Using Your Voice to Seduce

Your voice is a powerful tool.

It will elicit emotional triggers in your Sugar Daddy.

You smile.

They smile.

Without realizing it, you’ve just reached into their brain and turned a dial.

It’s called mirroring and it’s involuntary. They can’t help it or stop you. Even if they don’t smile, they are fighting it because a portion of their brain is telling them to smile.

Your simplest, yet effective tool in negotiating your relationship, and actually in any verbal communication, is your voice.

The nonverbal mirroring is reflected in your communication via emails, and text messages (any written communication – profiles etc).

We are focusing on your voice here.

Your tone of voice can turn this dial. This might be one of your most effective tools. This process begins before you’ve even spoken enough words to complete a thought.

This is one of the simplest, yet most sophisticated skill in your arsenal.

When people are in a positive frame of mind, they think more quickly.

There’s data out that indicates people’s brains may function up to 31% more effectively in a positive frame of mind.

They are more likely to follow your lead in setting up the arrangement, as opposed to struggling against you, if they are in a positive frame of mind.

The reverse of this is true as well. Keeping a smile on your own face and in your voice will put you in a positive mind space.

You are 6x more likely to make an arrangement with someone you like.

There are essentially three tones of voice that you can use.

The first two are the only ones you should ever use. And they are:

  • the “Marilyn Monroe” voice
  • The smiling positive/sweet and playful voice

The third tone of voice, which will always have a negative effect when negotiating your relationships, is the direct/assertive voice.

Using the direct/assertive voice is like slapping the other person in the face while asking them to provide you with what you want. He will not like that and neither would you. After all, would you want to be in any form of relationship where it doesn’t feel right from the beginning. NO, you wouldn’t.

The Marilyn Monroe voice

Use this voice when it’s extremely important to make your point. It should be used in place of the direct/assertive voice. This may be in regards to asking for what you want in which you would walk away from because there is no “give” on. Follow this with silence (an effective pause). IMPORTANT: Do not be the one to break that silence.

The key to the “Marilyn Monroe” voice is for your voice to inflict downward at the end, very much seductive and sensual. This gives your voice simultaneously a calming effect and elements of both authority and trustworthiness. You need them to believe in you and trust what you say. It’s powerful and it works.

Be cautious of overuse of this voice. With overuse it will make you seem distant or even condescending and not genuine.

“How is this supposed to work?”

Use the Marilyn Monroe voice to say this in a respectful, graceful manner and as though you are actually asking for their help (in essence – you are). There is great power in how you project your voice in which you will find the ability to say nearly anything that might provoke a negative reaction or feeling.

The smiling positive/sweet and playful voice

This voice is actually the voice you should use most of the time. It’s the voice of an easy-going, person. The key to this is to smile while you’re talking and be somewhat relaxed. It’s about conveying a positive attitude.

When you smile while you’re talking people can hear and feel the smile (the mirroring will shift onto them). People are drawn to this voice.

Recognize and use the power of your voice.

It gives you the ability to literally reach into your Sugar Daddy’s brain and flip a switch the moment you begin speaking.

Example: Voice in Action with Negotiating the Allowance

One of my clients had created an experience where she felt the Sugar Daddy was really into her and wanted to move forward. She had only gone out on one date with him. From that date he was already making plans to see her again. She accepted, but she also wanted to set the foundation to the relationship and wanted it to move in the direction of getting an allowance. She wanted to do this in person. However, prior to going out on the date she did ask him if he was okay with providing his financial generosity within the relationship. And he was okay with that.

When she was with him on the date she found an opening to have a discussion about the arrangement to discuss the particulars. And asked, “How do you see this progressing?” He talked about it and she asked “What does that look like?” And he asked the question back to her. She mirrored him in what he was looking for that she was seeking the same and also added that she is looking for his financial contribution (backed by her Sugar Story of why she is here).

He asked her how much? This was the conversation she wanted to have. She picked a number to start out with. Not a number she was looking for but a number. She said, “8,000.00!” with the use of the Marilyn Monroe voice mixed with the sweet and playful. He was taken back, and she could see his eyes light as he didn’t know what he has gotten himself into. And she followed it up with, “I’m just kidding silly. What were you thinking?”(With a slight touch on his arm and her eyes gazing at him.) And from there they had a discussion about it and both came to a mutual agreement of what would work for the both of them. It was the key to her success.

By doing it this way she was able to use her voice and see his body language to respond accordingly. With talking about numbers of any kind via email and text. You can end up with failing at negotiating your relationship because you would not know what that person is thinking to ask questions, see their body language to adjust (by mirroring them), or hear their voice to hear their reactions.

Keep in mind that you can get to a “yes” but you need the “how” and we only trust actions.

Learn to hear your own voice as you speak and watch its effect on others to adjust your position.