The Power of the PAUSE

Give your Sugar Daddy the chance to talk and they will be more likely to tell you what you want to hear.

Using Effective Pauses to get what you WANT

Effective Pauses are also known as simply keeping your mouth shut.

Yes, keeping your mouth shut.

Many people are uncomfortable with silence. You might be too. Where you feel as though you have to keep talking because you don’t want any dead-air. Or come across whatever why you think you might appear.

Give your Sugar Daddy the gentle opportunity to fill that silence and they will likely give you something useful. That something useful is INFORMATION.

What many of are afraid of – loss of control. Not being able to control the direction of the conversation.

Now, I want you to always be guiding the conversation. You can ask a question and just not say anything else afterwards.

The one who talks most loses (Get him talking more it will be worth it to you)

The opposite is true.

If you’re talking more than the other side you’re giving out the most information and you’re “becoming more emotionally invested” in making the arrangement work. With each word uttered, a person puts more effort into making the arrangement therefore become more vested and less likely to turn and walk away. You need that dynamic working for you and not against you.

Bundling Your Sugar Baby Skills for Massive Effect

This is your introduction to the concept of strategically bundling your Sugar Baby Negotiation skills. Your negotiation skills properly bundled together will magnify each other. There are going to be many times when it’s important for you to go silent.

One of those times is right after a label. It’s important to let your labels take hold to give your Sugar Daddy the opportunity to respond and for you to simultaneously focus on how they respond (their body language, their facial expression and their tone of voice).

An effective pause is critical after you’ve asked a good calibrated question. There will come a time when you pose a calibrated question creating an uncomfortable or awkward silence.It is very important that you not fill that silence.

Effective pauses are not designed to give you the opportunity to think about what you want to say next. Effective pauses are designed to give you the opportunity to let your Sugar Daddy react and you are to observe that reaction

Key Point: The brain does not have the ability to talk and make good observations at the same time. While your brain is engaged in either talking or thought construction you are missing important observations.

Please teach yourself to get comfortable with silence. It provides valuable moments of observation for you and the chance for your Sugar Daddy to give you a thoughtful response.