The Sugar Daddy Formula

A Sugar Baby’s Ultimate
Guide to Finding a Wealthy
Sugar Daddy

Get a head start with 3 tried-and-true relationship success options

Attracting and setting the foundation to a beneficial relationship can be confusing and frustrating.

Trying to find answers to your questions including where to search, what to do next and how to ask for what you want can leave you feeling more confused than when you started.

You’re the kind of girl that has a lot to offer and is ready for more in your life.

A whole lot more!

You have accomplished a lot on your own and have plenty to be proud of.


You know that there’s more waiting for you and it’s time to start leveraging your relationships.

So you Google “how to find a sugar daddy” & “how do I ask for what I want”, and hop from one blog post to another, jump from one social media account to another and try to put all these pieces of advice and suggestions together to make it work for you.


When you try to make sense of it - to apply it to get your first date, establish your worth or even just write your profile - you experience confusion and it all leaves you feeling hopeless.

You may be wondering...?

  • Do I have what it takes to make this work for me?
  • How do I attract a generous man?
  • Where do I even find a wealthy man?
  • What do I write in my profile to attract the RIGHT relationship for me?
  • How do I do this without coming across as a gold-digger?
  • How do I ask for what I want (and actually get it)?
  • Or just simply... What do I do next?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then I have some important news for you…

You’re NOT alone.

In fact, those questions are based on my years of personal experience and from learning about this area of my life for my own growth and success.

Wouldn’t you love it if…

  • Your profile on the dating website stands out from the hordes of other women and you come across as someone that a generous man would love to connect and spend time with.

  • You don’t find yourself entertaining undesirable men that give you nothing in return while you keep giving them everything they need.

  • You know exactly how to position yourself and how to ask in the right way for what you want without coming across as a gold-digger or turning him off.

  • You’re really clear about your goals, expectations from the lifestyle you seek and your emotional commitments to your relationship before you even take your first step.

  • You’re completely in control of the experiences you want to create for yourself.

  • Your projection of yourself through your perception is enticing and intriguing. Wealthy men that you wish to attract, feel drawn in and compelled to make the first move. Most importantly your perception evokes trust.

If that sounds like what you’d love, then The Sugar Daddy Formula is exactly what you need to jumpstart your lifestyle.

Even if you just started out and are looking for help with the basics.

Even if you’re sick and tired of searching for the perfect benefactor (where is he?!) and close to giving up.

Even if you’re lacking the confidence to market yourself and ask for what you want.

The Sugar Daddy Formula will work for you.

I’ve read other books but they didn’t help me...
Taylor breaks everything down

“I'm fairly new to this lifestyle and I have to admit, I was totally lost at first about the whole art of being Sugar Baby. I didn't know what to do... I basically was about to write off the whole idea - and, trust me, I've read other works but they didn't help me/guide me - but then I stumbled across Taylor and “The Sugar Daddy Formula.” After reading/studying it, I am much clearer on what it means to be a true SB and how to successfully find the perfect SD. The way she breaks everything down and explains things so you know exactly what to do (and more importantly on what NOT to do), is extremely beneficial. This book changed everything for me!”

Get ready to upgrade your relationships with…


A Sugar Baby’s Ultimate Guide to Finding a Wealthy Sugar Daddy

Say goodbye to winging it and endless hours Googling all your questions because your step-by-step formula with all the answers is waiting for you!

THE SUGAR DADDY FORMULA is all about giving you the unfair advantage you need to start doing things that actually make a difference so you can attract the right relationships that’s perfect for you and get exactly what you want.

Renewed Inspiration

"The Sugar Daddy Formula is a mind altering read that kept me up all night after working a double shift. Any fatigue I may have had was annihilated after reading the preface and introduction. Taylor’s advice, examples and instructions are as clear as the waters encompassing the Maldives Islands. Knowing that there is someone out there who wasn't ripped out of a Vogue Magazine and managed to be a successful is beyond motivating."


Here’s what you’ll learn in the Sugar Daddy Formula Book

  • Understand your mindset and why you need to know which type of relationship is right for you based on the category you fall under, and the type of man to attract. This is one of the most important yet often overlooked steps in the Sugar Baby game…page 13
  • Discover the right approach for you according to your goals and expectations. Learn the structured and systematic approach to achieving your goals, and know why you’re doing what you’re doing…page 39
  • How to find the right website to attract your generous man and how to use your profile pictures to tell a visual story that gives the impression you want to make…page 65
  • How to create a profile that captures his attention and interest right from the first sentence and holds it as he devours every last word…page 71
  • The proven and powerful formula for attracting the right man that does not require exquisite beauty of a perfect body. Discover what it does require instead…page 163
  • How to setup the foundation to getting what you without turning him off…page 185
  • The 10 biggest mistakes most make that you might be making too, and what to do about them. Discover how to stop these mistakes from wasting your time and setting you back by years…page 225
  • How to handle being rejected without letting it stop you from reaching your goals…page 235
  • How to create your Sugar Baby Action Plan and pave a clear path ahead so that you never go off-track when you’re on your own…page 241
  • And so much more…like the exact 4-step process to taking your online relationship to in-person.

For those Sugar Babies who see this as a business, Taylor has given you your business plan in The Sugar Daddy Formula."

David Montrose, Author of Sugar Daddy Diaries

Get started now with the right option for your relationship needs!

I searched all over the internet…but not as detailed & helpful as Taylor

"After my marriage ended I was struggling financially. I was lonely and decided to try online dating and learned about Sugar dating. I had no idea what that was or even how to be a Sugar Baby so I searched all over the internet. I found some info but not as detailed and helpful as Taylor's."

French Candy

Lots of women want to change their life, but not sure how…Here’s your answer: Taylor

"What I love about Taylor and her book The Sugar Daddy Formula is that, she not only shares her life experience and lots of knowledge, but is also a fantastic life coach! She takes your hand and shows you step by step how to succeed in life, in business and, most importantly, how to create a life You want and You deserve. Lots of women want to change their life, but it may be hard without knowing what (and how) to do it. Well, here's your answer: Taylor B. Jones!"


Savvy approach to the business and emotional aspect of beneficial dating

"The Sugar Daddy Formula offers a very savvy approach to the business and emotional aspect of beneficial dating. I read this book intently and plan on re-reading it and referring back to it again. I encourage any girl interested in this lifestyle to do the same! I can’t thank Taylor enough for her honesty (even the brutal kind!), insight and ingenious approach."



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