How One Sugar Baby Negotiated A Massive Allowance Increase

Imagine what you could do with an extra grand a month…

Or two grand…

Or even five thousand dollars…

The possibilities seem endless, don’t they?

But before you can start getting that extra money, you need to answer this pivotal question: what does an allowance mean to you?

Negotiation is one of the most powerful ways to earn what you deserve.

To put it bluntly, Sugar Babies suck at negotiation and leave tons of opportunities on the table each year.

So how can you improve your negotiation skills – and start getting the kind of allowance you deserve?

Negotiation is about overcoming your fears, understanding your value, and communicating it persuasively to others.

If you can master a simple allowance negotiation, you can master so many other areas of life.

Now, there will be some Sugar Babies who will want simple tactics. “Taylor,” they’ll say, “Gimme some tactics!! What are the magical words to use to penetrate their minds? If you just tell me the right words, I’ll be unstoppable!”

I want to teach you the deeper strategy behind negotiating for a better allowance. Anyone can memorize a list of words. But the pattern among the most successful Sugar Babies is the ability to deeply understand what’s going on behind the scenes within their Sugar Daddies’ minds.

How do you change approaches if your Sugar Daddy balks at what you want?

What if he flat-out says, “No, not going to do that?”

Learn how to negotiate for what you’re worth – discover The Sugar Daddy Formula today.

The only one to blame for your pittance of an allowance is yourself. If you don’t know how to ask for what you want, then you won’t get it. And it really is as simple as that.

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  1. Jezebel LeFleur

    The one thing I have learned about negotiations is: It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. Always ask for it kindly, make sure he’s in a good mood and always show appreciation. Acting entitled is the best way to get a NO answer from your SD.

    1. Post
      Taylor Jones

      You are correct! It’s how you say it makes all the difference in the world and of course timing plays a part in it too. A Sugar Baby shouldn’t feel a certain way for asking for what they want and definitely shouldn’t feel guilty period. You are already being valued less because you are a Sugar Baby. Be confident. And if he says “no”:
      Don’t get mad back at them, just be measured and direct the conversation to a resolution. Reread that. A lot of times what happens is that when Sugar Babies hear the word “No” they shut down and get angry and that is it. By directing the conversation towards a resolution the potential Sugar Daddy you can allow him to counter-offer and see if you can come to an agreement.

      Sometimes it might not be in their budget as sites might only have an option for $1K-$3K which doesn’t reflect realistic amounts on what they can’t do
      but if you open the conversation it will allow you to see what it is that they can do and possibly could be beneficial to you and your lifestyle.

  2. Jezebel LeFleur

    I agree! When I have an issue and need money or whatever. I have a problem and a resolution already constructed. I then approach my SD and tell him my problem (I don’t let him know I have a resolution already because he might offer an even better solution 😀 lol)

    Then I listen and allow him to tell me his thoughts. If he doesn’t propose a solution or asks me what can he do I then present him my resolution. Sometimes he says yes right away. Sometimes he doesn’t.

    However the key point is I don’t get angry!!

    I let him know how much this is stressing me out and I stroke his ego by telling him how I admire how he has everything in his life so well put together and one day strive to get to where he is and I also let him know I value his input. Then I suggest we “brainstorm together” and this usually leads to him solving my problem 🙂

  3. BigNews Sugar

    This is excellent advice. I would also suggest that it is quite possible many daddies can’t really comitt to a specific allowance. However they are likely creative and resourceful. Most are successful because they have been able to conquer challenges and overcome obstacles with creative solutions. My best advice is that sharing is always a two way street be sensitive to what your daddy may be dealing with as well as your own challenge. So often it happens that we all seem to face problems at the same time.

    1. Post
      Taylor Jones

      Big News, I like your suggestion! And a lot of Sugar Babies miss out on the resourcefulness of what their Sugar Daddies can provide. And a Sugar Baby should always value his advice not his finances as his money might be limited, but once you know what he knows the opportunities are endless.

  4. rva

    Good approach to a very delicate negotiating issue. I would suggest that from a SD’s perspective allowances should always be a flexible issue and never a static one. As in any business negotiation the parties should always define expectations and projected returns. This may sound cold and calculated but unrealized expectations can many time translate into bruised egos. This is the last thing one needs in a personal relationship.

  5. galnextdoor

    I have met a POT that wants an arrangement, but isn’t comfortable with a number. He just says he wants to provide for me. He did give me $200.00 after our second meeting. How do I approach knowing what the allowance will be? I’ve asked in different ways, but cannot get a straight answer. I did have a situation that was stressing me out with my kids financially. He asked how much but it was like $5,000. He said he couldn’t help b/c that much was too traceable, which I understand. Thoughts???

    1. Post
      Taylor Jones

      What is your value to him? Can he afford you? Just because you are seeking $X it doesn’t mean that you are going to get it. After all, you will meet a lot of people who would like to have an arrangement but not everybody will view the arrangement the same as what you are expecting. Just because you want $X doesn’t meant they can “afford” to financially help they way you are wanting someone to. The one you have can’t afford you. Nothing you can do about that but seek out a higher-caliber of man who has more disposable income at his disposal. Plus, you can ask the person to be specific in terms of what his financial contribution would be if you are seeking that type of arrangement in which he is providing you an allowance. You have to do a better job at qualifying him.

  6. Lily

    There is a man who is the owner of a restaurant that I’ve frequented for the past five years. We’ve always had friendly chats when I’ve come in to purchase takeout orders. Recently we had a conversation that got a little more personal, such as him asking me if I had a family of my own or a boyfriend, etc. When I replied that I am alone and have never been married, he asked “Not even anyone to play with?” During another conversation he asked me what kinds of things I like to do. I told him about my hobbies and weekly activities, which include charity work with the homeless, etc. He immediately replied with a giggle, “I need charity.” I caught him off guard with, “What do you need?” He kept nervously laughing, which is when I said, “C’mon, we’re all adults here…what do you need?” He then said, “We’ll talk.” I said, okay. I’ve already gleaned from other conversations that he is a financial consultant who is married, owns a small restaurant/bar, is in his mid-to-late 40s and that he and his wife have no children. So my question is: Even though this sounds like a win-win situation, how do I negotiate the right allowance because I’ve never done this before?

    1. Post
      Taylor Jones

      There is a process in which I ask. And I teach that to my clients with understanding what you are negotiating and understanding the worth of what is being negotiated based on your target. It takes understanding your target to know how to position yourself and using that as leverage. Otherwise you are negotiating your relationship blindly. Just because an opportunity presents itself doesn’t open the floodgates to his Money VAULT. So, you have background information on him. Okay. And that gives you an idea of his situation. How does it equate to what you will get or what he will do? It doesn’t. How you ask makes a difference and how you bring it up too if you are trying to get the allowance you seek. What you want might not be what he would want to provide? Do you know the answer to that? If you don’t. How will you approach negotiating the relationship you want if you don’t know if he wants to provide in that way? It would make a difference in how you position yourself to get it. You need a base to work out of (starting point). If you would like to pick my brain without the commitment. I offer consulting: when my schedule permits. But you could just ask him directly as that is an approach. Some approaches are better than others but it is an approach nonetheless. Better methods = Better results.

  7. De l'or

    I met this pot 4weeks ago, he is generous but doesn’t keep to his promises. He has asked me twice what i want from the relationship(during sex). after we had negotiated on my allowance which i received last month. I really need money to start up my own business and i know he can provide it but i don’t know how to tell him that is what i want. any ideas on that? given that he is very meticulous…

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