WARNING: Sugar Baby Public Service Announcement

I don’t want to say, “I told you so”, but…

As Sugar Daddy dating sites become more main stream it’s going to get harder to attract your Sugar Daddy as every Sugar Baby is vying for his attention too (the SAME Sugar Daddy you want!)

Truth about Sugar Daddy dating sites.

If you’ve joined a Sugar Daddy dating site, uploaded a picture, then wrote a profile, confident that your Sugar Daddy that you are searching for will come across your profile and you get the arrangement you have been dreaming up…well, those days are over.

Don’t you know we outnumber men on these sites? That means it’s guaranteed that majority of us will not find a match…numbers don’t lie.

If you want your profiles to be seen, well, you’re going to have to be strategic with how you use a dating site and how you go about attracting your ideal Sugar Daddy.

Dating sites want their cut. After all they are in the business of not making connections but money (profiles are free), after all that’s why you have to pay to talk to someone.

What that means if you have a profile parked for free on a dating site it isn’t going to rank very well. And if you have been on a dating site for longer than 60 days…Do you think the Sugar Baby who just registered today vs you who have been on the site for a while will show up at the top in the dating site search?

What (all) Sugar Daddy dating sites are saying is that you don’t have a free profile. You may have thought you did.  But you don’t.  You just park for free.   

And the rent is now due if you want to open your messages and send them (how else will you make a connection….)

I’ve always said you need to MASTER at least one source of PAID traffic. Never rely on a no-charge lunch. Because the no-charge lunch will eventually get swept off the table and you’ll be left begging for scraps…

Sugar Daddy dating sites are a business. You exchange dollars for what you need.

Do you want a Sugar Daddy relationship or no visit to your profiles? You get what you pay for.

Sugar Daddy dating sites are changing.  Are you?

Do you want cheap or no-charge education? You get what you pay for.

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