Some call me their
“Secret Weapon.”

But you can call me your pathway to success!

Here’s how we can work together to own your worth, pursue what you want, attract lucrative attention, enjoy enriching relationships, and build your wealth.

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Secure the Sugar: Prompt His Generosity Workshop

If you’d like to see how generous he will be with paying your bills, spoiling you, providing before the date, and outside of what he is already doing for you then you’d want to join me on my workshop, and here’s why:

What prompts him to give? A simple hint…or perhaps he requires the direct approach?

Determine which generosity strategy you want to use that positions you for the relationship you want. When you are thinking if you should pay that… you’ll be like, “He got that!” 😍

We’ll go over step-by-step scripts leading him through an effective Generosity ASK that feels easy, natural (and works in your financial favor) that paves the way for him to provide …all in a single afternoon (or evening).

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“Writing about myself is so hard”, “I just don’t know what to say”, “I’m not interesting”, “I’m not sure if I look the part”…

Want words that bring the cha-ching?

I help you write them.

When your profile clearly identifies what makes YOU special, alluring, and unique, you’ll attract men “on-demand” who are generous, compatible, and aligned with your lifestyle & relationship goals.

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Fastest Path to Sugar Diagnostic

If you suffer from the burnout of dating or FOMF (fear of moving forward), my solutions spark the shifts required to make enriching relationships your baseline experience. I’ll help you identify and attract the kind of man who can, and will, and WANTS to provide.

The Fastest Path to Sugar Diagnostic is what you need if you’re attracting subpar and undesirable prospects. We’ll connect on a 20 – minute call to identify where you’re at and why you’re stuck. What’s next? A personalized blueprint for better pathways.

ONLY $97

It’s Urgent, Taylor!
Got something pressing? Get the advice you need – not tomorrow – RIGHT NOW.

I’ve got a special line for issues that just can’t wait. If you’re completely stuck, or in a new situation and need an expert, let’s talk.

“I had an allowance issue; I took her advice and it WORKED.”

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Fast Track to Sugar

Skip the learning curve! Discover how to attract lucrative attention, ask for what you want, and have him generously provide in just 30 days.

This is a Do-It-With ME – Taylor! implementation program where I demonstrate how to lead prospects into full provider status. You’ll learn EXACTLY what to say, and what he needs to hear, to secure your desired arrangement.  

Have my support in receiving what you want, in real time to ensure you’re very successful, very quickly!

or book a call with Taylor to see if it’s right for you!

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Girls VIP Weekend With Me

Ready for glitz, glamour…and strategy?

Good—Because I’m whisking you away to Atlanta! And taking you + your lifestyle under my wing for an entire weekend. High tea/cocktails with a makeover included.

We’ve got an itinerary that’ll make the relationship angels weep SWEET tears of joy. And a game plan that’ll make your relationships goals attainable.

We aren’t just making you over. We’re making over your life.

or book a Next Level call with Taylor to see if it’s right for you!

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Need something a bit more “just for me, Taylor?”

I’ll get a read on your biggest challenges so I can offer up the most effective strategies. Personalized and packaged for you.

…Feeling a little unsure about taking that next step with me? No pressure.

As you ease into the waters of your absolute best life, check out my private support community.

The SUBE Society curates a unique co-mentoring dynamic and trust me, it’s super helpful just to know you’re not alone. Because YES there are other women seeking powerful, fulfilling relationships with generous men.

You don’t have to hide parts of who you are or nervously explain your lifestyle ambitions. 

These are ladies who get it. Connecting in a safe and supportive place, our members get better at setting boundaries. Better at communicating their needs. Better at activating the lifestyle they desire.

Click the button below for more details and to get signed up for just $47/month.

Would love to see you there!

Best way to quickly assess his provider potential?

Get my insanely detailed ‘Before You Ask Checklist’ and you won’t miss a single step.


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