The Dynamics of an Allowance

An allowance is no guarantee of success. The reality is that an amount is just an amount.

The allowance in many cases, should be the last thing settled in forming the arrangement. If he doesn’t feel as though it is worth it to him, the allowance won’t work even if he gave the impression he’s okay with it.

It’s also possible that he can give the agreed amount and the following month he is gone (nowhere to be found and not responding to you at all). No Sugar Daddy ≠ Not Getting what you want out of him.

The Rules of Getting An Allowance are so important they fall their own category.

Follow these rules or the arrangement doesn’t happen (it’s gone poof in the air that is, as yesterday news).

A good amount doesn’t make a good arrangement.

The amount can break an arrangement but it won’t make it (considering the money factor is what you want).

The “HOW” makes the arrangement and when it’s in your possession makes it count.

Anything can change the dynamics of the arrangement beyond your control. If he is not feeling it anymore even if he went out on a date with you and it appeared, he enjoyed himself. He can change his mind.

There are no contracts within this lifestyle. Getting what you want is based on when he “actually provides it to you.”

The discussion of the arrangement sets the foundation, actually getting it happens during the execution of him giving.

A “low offer” if that is not what you feel is worth it to you is not a good arrangement for you based on what you are prepared to give up to get it.

If you are entertaining any and everybody that sends you a message doesn’t mean they are the right one for you.

You have more control with seeking out your ideal Sugar Daddy than just accepting paltry offers that are little to be desired and being in a situation that you dread.

A bad arrangement for either side will end a relationship quickly for a variety of reasons.

If you accept an arrangement that is little to be desired, you will avoid his calls, make change to your dates, always ready to leave when you are with him, you might even find yourself drinking more because you truly do not want to be there.

Now, is this an experience you want to have? Probably not.

Just showing up doesn’t count.

And in turn your Sugar Daddy will start to resent you. And you’ll resent him because you are not happy with the terms of the arrangement.

This is one of the reasons why “yes” is nothing without “how”.

You will prosper more long term by seeking out your ideal Sugar Daddy and properly screening him. If he is in a position to afford what you are seeking, has the disposable income, wants to provide in the way that you want. But above all, he has to like and trust you.

Without positioning yourself accordingly, you risk missing a connection regardless of the type of relationship you want (whether short-term or long-term).

You do need to know the basics in terms of what type of relationship he is looking for.

Does he want to provide in the way that you want?

If you don’t know the answer to that, you can waste your time going on countless dates when you could have weeded him out at the beginning.

You also need to know the range of what your Sugar Daddy is willingly to provide financially for the special relationship you seek.

Your Sugar Daddy’s comfort levels financially begin around that.

An allowance is a very emotional concept thing.

When discussing money. It may actually be the single most emotional term in the deal because it begins to trigger people’s feeling of worth.

The Sweet Spot on Getting the Allowance

Hitting the sweet-spot can often put you in a position to turning an arrangement into solid gold for you.

Your Sugar Daddy will consciously (or sub-consciously) have both a bottom-line/walk-away amount (or a looking to provide amount without even having met you – he knows going in what he can afford).

Hitting a mark just above his bottom-line will put you in a golden position.

So, that number you have been thinking about in your mind that you came to the conclusion that you are seeking. Oh you know the number you tallied up (all your bills, cost of living, shopping, and splurging expense on things you don’t want to pay for and added a couple of thousands to it just because you labeled yourself a Sugar Baby) … yeah that number.

If you went in with that number without getting to know your target and it happens to be below his bottom-line. You end up leaving thousands of dollars on the table. After all, if you are playing the numbers game. There is no tactic. Just keep throwing out a number and see if someone responds.

Another counter-intuitive reality is that exceeding his bottom-line can hurt you as much as lowballing yourself to a low amount and he perceives you as not worth it.

You can actually reset their internal valuation of the perception you gave of yourself to them.

And also YOU. You would end of thinking that you could have gotten more and start to resent the relationship.

These tips are separate complementary sets of guidelines to help make you a better Sugar Baby Negotiator.

When the discussion of the amount comes up immediately without getting to know each other, PIVOT!

When they want to talk about “How much are you looking for?” Just pivot the conversation. Turn the conversation and guide it in the direction you want.

One means of doing this is saying “Let’s set that aside for now, we can come back to it, let’s discuss if we are both are the right fit in exploring such a special relationship and seeing what that looks like…”

They may begin to spontaneously reveal their price parameters as the conversation ensues about the arrangement. This puts you in a position to “give-in” (slowly, not easily) until they give you the arrangement you want.