Learn the steps that will take you from STRUGGLING to
THRIVING by LEVERAGING your Relationships.

Fast Track To Sugar teaches you how to get noticed, say bye-bye to the fear of asking, and show up to the table like a Sugar Baby in-control in just 30 days.

For Sugar Babies who want to benefit from their relationships! Let’s talk to make sure it’s the right mentorship program for you.

Sugar Dreams

generous man

You want to attract generous men.
REALLY generous men.

Men that will:

  • Provide opportunities to do things you’ve never been able to do before.
  • Invest in you and guide you on the path to success.
  • Provide a new and more luxurious lifestyle.
  • Provide their financial generosity to assist you financially.

The big question is:

What makes a man go from discovering who you are to deciding to want to provide you with the very thing —or everything—you want?

  • And what’s the best way to go about it without coming off as a gold-digger?
  • And how do you know if you have the right look or age or appeal?
  • And how do you attract someone to get them to notice you?
  • And how do you actually get him to provide?
  • And what should you say & do to have him see you as worth it?
  • And where do you find the right wealthy man to begin with?

I not only know

I not only know the
answers. I know how
to teach you the

If you're anything like me... your beginning is
haphazard and your direction uncertain.

I’m Taylor B. Jones, creator of The Sugar Daddy Formula. When I first began, I was sold on the promise of instant results.

"Sign up, create a profile, and soon you will have a man pampering you, mentoring you, paying your bills, and paying for things that you don't want to pay for. All while traveling the world!"

The dating sites sold me on the lifestyle...but they didn't share what to do to get what I want. And for the longest time I’d felt like I was doing something wrong when I had nobody responding to my profile or suitors ghosting me the moment I shared what I was looking for.

Eventually I figured it out and now…

I want to show you how to make it
happen in the fastest way possible.

Without any false promises, or cliché advice, or bad shortcuts.

With my help, you will:

  • Know how to create the right perception to attract someone to pay attention to you,
  • Know how to establish your worth to have someone see you as worth it,
  • Have ironclad confidence when asking for what you want and KNOWING exactly how to position yourself to get it,
  • Know how determine if he is a keeper or timewaster,
  • Feel worthy of having a man who provides for you,

FAST TRACK TO SUGAR is my mentorship program to help you fully understand how to attract Sugar Daddies On-Demand.

It will teach you exactly how to do so with my proven Sugar Daddy Formula. This program walks you through a step-by-step framework that you can implement immediately PLUS personalized support along the way to ensure you’re successful...FAST.

My teaching + methodology takes your unique situation and helps you leverage it in a way that works in your favor and gets you the lifestyle that you want.

Join me for a unique mentorship program where we'll work together, and I'll teach you how to attract and benefit from your relationship.

There are no live classes and no schedules to adhere to; rather, this is designed as a way for me to mentor you in an organized structure.

In other words, less theory, more do-this-not-that. I'm going to be walking you through how to attract a Sugar Daddy and get you what you want.

The program also comes with an array of say-this scripts and do-this blueprints customized to you, so you can stop second guessing & hesitating, and start implementing.

Why recreate the wheel when I've already paved the way for you? Your ideal relationship is right around the corner. Let’s attract him together!

Say goodbye to settling for
mediocre relationships.

Discover if my Fast Track to Sugar Mentorship Program is right for you, during a no-charge 15min Consult. These consults are for those who want to attract a Sugar Daddy On-Demand with a systematic approach. And don't want to waste their time being on a Sugar Daddy dating site with no payoff.

Let’s chat to see how Fast Track to Sugar can help you.



Before joining another dating site or getting another book – ask yourself if you know exactly what it is that you want (or why you want what you want), who are you looking to meet and most importantly –why. If any of your answers are unclear, get yourself into Fast Track To Sugar. I’m so glad that I did. I thought I had direction before Fast Track but now I know exactly what I want and how to go about getting it. I know how to get a date that doesn’t take weeks anymore. I know exactly how to position myself to ask for what I want. What I like the most is actually working with Taylor and having her there as I go through the program. Every week there was something that I got stuck on and she was there to help me fix it. It's one thing to understand the information and it's a whole other experience to have Taylor coach you through it. Your future self with thank you for it. The action guides literally guide you through figuring it out and makes everything clearer to get you to take action.




As a newbie just starting out, I had lots of hope for what I would do if I had a sugar daddy. I had no idea where to start, so Fast Track was essential for me. After week three I was armed with a profile that got the attention of a prospective suitor and before the program was over, I got my first in-person date and started a relationship with him – all thanks to Taylor! She was by my side to help me with setting the foundation and if it wasn’t for the program I would have still have been researching what to do.




I knew what I wanted but had no clue on what to do. Fast Track To Sugar taught me everything I didn't know I needed to know. I was able to get clear on how to approach this lifestyle. And not only that, I also got clarity on why I was here to begin with. This was life changing! Before I was treating this as finding someone to help me financially with paying bills. Now I treat this as relationship building that is beneficial to my life and goals.



Ready to benefit from your

If you're wondering, "Can someone who's a complete newbie do this?" - the answer is a definite "YES"! This is an excellent introduction to Sugar Daddy dating that will shortcut your learning curve. And if you have been successful with attracting Sugar Daddy’s, you can use this system to hone your skills even more to attract better prospects you might have otherwise missed.

Let’s chat to see how Fast Track to Sugar can help you.