Rule#1 Staying in Sugar Baby Control When Navigating this Lifestyle

“No-Arrangement” is better than a bad arrangement.

Even with wanting what you want, and your reasons for being here financially. You must maintain a form of balance.

You may have heard this saying, “He (or she) who cares least wins”.

The minute you get it firmly fixed in your mind that no Sugar Daddy can make you say “yes”, you begin to get control over the experience you want to have. Reread that.

If you’re discussing your arrangement that you feel you have to have, that you can’t afford to say “no”, you’ve just lost control.

By being able to walk away is to help you keep you from losing control and allowing a Sugar Daddy to have power over you, and control you with money.

Once you’ve lost control, you put yourself in a box. You start to accept offers that are not desirable because someone is there and you will take what you can. Because nobody else is there.

If it’s not a good arrangement, say “Thanks, but no-thanks” and move on (actually I have a script for that).

You’ll spend less time finding a better arrangement that works then you’ll spend trying and hoping to make a bad arrangement good. You can’t get your time back. And not all money is good money.

What is most likely to make an arrangement bad will be a single term. In many cases, it won’t be what he provides. Providing what you are looking for is only one aspect.

You will be seduced by the possibility of what you hope to receive, or be glamoured by thinking he is a REAL Sugar Daddy because you’ve discussed the arrangement, and reached what appears to be a mutual understanding.

To secure your arrangement, you have to get to the “HOW?” That “how” is:

  • what will take place,
  • how will it be given,
  • and when.

We ONLY trust one thing in this lifestyle and that is ACTIONS.

Backed up actions. Don’t get lost in the idea of having an arrangement that you don’t get to the “HOW?”, without him taking action. Otherwise you’ll get caught up in the moment and become fearful of having to ask.