

Taylor B. Jones is a Sugar Baby Success Coach, Dating Alchemist, Author, Matchmaker, and Founder of The Sugar Daddy Formula. She specializes in helping women leverage their relationships to build wealth while creating spaces to connect with each other (without being judged or shamed for lifestyle choices).

Understanding the loneliness associated with the Sugar Baby path, Taylor is a true pioneer of community. She engineers opportunities of support, connection and sisterhood so that none of us have to navigate this journey alone.