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Every woman on the planet would be well-served to read Taylor’s advice.

I have known very few women as adept as Taylor in the subtle art of enhancing a successful man’s ego… Every woman on the planet would be well-served to read Taylor’s advice. Rich

Being a Sugar Baby improved my life

Thank you Taylor! Being a Sugar Baby has actually improved my life. More importantly my self-esteem. I’ve never been one to want to be in the spot light or center of attention and ever since this – I love it. And your program and the support group only makes me want to take it further and further. Success is the only thing I see from here. So again, thank you. I’ve learned so much. Miya

Your process has been SO eye opening

II married young and have spent most of my life trying to please my husband. Now I’m divorced, and your process has been SO eye opening. I made a profile and now have been contacted by over 100 men. UN. FREAKING. BELIEVABLE! I tell you all this to say that I can see how your system is possible, even for someone like me who is FOR SURE not a supermodel. Paula

Excited to be taking the next steps

Thank You for lighting some fire under my butt to actually take steps to getting things on a roll. I’m actually excited that I’m really taking steps to starting something for not only myself, but for the people I hope to reach. I haven’t been this happy about something in a while. Nicole

Got 3x’s as many messages

I have used your materials to improve my profiles and initial conversations with pots. In doing so I have interacted and received 3 times as many messages as I did before I revamped my profile. I average about 15 messages per day. SB Amber

BIG Sister Meets Sugar Daddy Expert

“She’s a cross between “big sister meets Sugar Daddy expert,” when she doles out her practical advice. Chocked full of great tips for serious minded Sugar Babies, whether experienced or new, all can avoid the pitfalls of Sugar Daddy dating…It’s obvious she cares about teaching women how to be great Sugar Babies.” Leidra Lawson, Author of Sugar Daddy 101

Grateful I’ve someone to help

I want to first start off by saying thank you for taking the time out to help me promote a more positive journey. I am truly grateful that I’ve found someone such as yourself to help aid this process. Many of the things that you have shared with me I agree with completely.This is truly a game, therefore I know I may need to change my tactics as a player. Kitty

Can help others tremendously

Taylor comes by her skills naturally through her personality and intelligence, but…she has contributed significantly to her craft by studying, reading, talking to others, and reflecting on her experience. I wish her luck on this new project and know she can help others tremendously because she is that good. SD J.F

Gotten more responses to my profile

I’ve gotten more responses to my profile since incorporating some of Taylor’s ideas in updating my profile. Not that I’m getting a LOT of responses. I am also starting to state clearly that I am interested in a SB/SD type of relationship, at least to start with, and it is causing some unwanted men to buzz off. Good riddance! Suga Lexie

More views/hits than ever before

I’ve written out what my specific goals are. That I am looking for someone to mentor me in business and even if they can’t, then they can help invest in my business. I have figured out what I want out of this lifestyle. I have also edited my profiles on online sites and have had more views/hits than ever before thanks to Taylor course. JoJo

Excellent Resource

Excellent resource when it comes to getting past the superficial layers of the Sugar relationship and getting to the core of what a man will want from you and what you can give him. Pepper A.

Wise Advice

Wise advice!!!! Thanks for sharing and wanting us to learn and become better persons and why not? Better Sugar Babies – Thanks so much for your time and your patience and for being there when I needed. Luna

More profile looks

I went over my profile on all the sites I am a member of and re-wrote them. I can see that I am getting more profile looks from the kind of Sugar Daddies I am looking for. Susan

I’ve taken so long due to lack of confidence…I’m grateful for Taylor

I am really happy to be starting something I’ve been pussyfooting about for thee longest. Taylor totally helped by issuing that ultimatum it’s do or die lol. So now I actually have something to REALLY be accountable for which is myself. I’ve been through this process with Taylor for a while now. Took me months to make a step. Having some time to reflect on why it took me so long is really due to lack of confidence in my ability to really get the ball rolling. Being fearful of making the wrong step, feeling clueless on where to start, and ultimately putting myself out there. But this is another growing phase and I am happy to be evolving. & I’m grateful Taylor is really working with me after all these past months. SB Nikki

Love your material

I love your material and I am so grateful for the help that you have already given me. Kim

Prefer to learn from the best

Your advice is always welcome….I think people see you giving me advice and then think they can too. (?) But I prefer to learn from the best. Simone

Glad there’s help

Thank you for the support! I’m glad there’s help out there. Skye

Brilliant guide for aspiring Sugar Babies

“A step by step guide for anyone interested in entering the world of mutual benefit, honesty and understanding. It is not only a brilliant guide for aspiring Sugar Babies, it is also an excellent reference for anyone creating an Internet dating profile.” Holly Hill, Author of Sugarbabe


