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David Montrose never considered himself in the midst of a mid-life crisis. But when he discovered that his marriage was moving into the parenthood stage of life, he craved the rush and excitement that comes with meeting a new woman.

But he did something rather different. He used his business savvy, resources, and knowledge to seek out beautiful, talented, and sophisticated younger women who were eager to learn from him – and thus, his Sugar Daddy adventures began.

Now the mind behind and author of “The Sugar Daddy Diary” (now available on, David Montrose offers Sugar Babies a unique perspective: the inner workings of the Sugar Daddy dating mind. So what are some pearls of wisdom that Montrose is willing to pass on to us Sugar Babies?

Twitter Interview with David Montrose

  1. @SugarDaddyDavid Tell us a little bit about you: Who is David Montrose?
  2. @taylorjones David is a finance guy, ex sugar daddy, low key and discreet, with a spicy side. He loves to talk about his sugar adventures, sugar and spice, lol

    @SugarDaddyDavid I’m loving the spicy side!

  3. What are your SB turnoffs & SB turn-on’s?
  4. @taylorjones Turn ons: I love an SB who is down to earth and has life goals and career goals, and knows how to put herself together

    Turn offs: a gold digger, who only asks what I can do for her at that moment, and just goes through life with no direction.

  5. What is the nicest thing a SB said or did for you?
  6. @taylorjones That if I wasn’t married she would snap me up! Seriously! Another one mentioned how down to earth I was, not at all stereotype, another one actually brought me my favorite dessert: key lime pie, whenever we met.

    @SugarDaddyDavid The Sweet Treat was a nice touch! With her doing that how did it make you feel?

  7. Have you dated more than one SB at a time?
  8. @taylorjones Yes. Sometimes I was not too interested in one SB so I would still keep looking for another one that was more suitable. Other times I felt I was falling for that SB. So as a defense mechanism I would see a second one as well. After all we are not supposed to fall for each other.
    I was endeared by her. I thought: even in this NSA, good feelings can develop among 2 people Amazingly. She actually read the blog and knew I liked key lime pie.

    @SugarDaddyDavid Interesting: why didn’t you want to fall for the SB?

    @taylorjones because it is NSA in the end. We felt great with each other but … Anyway, I wish it lasted a bit longer though.

    @SugarDaddyDavid Do you agree that good feelings can develop out of this relationship along with an emotional connection?

    @taylorjones definitely. And if circumstances were different SD and SBs can develop into a real life relationship#

  9. How do you feel about gifts & a Regular Allowance?
  10. @taylorjones I am fine with either one of those. Whatever 2 adults can agree upon is ok. Before I give a regular allowance I need to trust. An old SB once gave me this idea: she wanted a gift each time we met for the first month we were together. Then, once trust was developed after a month or so, we could go on the allowance system. I still think that’s a great idea.
  11. Do you bring it up first or allow the Sugar Baby to speak about establishing an allowance first?
  12. @taylorjones I like to bring it up first and get the conversation going. So I would ask her what her expectations are and see what she says the reason I think this is a great idea is because there are scammers out there so want to make sure I don’t fall for the scam.

    @SugarDaddyDavid That’s clever of you. By allowing the SB to reveal her expectations allows you to see if you are a right fit.

  13. How do you respond when your SB asks for something?
  14. @taylorjones I usually don’t like to negotiate, I don’t think it’s classy. Either I like someone enough to do this or I don’t. Hopefully we meet flexible people and meet each other eye to eye, Yes. And if she is reasonable, she will likely get what she wants. Depends how she asks. If she thinks she is entitled to the best of everything in the first few minutes we meet, answer is no. But if she tries to work with me, then I will give her as much as I can. I am flexible with the right person. But we have to have good chemistry first.
  15. What makes you end your SB relationship fast?
  16. @taylorjones If she is too greedy or aggressive. Also if there is no chemistry in/out of the bedroom. I see sugar relationships as real life relationships with a twist. We kiss lots of frogs before finding a good SB. Let me add one more thing: I like quick break ups. If there is a bad vibe going on, I am out of there.

    @SugarDaddyDavid lol! We as SB’s Kiss lots of Sugar Toads to find our Sugar Daddy but worth it when we find the right one too.

    @taylorjones exactly Taylor. Just like real relationships, but with a slight ‘twist’.

