How To Get Him To See You As Worth It

How To Get Him To See You As Worth It

Let me take a wild guess. You got into this lifestyle because you want to change your current situation.

You want the mentoring, the experience, the opportunities…and the REAL perks that come with a beneficial relationship. Right?

That’s why it’s not enough to say the bare minimum (AKA those “trigger words” you see everyone else saying; mutually beneficial, generous, and loves to spoil.)

It’s important because how you describe yourself and what you want are KEY to setting perception.

And KEY to getting what you want.

When everyone sounds the same, your value is reduced.

You know what I mean here…men start trying to bargain with you.

You’re asking for $3,000 a month for financial assistance?

Psh, I can take someone to dinner for $100!

Of course, you know that what you can offer is different…and maybe even one-of-a kind. But does he know that based on what you shared? Nope.

I used to speak with prospects who couldn’t afford what I was looking for or didn’t want to provide in the way I needed. I would entertain undesirables, lower my standards, and settle for less.

I wasted time. I started accepting situations where I really wasn’t comfortable. It led to a completely bad experience for me…and I knew I needed to make a change.

I started adjusting my perception from the start.

It worked.

I got what I wanted as a result.

I found a better approach.

Which I am going to share with you now so pay close attention.

Figuring out WHY he would actually WANT to provide takes precedence over pitching what YOU want out of the arrangement. Of course, you will get there (asking for what you want)…and the goal is to make it count when you do.

Simply said, you have to pitch the relationship and NOT the arrangement.

Very few people wonder, “Why is he on a SD dating site right now?”

And that’s a mistake. It will cost you. Because knowing what he wants, and what he is missing is your golden ticket to Sugar Baby success.

With this, you can begin positioning yourself as the one he needs (and not the other way around).

Make sense?

…So how do you get that vital information without blurting out, “Why are you here?”

It pays to be subtle.

Notice if he is a retired man (who likely craves companionship) or a top executive (with a hectic work life).

Is he married or single? Content or restless? Younger or older?

What does he really want to experience with a Sugar Baby?

Yes, you haven’t met him before. But read between the lines. Someone who is lacking physical intimacy will respond differently than someone who is seeking companionship to avoid feeling lonely.

Someone who is retired will have a different routine than someone who spends 12 hours in the office.

This piece of the puzzle helps you guess what he is missing in his life.

You now have an advantage. Position yourself as the person who will break this monotony/ loneliness/ stress…and see how quickly he starts fighting for you.

As always, knowledge is power. You’re already way better equipped to provide the right seduction environment, pitch your terms, and make him your Sugar Daddy!

…But sometimes easier said than done, right?

Continue your Sugar Daddy education with my new guide; Make Him Your Sugar Daddy!  

Delve further inside the mind of your prospective Sugar Daddy. You’ll learn best practices on leading with your worth, maintaining authenticity, and securing major upgrades via his financial generosity.

This Signature Sugar Guide Will Help You…

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  2. Understand the triggers that prompt a Sugar Daddy to provide.
  3. Navigate common challenges in setting your arrangement foundation.
  4. ENJOY SUGAR BABY SUCCESS MUCH FASTER! And all that it brings…

Oh, and this isn’t just a guide. I actually walk you through how to best position yourself (step-by-step instructions on WHAT to do and WHY). Follow me down the path of Most Assistance.


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Taylor B. Jones

I’m a Sugar Baby strategist, profile writer and educator on all things Sugar Daddy dating - attracting him, asking for what you want (or more of it, until you’re building wealth and expanding opportunity).

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