The SDF has mainly been motivational and I look forward to learning more. I like your writing style and I respect that you’re trying to help other SBs and to uplift the lifestyle for all of us… Thank you PS love the prints! Charmaine

Right direction, with a plan

I really like the sugar baby support group and feel that your course is worth each and every cent, and your words keep a lot of us going into the right direction, with a plan, not just stumbling along in the darkness. So thank you again. Pamela

Getting so much attention

I made a very nice profile on a site, I am getting so much attention and comments that my profile is nice better than before. April

Information has been invaluable

The information that you have provided me has been invaluable. I’m looking forward to learning from what others are doing and how you steer everyone in the right path. Danielle

Given me knowledge that has truly been the key to my success

Taylor is simply amazing. She has given me knowledge that has truly been the key to my success. It’s very rare that you find a woman who is willing to give back and to give others the key to what they have obtained. There is nothing that I have ever written that can compare to what she has taught me over the past month. If there is one thing that will help you to get to where you are going on the sugar journey…it’s this website and newsletters. Texasugah

Powerful Stuff

That is some powerful stuff you have in that course. I’m blown away. Shellie

Exactly What I Needed

I can’t believe I found your site…it’s exactly what I needed in my life right now. Helen

Relief Knowing it’s help

I really appreciate your help and now feel a relief knowing it is help. Mimi

It’s genius

Hi Taylor, gee you are an angel that fell out of the sky into my life! Thanks for all that you do. It’s genius! Honey

Tips are very helpful

You continue to amaze and help me with your advice and all this information you have. Your tips are very helpful. Thank you. Missy

Changed my life

I don’t have anyone to ask for advice regarding this, and I appreciate you for being there when I needed. You have changed my life. Kristi

Taylor has given you your business plan

“Taylor has analyzed the process of improving yourself, selling yourself in the best possible way, and learn about yourself while doing it. She has outlined the process of finding a Sugar Daddy like a business. For those Sugar Babies who see this as a business, Taylor has given you your business plan.”
David Montrose, Author of Sugar Daddy Diaries

Improved quality of my responses

My fav pieces of advice from SD Formula is the “Sugar Baby Allure” & writing more to appeal to your SD’s desires then just talking about what you want. I tried writing my profile more from that angle and it improved the quality of my responses. I have been complimented on my profile by SDs. After I redid my profile I meet a man that flew me out of state he booked my ticket the morning after we first spoke on the phone. I was provided my own hotel room, he wined & dined me and was very respectful not Pervy at all. Another purchased my wardrobe for a new job, took me gambling and gave me his winnings and takes me to nice restaurants as well. Beth

Keeping SD’s engaged

Taylor has helped me with profile writing and keeping SD’s engaged. How using questions and specific words leaves them wanting more. I have broaden my search, and now see the importance of goal setting. I find I work best when I know what I’m working toward, and I see how this lifestyle could be distracting, so I appreciate the need to keep a clear focus on my personal growth. Taking ownership over my best (and worst) qualities helped me to best identify the SDs I will likely appeal most to, and helps target my search for the perfect SD(s). Tracy

Taylor is the way to go

Some people don’t understand why I’m paying Taylor to help me find a sugar daddy. They say, ‘You could have signed up to a sugar daddy dating site for free.’ I tell them, ‘Yeah, I could do anything by myself. But we all have to pay our tuition to get the kind of education we want and need.’ If you’re on the fence about working with Taylor, you need to ask yourself how serious you are about your sugar baby lifestyle. If you want to go at it alone spending months or years with a lot of upsets, wasted time and energy do that. But, if you’re interested in setting yourself up for a lifestyle you want, you need help. And Taylor is the way to go. Tiff

Impressed, and grateful

I never would have thought to write a profile like this myself, so descriptive and fascinating, says a lot without giving actual details. Paints an intriguing picture. This definitely makes me seem very interesting and will have many curious to find out if I can live up to such a description, even myself! But what a great description to live up to. It’s all true, I just wouldn’t have been able to write it like this myself. And I call myself a writer… I am so impressed, and grateful, you have done a brilliant job! Honestly, I’ve been trying to appear approachable to everyone, but this description will actually attract the kind of person I would love to know and spend time with. I will highly recommend your service. Lisa

Wow, you are spot on about men (SD) and their needs!

