All Sugar Daddies Are Alike – Right?: Distinguishing Sugar-Daddy Personalities Can Be the Key to Riches

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When it comes down to it, many Sugar Babies tend to think that all Sugar Daddies are alike. They think of Sugar Daddies as older men who have little to give but their money, while the Sugar Baby has to flaunt her “assets” to gain the attention of a Sugar Daddy with plenty of money.

First and foremost, this Sugar Daddy stereotype is completely false. All Sugar Daddies are certainly not alike – and if you don’t know the types of Sugar Daddies that you’re likely to encounter, you could end up missing out on your ideal Sugar Daddy.

Being able to seduce your Sugar Daddy and captivate his mind boils down to knowing his Sugar Daddy personality type – and what makes him tick. Once you’ve identified what personality type your Sugar Daddy falls under, you can provide him with the qualities that will make him feel emotionally fulfilled and valued – and that translates into better Sugar Baby rewards for you.

So what are these Sugar Daddy personality types? Take a look for yourself:

  • The Mercenary Sugar Daddy: The Mercenary Sugar Daddy falls into two subtypes: Old Money and New Money. A Sugar Daddy who is used to money (Old Money) is bored by what it can get him; therefore, he’s looking for a Sugar Baby who’s intriguing, intelligent and classy. The New Money Sugar Daddy, on the other hand, is looking for a flashy Sugar Baby who’s a handful in the bedroom.

  • The Emotionally Starved Sugar Daddy: This Sugar Daddy is looking for an emotional connection, because he has unmet needs due to his sexless marriage or single lifestyle. He craves touching and attention, so you’ll need to be continually reassuring him and making him feel as though you’re absolutely happy to be with him.
  • The Sugar Daddy Enhancer: This worldly and adventurous Sugar Daddy wants a Sugar Baby who is attractive and articulate, so make sure you’re an eclectic spirit who can keep up with his adventurous ways both in and out of the bedroom.
  • The Traditional Sugar Daddy: This Sugar Daddy makes a lot of money, but his values haven’t changed. He wants a Sugar Baby who he can care for and love, but he’s wary of gold diggers. He’s looking for a Sugar Baby who’s motivated by something other than financial benefits, so don’t bring up your finances too early in the relationship.

As you can see, not all Sugar Daddies are alike – so get out there and find the perfect one for you!
What Sugar Daddy personality are you the most attracted to? Which ones are you the least compatible with?

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