Three Kinds of “Yes’s” from your Sugar Daddy You Need to Beware Of

Don’t Get Caught Up in Wishful Thinking Of What You Hope To Get. It’s not a strategy.

“Yes” is the last thing you want to hear.

If a Sugar Daddy tells you “Yes”, it will seduce you.

After all, that thing that you want and he tells you that he will.

It’s hearing that “Yes” in which we will be seduced.

We must get to that “Yes” but get to that “How”.

You want to come up with “yes-able” arrangement that feels good to you and feels good to him.

Here’s How to Position your way to a yes.

Getting your Sugar Daddy to a “YES”

Once you have established a connection and you are discussing the arrangement.

Get him to say “yes” at least three times in a row to different closed-ended questions when discussing the arrangement.

Here’s an example of closed-ended questions that evoke a “Yes” (considering they like you and they are interested):

{closed-end question} I’m liking where this is leading, are you too? [wait for his response]

{closed-end question/open-ended question} Tell me, I’m not alone in feeling that our date was amazing. I’m still thinking about it. Did you enjoy our date as much as me? [wait for his response]

Follow it up with: [Insert what you feel they are missing in their life and relate it to yourself – Example someone who is looking for companionship and a break in their routine] {What that looks like}: I’m looking to have someone to look forward too, and I hope I found that in you. Kind of like creating our own world that we can call our own. Do you want that with me and exploring where this will take us? [wait for his response]

Open up the discussion of the foundation of the relationship to talk about the particulars: How do you see this progressing? [wait for his response – open-ended question] How do you see this working out?

You’ll want to have a response to the same questions you are asking.


You are just opening up the conversation. You don’t have to go overboard with it. As long as you are talking about it.