After reading several dozen of your advice pieces, I was inclined to write. Wow, you are spot on about men (SD) and their needs! I have a couple of PAs that work for me and it takes several months of training to get them to realize that I don’t live in “their” world. I say that in all humility. Wealth that is acquired is done carefully and with a plan. The people that have it know how they got it and how to get more. The rest of the world thinks “Wives of Orange County” is reality! It isn’t! You are giving the absolute perfect advice. SD John

Receive notice from potential SD’s

I have changed my about me several times and receive notice from potential sugar daddies…thanks to your split testing suggestion. Justine

Profile rocks

Taylor first let me say you’re a genius! This profile rocks. It’s amazing. It’s so visual and full of imagery. You really put your foot in it. Thank you. I want to spoil me! Nichole

So insightful

Taylor thank you so much…you are so insightful. I am a single mom and just tired of the rat race and I didn’t know where to start…So I sought out the best…Thanks for turning this SugaMom into a SB. Tia

Genius advice…can’t believe I didn’t think of that.

I have my first date scheduled for tonight! (Only last night did I read your tip that it’s a good idea to check out potential SDs profiles, decide what type of SD you would possibly be the best SB for, & THEN create your profile tailored specifically at aiming that specific type of SD. That is genius advice, Taylor!!) I can’t believe I didn’t think of that, or at least do a little bit of research BEFORE putting my profile up! Emily

Guardian angel of SB’s

Thank you so much for providing all of this, you are like a guardian angel of SB’s. Sofia

Fabulous community

Just wanted to say how much I love you what you do and thankful for being a part of the fabulous community you’ve created! Elise

Happily surprised

First off, I just wanna say how cool it is that you have this site for SB’s, and how you respond to all the emails on a personal level. I am happily surprised. Toni

I’m turning men’s head I’d never imagined

I love your emails. I used to see sugar babies as untouchable beautiful women, but now I realize I was a late bloomer. All of my peers are on the decline as I’m not even close to being my best. I’m turning men’s heads I’d never imagined. Being that okay, not hot girl in high school is paying off in the end. I’m finally able to see myself worthy of sugar baby status. Your emails are enlightening and encouraging. It makes me feel so incredible knowing someone will spend their hard earned cash to spend time with me! Audrey

I’m glad you are sharing your knowledge

I’m so glad that you are sharing your knowledge with others. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Amanda

So eye opening

Thank you sooooo much. There is a whole world I didn’t notice. You have opened my eyes. This is all just so eye opening. Thank you again. Marsha


You’re a godsend because people I know refuse to help but that’s not important! Thank you very much! Joselin

You understand business on a practical level down to the sparkly

So well put! I like your points. You understand business on a practical level down to the sparkly, glittery level of sugar baby marketing. I have a lot of admiration for serious business-minded women like yourself. I am even more reassured now seeing those who have “been there, done that” because I know my goals and I’m not afraid to convey them to you, SB communities, or even to POTs. Selena

Amazingly written

I’m exceedingly pleased with my profile re-write. It was amazingly written and describe my personality very well. Patty

Glad I found you

I can’t tell my friends about it or get advice from them b/c they would think I was crazy… I’m so glad I found you. Laurel

So many useful tips

I’ve already found so many useful tips not just for meeting sugar daddies but for life in general. You’re amazing. Inspirational in so many ways. Emma

Informative Sugar Baby Guide

I just want to tell you thank you for putting together such an informative sugar baby guide; I changed up a lot of my correspondence following your guidelines, and now I have a pot who lives in the 8 figure real estate value neighborhood. It’s amazing how nice it is to be respected by these guys before a meeting. Thank you. SB Sucre

Support system is priceless

Your support system is priceless… especially in the group that we’re in. It makes me feel better as a woman to have other women who are going through the same unique thing I am. It’s great that we can all communicate and share ideas. Talia

No matter where I go I read the SD Formula

No matter where I go I read the sugar daddy formula. The information in your site is not exclusive to sugar babies. You cater to the brains of people who simply want more out of life and I would not be surprised if you branched outside of the SD arena because you are just that effective. Maria

Won’t make that mistake again thanks to you

I’ve listened to the first module of Taylor’s ECourse, and its teaching me to SLOWWWW down and not assume that I have a sugar daddy just because someone has responded to my emails or gone on a date with me. I learned why I have lost a few good catches…because I was moving too quickly and I won’t make that mistake again. Iris

Found out what I’ve done wrong

After reading your book, I found out what I’ve done wrong with my sugar daddy. I know he’s type 2. Emotionally starved daddy. I had wrong way of approaching for what I want. He wanted to give me more but now he stepped back because of my suggestion for financial help. Jennifer

Beyond impressed

I gotta say, I am beyond impressed by the “speed of light” response. You always know what to say, how to help. Now re reading about it I don’t even know why I considered him and wasted my time. Your help is much appreciated as always. Joan

Got what I want from my new SD

Taylor, I finished your book “How To Ask” and I followed the directions, and actually got what I want from my new sugar daddy that I met! Lizette

Found my home

I finally found my home! How awesome is it that you came into my world! Dana

You’re tips and tricks is what helped me nail it!

