Forbidden Fruit: Tempting Your Sugar Daddy All Along the Way

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The ability to create temptation might feel like a random personality trait; after all, some women are certainly more “tempting” than others. But this is an illusion: every Sugar Baby has the ability to become a temptress, as it has less to do with physical beauty and more to do with your ability to understand your Sugar Daddy’s innermost desires.

To create temptation in your Sugar Daddy, you need to lure him in by giving him a glimpse of pleasures to come. You need to awaken a desire in your Sugar Daddy that he cannot control. To do so, you need to find the void in him that you can fulfill. This could be an emotional void or a physical void; whether he’s looking for a Sugar Baby who truly listens to him or a Sugar Baby who makes him feel like a “real man”, it’s up to you to find that void.

Once you do find that void, you need to hint that you can lead him towards it. But don’t come outright with your ability to fulfill his fantasies, as he might think that you’re coming on too strong. The key is to keep it vague, as if you stimulate your Sugar Daddy’s curiosity, he will surely follow.

With regards to your Sugar Baby profile, your first picture can create temptation by keeping it discreet but promising. Wear a fashionable dress or post a picture that shows only your face. He’ll be curious to discover more about you. Also, don’t be too quick to agree to an overnight visit, as this will definitely derail your efforts to create temptation. Build up anticipation and keep him to the point where he’s practically begging for you.

Now that you know how to create temptation, it’s time to go out there and bring your Sugar Daddy to his knees with your seductive ways!

You know you’re a tempting Sugar Baby – so what exactly do you do to peak his interests and tempt him?

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