Keeping Your Sugar Daddy Talking to Leverage the Conversation

We use them all the time, and I bet you don’t know the power of the words you typically use all the time in which you can be using to your advantage.

These words help keep the conversation flowing with information.

Simply put; they work!

They are one of those small effort skills that leverage larger results.

People like to be encouraged. Remember you are more likely to setup an arrangement with someone you like.

These words are…

  • uh-huh,
  • yeah,
  • ok,
  • m-hmm,
  • go-on,
  • and really?”

They let your guy know you are there and listening.

They encourage him to continue talking, especially through extended thought.

If you are in their presence or they can see you, physical gestures are effective as well, especially head nods. Interestingly enough, the head nod is one of the most appreciated physical gestures you can give someone with eye contact and a slight smile.

Those words are necessary and critical within your conversations and a skill to hone.

Misuse of them is easy and they can become counterproductive. Where you can give off the impression where you are not fully focus or paying attention.

These few words: uh-huh, yeah, ok, m-hmm, go-on and really…gets people to amplify their thoughts. That concept alone should help you appreciate how effective they can be when properly used.

Use, don’t abuse them

It is very easy (and frequently done) to keep someone talking without actually listening at all when using this skill. It is in fact very easy to let your mind wander while being in a discussion with someone.

Focus is required to effectively communicate. (This is a good time to listen to tone.)

It allows someone to keep someone talking, giving them the impression you agree when you don’t agree at all.

The uses of “ok” and “sure” are examples. You have to be especially cautious of using these when you know you’re not in agreement.

Remember: Listen to the tone of voice the other person to help you with positioning yourself.

Example of an effective use:

Sugar Daddy: I have been on this site for a long time.

You: Yeah?

Sugar Daddy: I just haven’t found the right person yet.

You: Really!?! (In your Marilyn Monroe voice)

You: Go-on…

Sugar Daddy: So, I have been…

Keep him talking! These words are effective and helpful. Please remember, they are only effective when used in support of other skills.