Should I still be Sugaring during COVID-19?

Should I still be Sugaring during COVID-19?
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You’re probably asking yourself the same questions my best clients are asking, and Sugars in the community:

How do we navigate these unusual and uncertain times … that nobody has a map for?

And how do we make sure that on the other side of this pandemic that we can continue to benefit from Sugar Daddy dating sites?

Here’s my take on how to navigate these waters. And it’s likely a bit different from what you are thinking about.

First and foremost, you need to take care of you and your loved ones’ immediate needs.

Are you okay (are they okay)? Do you have what you need in this very moment?

Take care of yourself first. Only then will you be able to attend to your lifestyle with calm and clarity ….

Because have you noticed?

When you’re coming from a place of panic and anxiety, you can’t make the best decisions. And I’m also talking about desperation too.

We start doing things in hopes of (not a good place to be).

Let’s be real with each other.

A Sugar Daddy represents a lot of things for us.

So I’m not going to sugarcoat it. MONEY.

Whether you want a lavish lifestyle, be able to do things that you can’t afford to do, it cost MONEY.

Money is the key factor.

And when you need money to help you get by, or to even have support to help you make it to the next month. Desperation kicks in and you might find yourself doing things you normally wouldn’t do if that wasn’t the issue.

It truly helps to make sure you can take care of your basic needs first without being dependent upon a Sugar Daddy to do it for you.

And with uncertain times.

You might find yourself needing help even more.

And you don’t have time to get to know someone, when you are needing that person to help you right now and that’s all you can focus on.

Take a step back and take inventory of your needs and who you have access to that can help you now.

After taking care of your own needs, you’re now in a position to think about how you want to approach this lifestyle and how you want to leverage your relationships to accelerate yourself even faster.

The common advice you might find is to just start sending out messages and see who responds back. And then start asking for help because of the COVID-19 by playing the numbers game.

I say, not yet.

Start with the reason of why you want a Sugar Daddy to begin with. It’s not just an allowance. It’s about where that money will go and how it will enhance your lifestyle even more (focus on your goals).

As is always the case—pandemic or “normal” times—always look inside yourself first for what feels right.

Think about this: If someone joined a site and started asking for help from the dating site you are on… I’m sure you wouldn’t be in a rush to help them if it started with “I need help, can you help me right now.”

After all, you don’t know them, and now they aren’t coming at a place of “getting to know you” and deciding if you even like them and wondering if they can be the person you are looking for. They are bringing their issues to you from the get-to. So trust your sugar gut.

Put yourself in your potential Sugar Daddy shoes.

Can you use this opportunity to nurture relationships for when things calm down to meet them?

Perhaps as you are getting to know each other you can suggest him send you a meal for a virtual date. And test his generosity that way (even take it up a notch and ask for a gift like an outfit for your date).

And as you are getting to know each other and sharing more of yourself, he might be inclined to help you during your time in need.

I get that things might feel unsettling. If you had past relationships that ended on a good note, or even ones that you talk to every once in a while. Leverage those by asking for help from your already established relationship. You don’t even have to make up a fake excuse. Because COVID-19 is real.

After you find that inner clarity of why you are wanting a Sugar Daddy or seeking one, align it with your goals. And focus on your goals and your goals next steps. Then come back and align it around this lifestyle with attracting your ideal relationships.

Focus on your goals.

Align this lifestyle around your goals.

Attract the right relationships for you.

Pitch the relationship you seek.

Unfortunately, even in the best of times, you may equate asking with having to do or say things that feel manipulative, that feel like you’re taking advantage of the situation.

And Sugaring in the time of COVID-19 only makes that equation feel much, much worse.

Asking for what you need right now might feel like you’re being insensitive to what they may have going on.

“Why would I keep trying to Sugar Daddy date when people are losing their jobs, getting sick, or trying to stay sane while stuck at home?”, you might wonder.

But I assure you, not everyone is in your situation. Not all Sugar Daddy’s have the same financial problems. And even during these times people still crave a connection.

If you’re not leading with your issues when meeting someone new and starting it with a sense of wanting to get to know someone to see if it’s a right fit and focusing on establishing a relationship that can work for both, you’re not coming from a place of desperation. You’re forming a connection.

If you can fulfill someone’s voids. Why wouldn’t you?

And if you could present the right relationship for why that person is seeking you in a way that feels good … wouldn’t you want to be that person for him?

Of course you would!

And ask in a way that makes someone want to provide you with the very thing you seek… NOT take advantage of them … so you both can have a relationship that feels right for both of you.

The future might look hazy now, but if you learn how to pull your lifestyle through this, you’ll end up stronger than ever.

It’s how you can find opportunities and nurture relationships in a way that aligns with the experiences you are looking to have and what you are willing to give up getting it.

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Taylor B. Jones

I’m a Sugar Baby strategist, profile writer and educator on all things Sugar Daddy dating - attracting him, asking for what you want (or more of it, until you’re building wealth and expanding opportunity).

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