The Best Sugar Daddies Want YOU: Maintaining Your Identity in a Sugar-Daddy Relationship

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As a sugar baby, you’ve got a lot going on.

You’re smart, sassy and have a talented future ahead of you. Your friends love how you light up any room you’re in. And your family knows that they can always turn to you when they need your advice or support.
But all of these fantastic qualities and traits can be lost to the wayside if you lose yourself in your sugar daddy relationship.

Let’s face it: spending time with wealthy and powerful men is enough to make any woman lose touch with herself. But if you want to be a successful sugar baby, you need to celebrate and demonstrate who you are – because that’s what drew your sugar daddies to you in the first place!

So if you don’t want to lose your identity in a sugar daddy relationship, use the following tips:

  • Take time out for yourself. You’ve got a busy schedule, but make sure it includes doing things that you love. If you haven’t painted for some time or you need to finish that thrilling page-turner, then take a break. Besides this makes you more interesting and gives you topics to discuss with your Sugar Daddy.

  • Maintain some kind of distance. If you’ve got a great sugar daddy, your first instinct will be to spend every waking moment with him. However, don’t throw away your schedule for his – that’s a great way to lose touch with your identity.
  • Talk about what you’ve got going on. Many sugar babies let their sugar daddies dominate the conversation simply because they don’t know what to add to it. But if you want to keep your identity in the relationship, speak up – your sugar daddy will appreciate your opinions!

How important is it for you to maintain your identity in a Sugar Daddy relationship? What do you do to keep your identity when you feel like you’re being overwhelmed in your Sugar Daddy relationship?

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Taylor B. Jones

I’m a Sugar Baby strategist, profile writer and educator on all things Sugar Daddy dating - attracting him, asking for what you want (or more of it, until you’re building wealth and expanding opportunity).

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