the blurred lines of Sugaring (which side are you on?)

the blurred lines of Sugaring (which side are you on?)

I like sex. I enjoy it. It’s true.

Under the right conditions, of course, sex is great.

I suspect I’m not alone in this. Can I get a “wooooop wooooop!”

Given that I like sex so much, and given that I get such great feedback from my partner, it only stands to reason that I should seriously consider a career in it. Right?


The very first time I joined a Sugar Daddy site, I became someone that I thought I never would be.

Yep! Perhaps it happened to you.

Caught up in the glamour of being with a Sugar Daddy…hoping he was the real deal, I soon realized he was just looking for one great night. He slipped some cash as a “thank you” (some Sugars might only get a meal) and I never heard from him again.

…How did this happen, I thought!

See, I was naïve. Sold on the promise that the dating sites portrayed. The reality is that they don’t tell you it takes more than just showing up.

They don’t tell you what you have to DO, how you have to position yourself, pitch your terms, and guide the relationship in a way that works for YOU.

Sugaring can quickly becomes something else when you don’t take the wheel.

While I do enjoy sex, here’s why it may not be the best career choice (for me).

  1. The things I like doing for fun are not always the things I like getting paid for…with people I don’t necessarily like.

When you’re having sex for fun, you’re allowed to stop.

If you get a little past your comfort level, or your partner is asking for too much, or you’re not having fun anymore, or you’re too tired, or you’ve got a headache, or you’re just not in the damn mood, you can stop having sex.

When you’re getting paid, nobody’s much interested in whether or not you’re in the mood. Sex workers have boundaries too, of course…

But unless you’ve got your boundaries established , it’s hard.

  1. Having sex for money makes me feel like a {insert that word…you know what I’m talking about}.

When you’re giving your body freely, it feels like a gift.

When you’re giving your body in exchange for money, it becomes transactional. While this could be exciting at first, eventually it feels like a job.

NOTE: I’m bringing my own personal bent into this, which maybe you share and maybe you don’t. We are all pitching ourselves in some capacity (sex or no sex).

While I support sex workers 100%, I’m better suited at Sugaring.


With Sugaring, the relationship can be established over time. Step by step.

And I find that the bond between Sugar Baby and Sugar Daddy is stronger than client and provider. Or at least, the potential for a strong bond is higher (not saying that it can’t for a client).

Additionally, there’s more room for companionship and other arrangement agreements.

Sugaring very frequently goes beyond sex in my experience. There’s room for it to expand into mentorship, friendship, adventure, and even business relationship (and can start off that way).

You make it what you want.


Whatever route you choose while approaching this lifestyle, there are a few questions that you have to ask yourself (before you give it years of your life).

  1. Is what I am willing to give up to get what I want worth the return?
  2. Is it worth the investment of my energy and time?

If you’re satisfied with your answers, you know you are on your path.

If it feels unbalanced, it’s time to reassess.

Just be true to you.

…For those of you who feel that Sugaring is more aligned with what you want, follow me down the path of Most Assistance via my new guide.  

MAKE HIM YOUR SUGAR DADDY! includes real life examples from Sugar Baby’s just like you. Learn what they did wrong and how they corrected – or could have corrected – their course towards big financial success.

This Signature Sugar Guide will help you…

  1. Get him “Ready” for the relationship you WANT.
  2. Understand the triggers that prompt a Sugar Daddy to provide.
  3. Navigate common challenges in setting your arrangement foundation.
  4. ENJOY SUGAR BABY SUCCESS! And all that it brings…

Oh, and this isn’t just a guide. I actually walk you through how to best position yourself (step-by-step instructions on WHAT to do and WHY).

Here’s to paving the way for getting what you want!


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Taylor B. Jones

I’m a Sugar Baby strategist, profile writer and educator on all things Sugar Daddy dating - attracting him, asking for what you want (or more of it, until you’re building wealth and expanding opportunity).

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