“Where To Attract Ideal Sugar Daddy’s”

“Who Else Wants To ‘Upgrade Their Relationships’ And Find Their IDEAL Sugar Daddy’s Who Are Worth 5x-10x More Than Your Last Relationship - AND Are Generous?”


For the first time EVER, I’m revealing my confidential “secret Sugar Daddy Formula” for finding your ideal Sugar Daddy.

And we’re not just talking about finding which “Sugar Daddy dating sites” are best that you’ll find every Sugar Baby googling & scrambling to post their profile on - like SeekingArrangement, SugarDaddie, ArrangementFinders, and [insert that site you have your profile on].

If you’re looking to “upgrade your relationships” and start attracting Sugar Daddy’s who are worth 5x to 10x your typical Sugar Daddy, then this workshop will cut to the chase and give you the answers you’re looking for.

This is what I use to find “whales” for my clients who have spent up to $5,000 with me. And we’re not just talking about the “typical” ways of crafting a dating profile and searching based on their income like how everybody else searches.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover in this FREE Workshop:

  • Why I stopped depending on Sugar Daddy dating sites to deliver a Sugar Daddy.

  • 3 ways to target your ideal Sugar Daddy. Best part: These strategies don’t require you to pay for a dating site. You can implement this strategy as soon as tomorrow. This is “whale hunting” at its best!

  • How to target “wealthy men” without them knowing it and have them slowly turn into your Sugar Daddy…so you can eventually “warm them up” to provide you with what you want. This sure beats pay-per-play arrangements like most Sugars end up in.

By the time you finish this workshop, you’ll be able to determine who your “ideal Sugar Daddy’s” are.

One client found a pool of men investing millions, and made connections. She implemented this one simple “trick” to get them to notice her.

Another client positioned herself to speak with millionaires, and ended up dating one.

This isn’t just about searching on a dating site income field to target your Sugar Daddy’s.

This is about discovering opportunities to increase your success. My workshop, “Where To Attract Ideal Sugar Daddy’s” will solve this for you. If you don’t want to waste time playing the waiting game then you’ll love this training.

About Taylor B. Jones

Taylor B. Jones is a Sugar Baby Success Coach, Dating Profile-writing Alchemist, author, matchmaker, and founder of the unconventional relationship resource dating site, The Sugar Daddy Formula. After removing her own discomfort with the fear of asking for what she wanted and settling in undesirable relationships.

Taylor evolved her lifestyle through her relationships to become financially independent. She specializes in helping women attract Sugar Daddy’s, find the right words that will resonate with SD’s, own their worth by asking for it, and leverage their relationships to build wealth.

Taylor created the Sugar Daddy Formula to support Sugar Baby’s struggling with Sugar Daddy dating and not finding a solution, and also to let Sugar Baby’s know that there is one.


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