THIS is how you do a Sugar Baby's BEST Black Friday EVER!

THIS is how you do a Sugar Baby's BEST Black Friday EVER!
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My *Cringe* Moment…

In my early days as a Sugar Baby, I was playing the numbers game.

Which is fine! But I wasn’t keeping good track of who I was talking to.

(what’s your name again?)

I remember there was one guy I really liked, Jeff.

We went on a great date and had tons in common.

There was another guy, Dave. We spent some time texting but I wasn’t really feeling it. So I gave him the cold shoulder.

Jeff emails me to suggest another date and I take him up on it.

Only to arrive at the restaurant to find, DAVE?!

Or who I thought was Jeff…I got them totally mixed up.

Which meant I completely snubbed the guy I actually liked.


Thankfully, I’ve learned a lot from these beginner mistakes.

Not only do I understand how to attract Sugar Daddy’s aligned with my goals (and how to remember their names), but I also know to qualify them early on.

See, when I first began The Sugar Daddy Formula, I discovered something.

My clients struggled with two things:

  1. Attracting
  2. Asking

The same questions kept coming up…

Where do I find him? ?

How do I know he is Sugar Daddy material? ?

Why do I find it SO hard to ask for what I want? ?

Keep in mind that my clients are amazing and capable women, rock stars really.

But they struggled with this constantly.

So, I made it my mission to tackle these challenges head on.

I’ve taken hundreds of women down the path of most assistance, showing them how to attract, how to ask, and how to convert good men into even better Sugar Daddy’s ?

And I want to share this with even more women – because it’s proven to work.

That’s why you’re being poked.

The cart just opened for Sugar Baby’s Best Black Friday EVER!

Psst – It says Friday but the deals are live now ?

I’m going to show you how to attract your Sugar Daddy and ask for what you want, so you can start living that lifestyle you’ve been fantasizing about.

Choose from the following packages…

For Sugar’s ready to attract ideal Sugar Daddy’s direct from their profile:

Inside The Irresistible Profile Package, you’ll receive a bulletproof path to a profile that never fails.

Like bees to a honey pot, the resources included in this package will transform your profile into a Sugar Daddy’s greatest temptation.

^^^^^^This is exactly what has helped 100s of my clients attract elite level Sugar Daddy’s. And that’s just a preview ?

You’ll learn how to…

  • Fill-in-the-blanks for maximum appeal.
  • Write to your ideal prospect in a way that stops him mid-scroll, thinking, “she totally gets me!”.
  • Spark his deepest desires while guiding him into action.

You’ll also receive an invite to a LIVE Profile Workshop, as I transform a “meh” profile into a certified Sugar Daddy magnet.

Workshop Date: December 1

^^^^^^I can’t wait to have you join me on the LIVE workshops. And if you can’t make it you’ll get access to the replays.

And what if you need help getting him “Sugar Daddy Ready”?

For Sugar’s ready to get exactly what they want:

Inside The Sugar Daddy’s on Demand Package, you’ll learn precisely what it takes to make him your official Sugar Daddy (step-by-step instructions on WHAT to do and WHY).

This has made the difference between sporadic giving and mind-blowing assistance for my clients.

You’ll learn…

  • How to determine if he’s Sugar Daddy material.
  • Where to find the best Sugar Daddy’s for you (online).
  • How to lay the foundation to ask for what you want/ The key components of a successful pitch.

You’ll also get an invite to The Ultimate Sugar Daddy Workshop, which covers everything you need to know to land the best Sugar Daddy’s for YOU and YOUR goals. Workshop Date: December 9

…But what if you want both packages?

I LOVE the way you think!

For Sugar’s who want it all…

Enjoy the Double Daddy Discount.

You’ll get everything included in The Irresistible Profile Package AND The Sugar Daddy’s on Demand Package!

Here’s what you have access to (INSTANT download to templates & guide):

  • Profile Template Bundle catering to the 3 main types of Sugar Daddy arrangements
    (platonic, situationship, and relationship) & 39 BONUS Swipes (helpful phrases to reach your goals) Value $97
  • LIVE Profile Workshop in which we’ll transform an average profile into a certified Sugar Daddy magnet. Value $97
  • Make Him You Sugar Daddy Guide with step-by-step instructions on WHAT to do and WHY. Value $27
  • The Ultimate Sugar Daddy Workshop that covers everything you need to know to land the best Sugar Daddy’s for YOU and YOUR goals. Value $97

Look, I know it’s the holidays and getting another sales message may feel a bit WTF.


My realization?

If money is gonna be spent on Turkey and Netflix Subscriptions anyhow, how could I not want to encourage the investments to go into realizing your full Sugar Baby potential instead?

And because support is more important than ever…

I’m giving you both workshops for the price of one; the Double Daddy Discount  just for you.

Meaning…YOU CAN GET EVERYTHING FOR JUST $49! (savings of over $300)

With an additional bonus:

Enjoy FULL access to The SUBE Society (Sugars United Through Beneficial Encounters) for 30 days!

(When your free trial is over, you’ll get a special offer to grab a subscription at a super reduced rate if you stay).

The opportunity is here:

>>>Grab Your Sugar Baby Best Black Friday Ever Now<<<

My Black Friday Offerings are designed to teach ambitious women precisely what it takes to collect elite Sugar Daddy’s on demand (step-by-step instructions on WHAT to do and WHY).

And I think you might get a lot out of this deal.

This will help you…

  • Transform an average profile into a certified Sugar Daddy magnet.
  • Qualify prospects BEFORE you waste time.
  • Ask for what you want with confidence.
  • Make him your official Sugar Daddy (no ambiguity here).
  • Scale up your success, consistently!
  • Have support alongside of you (no more going at this alone)!!!

I’m excited to be doing this because nobody has had an easy time this year…but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

That light is your future lifestyle shimmering like a pile of diamonds.

>>>Grab Your  Sugar Baby’s Best Black Friday EVER! by Clicking Here<<<

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Taylor B. Jones

I’m a Sugar Baby strategist, profile writer and educator on all things Sugar Daddy dating - attracting him, asking for what you want (or more of it, until you’re building wealth and expanding opportunity).

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