  17. What are the red flags trouble is brewing?
  18. @taylorjones If communication becomes too one sided, it means the SD or SB is being distracted by something or someone else. A sure sign of things coming to an end, when one party is not being responsive any more.
  19. How Do you Break off a SB Relationship?
  20. @taylorjones there is no easy way. I like clean breaks as those are the best for everyone. Make it painless, if possible. It’s better to do it in person of course. But this day and age so much communication is online or via text, So many times I have broken up through email. Just saying: ‘this is not working anymore, I can’t do this, I need to move on’. Ideally the break up would be in person along with a parting gift. But , sadly, many times it doesn’t work out that way.

    @SugarDaddyDavid clean breaks are never clean & easy but it must be done if you aren’t feeling the relationship anymore.

    @taylorjones that’s right. And many times I have regretted breaking it off. That is the worse feeling.
    @SugarDaddyDavid Wow, a “parting gift!” I am sure the look on their faces as U gives it to them and as they walk off is priceless.

    @taylorjones well, it makes things a bit easier, if that’s at all possible.

  21. How long do you take to read a SB’s profile?
  22. @taylorjones Not too long. People lie a lot on their profiles. Everyone says they like older men, that they are not gold diggers, that they want a mentor etc etc. I prefer to meet in person and see how the actual interaction and chemistry goes but if we meet in person ad all they do is talk about themselves, then the best online profile doesn’t do u any good.
  23. How important is the pic? How do you react to erotic SB profile pics?
  24. @taylorjones pics are good but again, I prefer the personal meeting as a man I of course like erotic pictures, lol. But I also like class. So I wouldn’t take too seriously someone with nudity on their profile. It shows low class, in my view.

    @SugarDaddyDavid I think low class too. Almost like going into hooker territory.

    @taylorjones Yes. I am not looking for an escort or a stripper. SB is supposed to be someone with some class.

  25. What qualities does a SB have to have to be your SB or what do you look for?
  26. @taylorjones I like the girl next door type. She doesnt need to be a drop dead model type. I like someone who has enough looks. Personality, the whole package in the right combination. Also she must have a life outside of sugar, so I am interested to get to know her to some extent, bedroom skills alone only last 1 or 2 dates.
  27. What about age? Is age really just a number as long as one is legal and mature? asked by PoorCandyBaby from the Tumblr blog
  28. @taylorjones age is not a number. Of course she must be legal and mature. In general my favorite age is 27 to 35. Just my opinion

    @SugarDaddyDavid why that age range?

    @taylorjones just makes me feel more comfortable and have more in common because by that time they have been out in the world by themselves for some time, and they have matured, they don’t live with mommy anymore, they are out of school and into the working world, with all the life lessons from that. And I love single moms too! What a turn on!

    @SugarDaddyDavid I think our older SB’s can find it comforting to know that you don’t have to be a young SB to grab her a SD!

    @taylorjones absolutely! A 35 year old woman in good shape….Look out! I once dated a 40 year old SB who was having trouble with her expenses.Of course I have also met 21 to 25 year olds that are also very mature for their age. But in general I like older

  29. Is race ever an issue with you?
  30. @taylorjones no. I like all kinds of women, lol. But she needs class and good manners and brings something to the table. So race is secondary.
  31. BrownSucre from Tumblr just asked “What questions should a sugar baby ask Pots during the first meeting?”
  32. @taylorjones They should ask the Pot if he has been in a sugar situation before. If he has not u may want to reconsider. She should also ask about past relationships, how long did they last and how did they end. Also ask the type of help he gave his other SB’s. Finally, find out if he is single or married. If single look out: he might be looking for a girlfriend not a NSA sugar baby.

    @SugarDaddyDavid Good Stuff! We LOVE our Single Sugar Daddies ; ) & BONUS no Kids (plus for the right SB a relationship if she wants that 2)

  33. Has a SB ever dumped you? & Why?
  34. @taylorjones I have done lots of dumping and have also been dumped. Why? I think she got a better deal someplace else, lol. NSA at its best sad but true.
  35. I have one more question! lol. So how old is Sugar Daddy David? Some SB’s are wanting to know
  36. @taylorjones in his 40’s.

    Want to learn more about the inner workings of a Sugar Daddy’s mind? Visit Montrose’s website at, or check out his book, “The Sugar Daddy Diary”, available on now.
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