You have lifestyle goals.
With the right strategies,
it's all possible.Work with Taylor.


Unsure of how to stand out from all the other profiles? Can’t find the words that will intrigue the right guy to respond? Got views, but no replies?

We’ll craft a Successful Seduction Strategy, showing you how you can take full advantage of a dating site with an alluring profile, map out all the ways in which your communication with potential matches can ensure success.

“My profile has been up for one day and I received more views, favorites, messages, AND responses in a few hours than I received on my own.” Vicky


Right now, you're overwhelmed with all the information out there. You want a clear, actionable, step-by-step plan to attract only the best (wealthy men, yes please!) and get exactly what you want. I help you do it the right way – fast.

Learn the steps that will take you from STRUGGLING to THRIVING in just 6 weeks.

"I had an issue with asking for what I wanted when it came to the financial aspect. I took her advice and it WORKED.” Nicole


You need help… but not just any generic advice. What you need is a REAL, ACTIONABLE GAME PLAN that is broken down for you in a way that means you can begin to implement changes to your approach from day one! We’ll work through your issues together and you’ll walk away with a customized solution and the confidence to put it to use.

Have a Sugarmergency that you want to talk through with me RIGHT NOW? 15-30 minutes could get you what you want (or more of it) or save you time by clicking here!

“Working with Taylor remains the single best investment I’ve ever made.” Charlene


You’ve hit a roadblock that's keeping you from reaching the next level. You want someone who will break it down for you step by step, someone that will be by your side at all times. Come to Taylor. I work with a SELECT few each year to help them make the next leap in their success.

I got better results with Taylor than I had in the last year of being on a sugar daddy dating site.” Naomi

All the things I was struggling with? Solved!

“I got sooooo much clarity, and confidence. She gave me a plan to execute. Actually a plan that consisted of what to say, how to say, when to say, and what to say when things go off course. It worked. And now that I have these scripts I will be able to tweak it to others.”


I got better results with Taylor than I had
in the last year.

"I was caught up in the comparisons of what other sugar babies were doing and what they received. I was envious, OVERWHELMED, and STUCK. I was so overwhelmed with all there is to know: Which site, how to write my profile, how to communicate with a sugar daddy, how to make this relationship work, and how to receive gifts. After speaking with Taylor just from our first call, my sugar addiction is gone! I focused on who I was wanting to attract, tailored my approach, and shifted my focus to evolving myself. She is a natural at zoning in on why you are here, and gets you out of that box you are stuck in. I got better results with Taylor than I had in the last year of being on a sugar daddy dating site."


It’s an investment that yields better returns.

“I was a dancer for over 6 years and wasn’t sure of what my next chapter was going to be. I thought this lifestyle would be an easy transition. It amazed me how Taylor took the time to understand why I was going down this path with no judgements (I can’t even be open with my bestie). Taylor has been the best investment for me. She showed me opportunities where I felt as though I put myself in a box because of my life choices that I made. She gave me a new path. If you’re debating on getting this or any other of her services, and need advice, my advice is what are you waiting for? Go for it! It’s an investment that yields better returns.”

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