Engineering Your Success Behind
the Scenes

Sugaring Done For You

Your Sugar Daddy Is Out There.
We Know How To Find Him.

Making it as a successful Sugar is harder than it looks. Between profile management, keeping your boundaries on lock, navigating scammers, and setting the foundation to the relationship you want…It’s just a lot.

Many women go about it in one of
three ways:

The Blind Tumble

1 /


They run into this lifestyle without proper research, a support network, or game plan (ideally you have all three). And by run we mean…into a wall.

2 /


So, focused on their own needs, these fiery Sugar’s scare SD’s away with selfish behavior & an aggressive approach.



3 /


They don’t know how to ask for what they want so they walk away with NOTHINGGGG (unless you count depleted self-esteem).

There is a Better Way, Sugar Sister!

Ever thought about consulting the experts? Enlisting a team of support that lives & breathes the Sugar Lifestyle…

A team that empower others on the daily.

A team that helps you identify and initiate a new kind of relationship; one that helps you grow exponentially.

A team with ALL OF THE KEYS to open opportunity.

A team that won’t let you neglect your vision or your values when things get hard.

Yes, your dreams take work.

But for us it’s a labor of love….

We Want To Do It For You

So, you can upkeep other areas of your life while we’re behind the scenes masterminding serious upgrades.

We’ve got good news

Currently we are accepting applications for Sugars ready to co-create and proactively take steps to change their lives.

We understand Sugar Baby's
because we are one.

Translation: We've been there!


Sugaring DFY (Done-For-You) is a team of experienced Sugars specialized in elite dating. We’ve gone through trainings, coaching sessions and private consultations with our Founder, the MVP herself, Taylor B. Jones.

We’ve all found success implementing her Sugar methodologies. And we can’t wait to share them with you!

SO RATHER GOING AT IT ALONE (with guesswork & uncertainty to keep you company).

You have us:

  • Managing your accounts, your profile and your process.
  • Initiating connections that meet your criteria.
  • Guiding you each step of the way.
  • Jumping in during difficulty.
  • Helping you win.
  • Celebrating your success!


Consider Us Your Trail-Blazing BFFS

Consider Us Your

If you’re feeling stuck, we’ve got you. As Sugars who have been there, we understand the subtleties of partnership and exchange.


  • Your needs are our priority.
  • We recognize what is working well for you (and not so well).
  • You can trust us to adjust your approach accordingly.
  • It’s gonna be a good time (we love our clients!).

We’re not amateurs but we don’t knock those who are (we support them). No matter your level of experience, we meet you where you’re at.

Let Us Help You



I wasn’t getting anywhere with online dating and had become really frustrated and upset that men weren’t responding to my messages. The DFY team took the time to get to know me and understand what I was looking for. I felt so relieved when they took over my dating accounts. Their messages were much more appealing than I could have ever written on my own and I no longer felt rejected. And it worked! I found my guy and got the ring after dating him only six months!



Sugaring DFY (Done For You)

We implement strategies to create the lifestyle you want and align it with relationships you can leverage.

Curious but Need to Know More?

To learn our methodologies, we’ll take you behind the scenes of our Sugaring Done For You.

Need to Know More?

Unlocking Support

Unlocking Support:
Ready to get us on your side?

Schedule your consultation and we’ll co-create the life you fantasize about. Ready when you are!

Really really  want this kind of help,
but not ready to take the next step?

Here's a few helpful resources we've curated just for you!

Get Matched

Get Matched
(without even trying)

Send us your information and we’ll provide you with a complimentary profile in our elite matchbook.


Get Supported

Check out the SUBE Society and join a private network of women who GET you…and also receive top level relationship support 24/7.