The Princess Stigma: Realizing that “Sugar-Baby” is More than a Title; It’s a Lifestyle

The Princess Stigma may sound like a contradiction in terms – after all, how can being a princess actually be a bad thing? – but when it comes to Sugar Babies, labeling yourself as a “princess” could end up biting back.
So when it comes to Sugar Babies, what exactly is the Princess Stigma – and how can it prevent you from achieving a fantastic and fulfilling relationship with your perfect Sugar Daddy?
To put it mildly, the Princes Stigma is the belief that once a woman has achieved the title of “Sugar Baby”, she’s entitled to anything and everything she wants. As soon as she nets that Sugar Baby title, she starts turning into a different person than what she was at the start of dating her Sugar Daddy. She becomes cold, demanding and self-entitled. Her interest in her Sugar Daddy begins to die down – and suddenly, he’s stuck with a massive bill for things without getting any emotional fulfillment in return.

There’s no denying that the Sugar Baby/Sugar Daddy relationship has an important financial component (and hey, what relationship doesn’t?). But this agreement with regards to finances doesn’t mean that you should expect him to give you anything and everything you want, especially when you’re a new Sugar Baby. This “princess” personality (i.e. the belief that you should get anything you want just because you’re you) is highly toxic, not to mention a massive turn-off for your Sugar Daddy. He doesn’t want a spoiled princess…
He wants an independent, self-assured woman who always treats him with respect and values their relationship as much as he does. For many Sugar Daddies they understand the money part is important but, if that becomes the focus of the relationship they will not be around for long.
If you’re suffering from the Princess Stigma or just want to avoid that road altogether, it’s important to change your thought process so that your Sugar Daddy feels like his needs are being fulfilled. And funnily enough, once you give up the Princess personality, you’ll start getting more of what you want – without even having to ask for it.

So what are some quick steps you can take to shake up your Princess stigma?

  • Stop looking at your Sugar Daddy as your personal ATM, and see him for what he really is – a generous and mature man with a wealth of business experience. Look past the contents of his wallet, and you’ll discover riches that just can’t be measured in dollars.
  • Take a deep look at yourself to discover why you suffer from the Princess stigma. Do you inherently believe that men should have to pay for the privilege of a woman’s company? Are you convinced that you should be rewarded for your fabulousness? If so, it might be time for a big dose of reality. The most successful Sugar Babies understand that not everything needs to be measured by a dollar value – in fact, some of the biggest benefits of Sugar Daddy dating is spending time with a successful businessman with professional acumen to spare.
  • If you continue to suffer from the Princess stigma, it might be time to break financial dependence from men altogether and try living on your own for awhile. This will give you an appreciation for the gifts you do get from your future Sugar Daddies – and appreciation is a far sexier Sugar Baby trait than a princess-like personality.
    Drop the Princess stigma, and you’ll quickly realize that being an independent, gracious and relaxed Sugar Baby is the biggest secret to getting what you want from your Sugar Daddy!
    Now it’s your turn: do you know a Sugar Baby who suffers from a Princess stigma? Do you recognize yourself in the Princess stigma description? How do you try to keep the Princess at bay?

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Taylor B. Jones

I’m a Sugar Baby strategist, profile writer and educator on all things Sugar Daddy dating - attracting him, asking for what you want (or more of it, until you’re building wealth and expanding opportunity).

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