Don’t think your Potential Sugar Daddy is talking about you?…Well, think again…

Money is pretty much THE issue in landing sugar babes. Many of of us have categorized these girls as to their motivation and life circumstances IOHO of course. They have educated themselves as to the going rate for escorts in this area and I think that is their starting point in negotiating with us. It totally depends on desperation I believe. Nando type I ‘s, for example, are desperately poor, usually have kids and no support, and can’t work (or don’t want to) , therefore will discount their services. Nevertheless, the rate here seems to be from $ to $$$. Vegas and the Left coast. Probably talking a lot higher. If you start high you will never be able to go down, so I think $$-$$.5 is reasonable for an extended date-even overnight. If they want to be paid by the hour then you might as well see escorts and not risk falling for a SB. And the room is covered. GPS (golden pussy syndrome) exists and is alive and well unfortunately. If the girl wants way above the area rate then run like hell. Pussy is pussy and in no way shape or form is a dallience worth over $$$ unless she is a virgin fashion model and you are popping that cherry for the first time.

Long term costs are high and depend on the number of babies you want on your string and how often you want to play. With SB’s you have higher costs than escorts because 1) you pay her 2) you cover the room. 3) you wine and dine her. 4) perhaps you bring a gift, so her fee is only the beginning. A golden rule that we all must follow. And many of us don’t and get burned. Is. Do not pay in advance expecting her to work off the advance. I should repeat that in several different languages. I keep thinking that my Junk is so special that the baby will be honest and true to me. Wrong!

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A Smart Sugar Baby is always informed!

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