How to Figure Out What Sugar Daddies Want From You

One of the easiest ways of being successful with Sugar Daddies is to figure out what it is that they are seeking.

Once you find out what Sugar Daddies want from you, you then have the power to fill in that void – and get them to constantly crave you.

So what do I mean by void?

When I say “void”, I mean whatever it is that your Sugar Daddies are missing from their lives. Even the most powerful and wealthy men on the planet miss something from their lives – and once you find it out, you have the power to make Sugar Daddies fall head over heels for you.

Now that you know this piece of valuable advice, there’s only one question remaining:

How do you figure out what that void is?

In order to figure out just what that void is, here’s what I want you to do next:

I want you to brainstorm how you can implement the “What are missing out of your life?” question. Remember, don’t just copy what I do. Adapt it to your own Sugar Baby personality.

Then, if you plan to use this tactic (or already have used it), leave a comment and tell me about it.

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Remember: No matter what you do, you’re in the business of controlling your Sugar Daddy’s behavior.

If you’re looking for Sugar Daddies to provide you what it is that you are seeking, you’ve got to get your target Sugar Daddies to trust you.

And if you’re looking to improve yourself on a personal level, you’ve got to change your own behavior.

The question is, what’s the secret to changing behavior?
Finding Quality Sugar Daddies Is That Easy, But…

…You have to take action on this advice.

When I first shared this tactic a month ago, you had the opportunity to implement it.

Did you?

(My content contains no fluff. Just concrete Sugar Daddy Dating advice)

But how about you?

What’s holding you back? Email me:

Remember this:

In the end, writing a profile that generates quality responses from Sugar Daddies is possible… even in an overcrowded place filled with competitive Sugar Babies.

But you’ve got to take action.

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  1. BigNews Sugar

    Miss Jones, may I call a foul on you here.. Infraction: Giving the opponet an unfair advantage !! You sure make it tough on us SD’s…

    1. Post
      Taylor Jones

      Oh BigNews…No, infractions. I am simply providing ways to help Sugar Babies satisfy the needs of their Sugar Daddies by figuring out what it is that Sugar Daddies want from them. In other words: A Happy Sugar Daddy = A Happy Sugar Baby!

  2. T

    Hey , is possible you could keep me anonymous. I met an SD on SeekingArrangement he’s married and he has kids and what not. When I entered into the game I thought that everything would be stress free however the sb wants to spend time with me all the time , were always fighting because he’s selfish. He is always reluctant to give me what I want when I ask for it and says that I don’t give things time and that I don’t give breaks. But he always wants to see me everyday and be with me everyday and sleep with me every time. Then he blames everything on me when he can’t get his way and acts hostile but when I don’t get what I want it’s an issue. He calls me every hour of the day and when I say I’m with my friends he feels the need to call me 20x even when I say I’m out. When he gets me something he is always lecturing me about money and honestly I’m really fed up. But I need the money for many reasons. What do I do?

    Sent from my iPhone

    1. Post
      Taylor Jones

      Either you’ll change your situation or you’ll stay and keep getting what you are getting. This lifestyle is a choice. You enabled his bad behavior and now he is expecting you to be how he wants you to be. It seems as though you didn’t set the foundation with the married man with boundaries and clear expectations. You will either go back and tell them how it will be (pick your words carefully and communicate them in a way that he understands and doesn’t turn him off).

      You can find an ideal situation that is a better fit for you vs feeling as though you don’t have options. You have options. But since you are need of the money you’ll confine yourself. So be upfront with yourself and accept it and deal with it or do something about it because you can. Why be with someone who doesn’t respect your boundaries. And if you allow him to disrespect those boundaries because he is giving you money. You are going about this lifestyle the wrong way.

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