Some call me the “Sugar
Daddy Whisperer.” Others
call me their “Secret

(But you can call me your Sugar Baby Engineer to Success!)

I’m Taylor B. Jones, creator of The Sugar Daddy Formula with the confidence to GUARANTEE my help so you can rest assured we will ensure you have success — even if you've tried and tried, only to fail — and even if you've been previously disappointed by using Sugar Daddy dating sites.

Some Call Me
Sugar Guarantee

What’s really important to you?

I mean, why are you here after all?

The truth is, many clients of mine are relieved they are finally able to attract their ideal relationships... or have the confidence to effectively communicate their wants and actually get it... or leveraging their relationship to become financially independent...or creating experiences where they look back and say, “I did that!”…but really, they are living the lifestyle they love without the financial burden.

All because I fixed their sugar problems for them.

Your Sugar Baby Breakthrough with Taylor

We're going to examine your approaches/relationship(s).

  • I'm looking for strategic opportunities based on your goals to create approaches you can use over and over again... to break down any barriers blocking you from the results you want.
  • This is different from researching all the information you can find and putting the pieces together. Trying to implement tactics that either didn't feel right, didn't make a ton of sense, or didn't seem to work for you to get you unstuck.
  • Not so with me. I’m going to tell you what you need to do. (You don't tell me.)
  • I'm going to write you a prescription to solve your sugar issues, and if you follow my game plan, results are guaranteed.
  • And, yes, that's a money-back guarantee.

Your Sugar Baby Guarantee

Here’s my promise to you: If you follow the approach I craft for you, I personally guarantee the outcome that you will find Sugar Daddies, have the confidence to ask and position yourself to getting what you want (or more of it) with implementing my approach. If you don’t, let me know and I’ll issue a prompt and courteous refund of the investment you paid me.

My guarantee is presented with the same disclaimer you get from powerful medicine: “Use Only As Directed.” I will take you deep inside my thoughtful, deliberate, and purposed approach to solving your sugar problems.

You will succeed if you let me show you the way.

In 30 minutes or less, during a no-charge Strategy Session, I will show you how I can fix your sugar problems.

These Strategy Sessions are for those who are READY to hit the ground running…or find and fix holes in their approach to get a BETTER RESULT… or change THE WAY they have been going about this lifestyle.

Let’s chat about how I can help you take it to the next level.