Why Compromise May Kill YOU

Avoid the Compromise Trap if It’s NOT What you WANT

The spirit of compromise is great – the practice of compromise is often horrible. Here’s how the practice of compromise kills you.


You want an allowance, and he wants to take you out and treat you to nice dinners. You like the connection that was established and you disregard what brought you here. You think he can help out with a bill here because can afford to do so based on how he lives. After all, he gave you the impression that he will be there to help out if you need it. Well, you compromise and when you ask for help. He says he can’t.

How do you integrate a compromise for the arrangement you want without sacrificing for something you don’t?

Having the spirit of compromise often means you are willing to listen and explore options. If you are actually listening and considering the merits of options, then this is an essence of great negotiation. A great negotiation is a great collaboration that makes for a happy arrangement.

If you have an idea of how the relationship will work and he had a different one, and you both might be tempted to “compromise” and take parts of both suggestions of making the relationship work. What happens is it dilutes what both of you want and will neither likely to be effective.

You have to be very, very careful with compromise. And how you go about it.

You also have to be aware of making poor trade-offs as a compromise. What happens occasionally is you will subconsciously be willing to give-in or compromise seeing him more just to get something out of it. Or giving more of yourself to get what a little bit he provides.

And you start feeling as though you are being taken advantage of.

When you make trade-offs be cautious of what you are giving up to get what you want.

Most Sugar Daddy’s want to be “fair” but the reality is that money in which he doesn’t have to shell out (spend/pay for) is better saved in his pocket if he is getting what he wants anyways.

Now, if he feels a strong connection for and you and genuinely cares for you. He will go beyond and provide you with more because he wants to see you be in a better place and if he can help with that he will do as much as he can because of the connection formed.

You have to be aware of what you are being fair in relation to; and that it is a 2-way street.

Let’s take a look at a compromise when it comes to seeking the monthly allowance in which you can do:


You just met your Sugar Daddy and you both come to an agreement on the allowance. You however are seeking a monthly. He is hesitant. What do you do?

IMPORTANT: Unless you get to the “HOW?” You won’t get what you want.

You can invite him to compromise in terms of “how it is given.”

  • You can suggest half up front to begin and the other half in the middle of the month.
  • If that doesn’t feel right for him, you can suggest weekly,
  • And if that doesn’t feel right for him you can suggest each time that you see him.

The issue with “each time” is that if you don’t see him – now what?

If he is asking you to compromise as a means to get you to give in may be a sign he is trying to take advantage and he might even say, “I’m not wanting an escort, or wanting to be with a gold-digger.”

“What are we trying to accomplish here?” is always a great question to refocus your Sugar Daddy on coming back to the reason of why he is there (and yourself) when you feel as though he is putting you in a compromise trap.