I joined the Sugar Baby community, exactly one week ago. I stumbled upon it through the internet, and I started up immediately. I already have the perfect Sugar Daddy and I’ve read everything on your blog. You’re tips and tricks is what helped me nail it! But in the span of time that I’ve been dating the first one, I also got my mailbox full of other potentials. (Maybe your tips worked too well because that one profile has been reeling them in.) Alicia

Thanks a million!

I’ve utilized your material thus far to establish a plan of action to transition into the SB lifestyle. I’m excited but most of all goal-oriented. Thanks a million! Heather

Thank you for being an inspiration on my journey

I don’t talk about this lifestyle to anyone because I worry about how I might be perceived. You have helped me in the past, and I wanted to say thank you for being an inspiration on my journey! Karen

Thanks for the information

I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong for the longest and now I realize I wrote bad responses after reading your blue prints! Thanks for the information. Mariah

Helped me a lot

I get your emails. I love them. I can’t believe I get to talk to you. Honestly you have helped me a lot. MissSugar

Took her advice & tried something different

My photo-shoot went extremely well!! Thanks to Taylor, I took her advice and tried something different. Pearl

Gave me an entirely new outlook

I’ve been reading your SB/SD articles all day! Gave me an entirely new outlook on things! Thank you! Casey

Sugar Daddy Formula was like a light bulb

Thanks for the tips on how to dress on my profile picture and on a date Taylor! My first time experience was horrible and now from reading through the ecourse I realize why. I posted a cheesy bathroom mirror picture with boy shorts and a bra top (talk about a hot mess) and my profile consisted of me saying things like “I need a man to wine and dine me” , “My favorite hobby is shopping”, oh and “I like my men rich”. For some reason I just couldn’t understand why all I attracted where fake sugar daddy’s and perverted men hounding me like I was prey and sending pictures of their private areas to my email and phone, and then I discovered The Sugar Daddy Formula and it was like a light bulb went off in my head and from that day on I vowed to know everything there’s to know about the sugar world and how to know exactly to get what I want and find wealthy men to help me build my brand and businesses. I just need the correct techniques from you. Bri

Amazing with your advice

You are amazing with your advice!!! Omg I appreciate you and your words of advice and really comfort. You’re advice absolutely helps me rebuild me post-divorce as well! Empowering and remembering who we are. It’s so hard to find the right guy at 45 – and that are legit. I’m feeling good about myself and your emails are awesome. Your time and dedication and reply means so much to me!!! Rene

More I read…I began to believe I could achieve my dating goals

So many pick-up professionals, many seduction artists, for the right price, each one claims that their method is a solid guarantee to capture the most beautiful women, I didn’t know which one to pick. Then I found your website, and BAM! Success at last, I felt very comfortable with your approach as a male sugar baby, what you said made me feel excited, and the more I read about you and your techniques, I began to believe I could achieve my dating goals. Richard

Gave me the tools and the confidence

Taylor, you’re an angel and a smart and beautiful one at that! You gave me the tools and the confidence to portray myself as the smart ambitious woman that I am, and finally get my ducks in a row to attract the kind of man I was after. I stayed focus and dedicated myself to finding the right SD and guess what; I FOUND HIM!!!!!!! And he’s amazing in so many ways Taylor! We have so, so much in common and he’s understands how I deserve to be treated and is dedicated to helping me start and build my design business. He removed his profile today (I saw that he had not even connected since we made contact) and told me he sees me as his gf and we agreed that a monthly allowance is the best way to help me financially! 🙂 Tomorrow we’re going to spend the day together shopping and finally set the amount of my allowance (we both wanted to think it over) and then I will have finally hit my home run. He’s a simple guy but a rich executive and not cheap at all! I took things slow (no sex) and now I see how much that has increased my value! Chanel

EXACTLY the extra help I needed to change my state of mind and get what I want!

I’ve also managed to score two more solid potentials that I’ll keep in my back pocket in case things go south for any given reason, but I know my guy is looking for longterm and we’re definitely a good match for one another. I learned not to put my eggs in the same basket the hard way and if I can have different daddies doing different things for me, why the heck not!?! 😉 All this to say it’s in part thanks to you and your book. I’m not done just yet because I’m going to work my way through the entire program and reap all the benefits it has to offer me! All I know is that your system totally works and it may not be for every woman out there, but it sure was EXACTLY the extra help I needed to change my state of mind and get what I want! I’ll gladly refer some like-minded woman to your site and tell them that it was the best money I spent this year! Kelly